As this week is dedicated to this fight…..too old and still not defeated, I have coloured my background in orange and have selected a few portraits, old and new of happy girls and women, like all of them should be.

RETRO portrait woman

Even in my birth country, located in Europe and member of the EU there are tragical things still happening to girls and women of any age… The laws have always defeated rapists, killers and in general violence-lovers. The same goes for most of the other European countries, as I have seen during the past almost 45 years. 

poza fata baie retro

I do not understand either why violence and crime are everywhere on TV, in the press, in music even, in very many books…Even right now, while I am writing this, on an RTL channel there is a movie in which a male character is killing a female character….Then, all the marches and demonstrations in the world against violence that is directed to women, girls, kids, animals, men…will not help. On the one hand, such s… (sorry but I would even use a stronger world) should not appear anywhere, CRIME and VIOLENCE are NOT ENTERTAINMENT,  are  NOT FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sick of those who are behind these movies, these programmes, this music, the selling of guns, etc. There is a whole big industry and people in the shade are earning a lot out of the CRIMES they indirectly commit. More recent, women/girls are killing themselves because of ”internet harassement”…another big stupidity to harm others… Certain people are promoting suicide online….what this world has become….


Anyway, to end up with a negative subject, the change must start from the head; the big leaders should also give an example…But check just for example how many presidents treat their wives….or other women. Most of them have mistresses and it is also the fault of those women who accept to be 2nd boats….Still, there is no respect anymore today, for anything, not only towards female individuals. There is no more education….Then, how do you expect to stop with violence? This starts at home, with parents, with the family. And if in many countries, most of the families own several guns or other weapons and there are kids of 3 years old who ”kill by mistake” what fight against violence can you do? Nothing…we have to take care of ourselves alone, to fight and to react the same way people react to us. I am a fighter and a strong person  in general….. but it brings me a great deal of suffering every time I hear of a new female victim, in my home country or in any country of the world. Our planet’s human beings are worse than animals for too long now. 

poza fata moderna

I hope that something will change to the better, as soon as possible. Along with my prayers for all the female individuals who have lost their lives so far, my hopes are going towards the ones who are living, that, together with them, there will be also men, politicians, artists, writers, scientists, educators and many others who will support this fight. Violence, in any form it happens, is the end of everything….the end of civilisation. 

white outfit Kate


The photos are not mine, they have been collected from different public sources to which I am thankful for their courtesy. 


Help the Amazonia forest and indigenous people !

Dearest readers,

I am writing just a small post to ask for your help. I have already done my duty, I can only sign once. But I would be very grateful if you could also sign this petition:

I think we depend on the health on this planet and the human impact has been negative for the past 50 years… It is time that we change this, into the better.

Thank you very much and stay around, I’ll bring you new exciting things about life and well-being so that you can keep on making your life better, physically and emotionally!

Sunset in Bertra park Luxi

Many thanks and hugs from here!

P.S. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the Amazonian forests but I offer you a summer photo of a park & forest from Luxembourg

Summer splendours

Sunset Sky Tow

Thanks to the different places I’ve seen, I had the chance to catch some amazing summer moments. Here are a few of them that I wish to share with you, along with my wishes for you to have a second summer during September !

Toto film scenes 1 Jul


roses Lux

Giraffe zoo BUd



Black Sea iun19


Ansemb garden

Bud by night


Hibisc zoo Bud

These photos have been taken in Romania, Hungary and Luxembourg, in order – up in the Sky Tower in Luxembourg, Merl park roses (2 & 3), the Budapest Zoo, the Black Sea waves in Neptun, an amazing fruit tree in the Ansembourg Castle garden (Luxembourg), Budapest by night (on the left the Gellert Baths) and some amazing hibiscus flowers in a little green area of Bucharest.

I hope you like them and that they bring you for a little while a fresh feeling of holidays!


Simona brings the Wimbledon trophy home!

Simo wins the Wi

Woow!! How much joy this tennis match brought to my heart…and even now, some time after, I still smile like a fool here and there remembering bits of that day, the 13th July 2019.
Princely public Wi 2019
After an amazing 2018, with a great peak in June when Simona Halep won the Roland Garros title for the first time nobody was expecting still something so wonderful  to come also this year. More than that, the statistics of her tennis matches with Serena Williams was not in her advantage. And still, the magic still came for her and for all of us who support her along the year. 
Simo & Serena prices Wi 2019
I was hoping actually for this result though I had a few fears…In a perfect shape, our player needed almost one hour to finish the match and win the Wimbledon trophy, with the score 6-2, 6-2.  It was difficult for Serena Williams keep up with our Romanian player’s amazing rhythm. 
Simo in balc
After an extraordinary 2018 when she got her first big title, winning the Roland Garros title in June, 2019 has brought Simona, after many hours of training and work, the 2nd big title, at Wimbledon, in the princely shade of the Duchess of Cambridge’s clapping.
Simo 1 trophy
Thank you again Simona for this joy, for this beautiful match and for the first Wimbledon trophy ever won by a Romanian player !
For the tennis crazy fans, you can find here much more info, photos and nice stories of the 2019 edition:

Pope Francisc in Romania

His Holiness Pope Francis is arriving in Romania on the 31st of May and is visiting not only the capital but also symbolical towns of our country. He will participate in several religious and diplomatic events and will also hold a special religious service on the Campia Libertatii in Blaj, for the Greek-Catholic Church there.

peisaj dealuri Ro

poza: site stiri Romania


Papa Francisc ajunge în România: agenda călătoriei apostolice acopera zilele 31 mai – 2 iunie 2019. Sala de presă a Sf. Scaun a anunțat astăzi programul detaliat al călătoriei apostolice pe care papa Francisc o efectuează în România în zilele 31 mai – 2 iunie 2019, sub genericul ”Să mergem împreună!”.

Gasiti mai multe informatii in articolul original de unde am preluat paragrafele de mai sus:

Felicit pe cei care au avut ideea organizarii acestei vizite spirituale care poate va marca un moment de comuniune spirituala intre ortodocsi si catolici.


Voting in Reasonable and Wise Style

26 of May 2019 – A new day to vote, a new day to choose, a first day to vote better.

First of all, I wish to encourage all women to be less lazy and go out and vote; we have waited a long time for this right, we’d better use it! This year we celebrate 100 years of the right to vote for women.

Second, I wanted to say that each vote counts; our life can be better if we get more involved in what happens in our community and in our cities, constantly. Why do we always say ‘our kids deserve a better world’ – what about us? we do not? I think we do.

That’s why tomorrow I will make time and vote for my country and choose those people I think they can best represent my hopes, wishes, plans and views for today&tomorrow in the European Parliament. Out of three parties that I take into consideration, I will choose one in the end. I hope all of you will do the same; do not just vote something ‘everyone is voting’…or because you like the face or the clothes. Many people vote with no wise reason… Check their policies, their views, read about their members, see their website, it can take maximum 10min. The thing is that all of us depend on our/your votes; the wiser we are in choosing the right people, the better it will be. I was pretty disappointed in listening to the stupid proposal about choosing an hour…the summer or the winter… really? They couldn’t find a more intelligent thing to do? Why don’t we choose between electricity and candles? Or between horse carriage and metro? Or let’s go back to 1200 and see if we can still come up with something more stupid than that… Is this the best they can do?

Singapore Botanicals Garden

I want much more…for these elections. I want SMART, CORRECT, SINCERE and HUMAN politicians. I want some people who care about me, about my baby, about my relatives, about my friends, about my town and about this planet. I want people who are not selfish, as Europe will also live after them. I want people who are not BLINDED BY MONEY or perrots like in France where they just copy the Americans in everything… What happened to Europe?  we really don’t have any intelligent minds left to work a bit in the political field?  I am tired of all these laws that are protecting criminals&rapists….I am tired of hearing that ‘the criminals enjoy the human rights’ ….and the victims don’t…as I can see… I want a correct world, I don’t want anymore criminals, I want to live like in the ‘golden times’ of my grandparents. I am tired of shitty and disgraceful Bayer&Monsanto stories…I am tired of all the dumbos that talk badly about their own countries and their own people when they travel to other countries…That is why I will vote; and, as I have a double nationality, I will vote for both countries. And I am sure that things will change into the better, not only for me and my fans but for everyone, for all generations. We have waited enough since we were kids, we deserve really good things as soon as possible.

Lily-of-the-valley bouq

This link is for ecologists everywhere, Greenpeace supporters, WWF or whatever you may like:

Thank you for reading and please, choose correctly, use your reason and vote for that or those that REPRESENT YOU BEST! Good luck and stay faithful to yourselves!


Mall suns

Good luck and good inspiration!


PS These are my own views and opinions about the world today, voting and people; you may like it or not, I hope it made you think and analyse more everything around you. This does not in any way change my optimistic feelings about the world and those who/which inhabit it.

The World Bees Day !

Maybe not all of you know, but 20 May is the world day of the bees. So I wanted to dedicate this lines to them as I am very grateful they exist. I also wish that they continue to live in Europe and beyond; without them we wouldn’t have many vegetables, flowers and fruits.


I would hope that you will read this and that, maybe, you can do something for them; it takes 10 minutes to plant a small flower in a pot in your balcony, the yellow ones are attracting most of the bees. Or you can also buy a pot of good honey from your local producers; yes, I know it is more expensive but you are doing so much with a bit of extra money – help your health with some good quality honey, help the local honey producers and, most of all, help the bees in your region live, work and survive. And, through this, you also help your family, friends to have a healthier life. 

Also, use with trust all their products to improve and maintain your immunity and health (pollen, honey, mother bee milk, beeswax); for who has babies, remember that you can also mix in their meals, starting from 12 months/ 1 year old, pollen or honey.

You have here lots of information about the bees in different countries:   France    Romania       Bulgaria    Hungary    Croatia  Switzerland   Luxembourg   Belgium   Iceland

I hope that these can give you some nice ideas or just some new knowledge about our friends, the bees. I hope they will be much better from now on and that they continue to help us staying healthy and enjoy the fruit of their work – the perfumed & golden liquid that has been the center of human activities since immemorial times. And yes, please use no chemicals in your daily activities to keep also our air & water healthy; thank you everyone !

Bebe abinuta 23 mai 2019

The Bees Little Prince wishes to thank you for your time & attention given for reading !