The Wednesday thought – LIFE

Good day dear readers! I hope my post finds you in good health. Today I choose another word we can all think about, the deeper, the better. This word is ”Life”. It is an old and well-known word and we all have one but very few take time, even a little, to think if they really cherish it as they should – theirs and also the life of others.

Life is precious, essential and yet, fragile. I decided to use Life as the word of my small essay today because of a recent experience. I was on the way to a nice place where, together with my family, we wished to visit some historical heritage spots and enjoy some sunshine. On the road leading to the town that was our destination, on a bridge road, there was a blockage. I thought it is just something small, insignificant. But I had the bad idea of looking through the car when we got close and there was someone lying on a side of this upper road with blood around and some para-medics already trying the life-saving maneuvers. My good humour decreased to 0 in one second and I could only say a quick prayer that they manage to save that person. That person was riding a motorbike and who knows whose fault it was…Unfortunately, later, on the radio, in the news they reported that that person died.

I wish not to ruin your positive mood but I tell you like I would tell my family – LIFE is extremely precious and fragile, do not put it to risk anymore! Without Life, without health & safety, we have nothing. Life gives us the freedom for everything. I think you know enough about this for sure but with every sunrise or sunset, take extra 5min. to meditate and focus on yourselves – thank God or whoever for all the good in your Life and say ”forgive me” towards those to whom maybe you did something wrong. Be happy for your Life and for everything you have- non-physical, mental, physical, etc. Cleaning up a bit your mind and reminding yourself about the important things is a good self-awareness exercise that I also try to do as often as I can. Now, in this epidemy-situation, our freedom is limited but you can do a lot even at home, in your balcony, in your building/house outer space. Stay emotionally-fit and healthy and put a bigger value on your Life, day by day; respect yourselves and do not tolerate a lack of respect towards you from anyone. The fact that you live is the biggest proof of God’s/Buddha’s/etc., parents’ and remaining family’s love for you and everything you mean or represent.

As this is starting to get long and many of you, to whom I send my best thoughts of health and happiness for the special Catholic Easter days, can have Easter eggs waiting to be coloured, eaten or decorated, I shall try to finish my little story with thoughts on Life. Honour your LIFE, be grateful to those who created you spiritually & physically, take good care of your health, feed yourselves with natural stuff, sleep enough, work for ethical people/ organisations, keep music in your life – do whatever you do, but always remembering that your LIFE is precious, that is divine and amazing and take care of it! Lots of love & good thoughts from your friend, Josephina 🙂 🙂

P.S. Maybe the photo can inspire you – it is a magical spot on the island of Thassos, Greece.

Healthy forests and water – celebrated on 21&22 March Ziua internationala a padurilor si ziua internationala a apei

Water in all its shapes and forms is what creates still and will hopefully will forever create for us health, beauty, balance, divinity, mind relaxation and emotional awareness or whatever is inspiring each of you. It is difficult to just define water as H2O or a forest by ”just a bunch of trees”; we all know water and forests are much more than that and this is proved by a history of more than 3.000 years, Terra being so far 100% the only planet with usable water resources, not to talk about the amazing forests and green areas we have here and we should cherish, just like we cherish our families and friends as we could not survive wihout breathing or drinking.

Like I was mentioning to you in an earlier article, I have been using the Ecosia search engine every day and I’ve just received a short message from them – ”your searches are planting trees in Brazil”. It is a small gesture from my side but it gives me back infinite happiness to know that I can do something good for anyone (like this Brazilian man in the video who reminds me a bit of my Grandpa who died and whose health and longevity may be from now on enhanced, thanks to these trees, too). A happy coincidence and a wondeful story about water and forests that I truly hope you could find some time to discover after you finish with all your daily tasks 🙂 Here below you have the link, sent to me by Ecosia:

Why this Brazilian farmer no longer cuts down trees – YouTube

Despite not being a doctor, I have been reading on a constant basis about general health and longevity for already 20 years; as I would not trust one single source of information, I always read things about health from different sources, in different languages to which is added my own experience about health, nutrition and general well-being. A very simple advice I would give all of you and that can apply to many situations when you have a head-ache is to drink a glass of water, mineral water would be just perfect. Many times, a lack of hydration at the level of your brain can easily cause nausea or low/medium headaches. Water is the best in this situation and, on a regular basis, try to eat enough water-food (like fruits, veggies) and drink enough non-alcoholic drinks – thinking of this photo above, aloe juices are also quite good IF there is not too much sugar inside.

Lake Ezezers, photo – courtesy of: Lake Ežezers | Latgale Tourism homepage

There are many things and stories I have also about forests, about water, some from my own experience and others I know from my family and friends. I have been walking and spending time in forests since I was small and every time it has felt like a magical experience. It is not only the trees, the landscape, the flowers, vegetation or birds. But a walk in the forest is a portion of health & immunity nobody can otherwise offer you – and it is for free. Cut a forest and you cut your own health. Stay true to yourself and grateful to your home land that welcomed your first steps just like any other lands where you have lived so far and respect Nature – it will give you back much more than respect, it will give you back infinite benefits and the promise of a true and eternal friend.

A few more photos connected to any of the two subjects of my little story here – I truly hope you can find some favourites or that many of these can make your day better and your life more meaningful.

Stay healthy, faithful to your hearts and stay away from anything that is fake and badly-targeted; escape this foggy & chaotic atmosphere by using your wisdom in order to benefit from your many qualities as many years as possible, in health and happiness. See you soon hopefully with other good ideas or stories 🙂

Martisor under epidemy Martisor in ”virus-circus”

This year the nice and spring-related Martisor is also ‘foggy’ as there are less options to enjoy this romantic tradition, compared to past years. But people know how to manage weirdand fake situations and enjoy such yearly celebration of Spring even during such a real ”virus-circus”.

Either with such Martisor-objects that we manage to buy or we use our own imagination and create them ourselves, still this day will not remain ‘not celebrated’. Spring is amazing and is worth all the efforts.

As I have had limited options, I have created 2-3 myself using paper, colourful stickers, vegetal items, seeds, dry flowers, things from my sewing box and others. In the end, I was lucky to receive from home some and I’ve also created a few myself – the celebration continues!

It can be more like a traditional item, it can be really in the style of art&craft, it can be something ecological or vegetal or just a simple small drawing making us think of the first day of March. The most important is that it brings about a feeling of health, spring and happiness, in the middle of a chaotic and sick world.

A pigeon with good news, the best Martisor for this spring 🙂 !! Un porumbel cu vesti bune, cel mai bun Martisor pentru aceasta primavara 🙂

Orice s-ar intampla, pentru mine Martisorul este ceva minunat la care nu voi renunta, oriunde m-as afla. Cu virusache sau nu, in murdarul capitalism sau sper poate avand la orizont un Umanism inmugurit, Martisorul este o traditie cu ganduri benefice si aducatoare de energii pozitive, atat pentru persoane feminine sau masculine. In general, acasa fetele primesc si baietii le ofera insa imi place cum se intampla acest ritual de primavara si la bulgari unde baietii au si ei parte de surprize ”martisoresti”.

Anul acesta a fost mai greu sa le procur insa am primit de acasa Martisoare & am creat si eu cateva, cat de bine m-am priceput. Nu exista primavara sa nu fi purtat macar un Martisor si nu va exista niciuna in care sa nu port, daca ma ajuta Dumnezeu sa traiesc pana spre 100 de ani (fara prea multe vaccinuri).

Sper sa va bucurati de Martisoare, indiferent unde va poarta pasii Viata si sa profitati de legaturile de prietenie si solidaritate dintre voi. Indiferent daca sunteti cele care primesc ori cei care ofera, acest gest creeaza energii pozitive intre oameni si ne readuce in conexiune cu Natura, renasterea si perenitatea minunatei planete pe care traim.

Va doresc din suflet sanatate, intelepciune, intuitie si puteri magice de la Martisoarele pe care le aveti dar nu numai:) !! Aveti grija de voi si ramaneti cat mai sanatosi!

The Wednesday thought

This time there is another interesting word that was recurrently coming back to my mind. I can say that it is also worth keeping it in our mind when living and advancing with our lives.

The today’s word is Intuition. Its Oxford dictionary definition is this one: ”The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning ”. Its ethimological origin: the Late Middle English (denoting spiritual insight or immediate spiritual communication): from late Latin intuitio(n-), from Latin intueri – ‘consider’. 

Certaintly, many of you use it consciously or not, all the time but the best thing is that we can develop it with a bit of practice. I think we should listen to our heart as many times as necessary, it will always lead us towards the good way. Also, another useful tip – if you try something twice and it does not work out, leave it aside for a while, the energies may not be able to support you yet. I made this mistake many times and the result was bad, but if it can inspire you to improve the way you do things, it is still a good thing.

Using the current context of the world around us, I would strongly advice you to use your Intuition before you take any decision of introducing anything in your body (vaccine, serums, medicine) if you are not completely sure of ALL its side-effects on your health and your longevity.

May your guardian angel support your Intuition forever!

Journée Mondiale Contre le Cancer Ziua Mondiala de Lupta contra Cancerului

Aujourd’hui est la journee mondiale de lutte et prevention contre le cancer.

En Europe et dans le monde, il y a trop de cas de cancers; il parait qu’en Europe dominent le cancer de sein, du poumon et du côlon. Je ne trouve pas que ce soit toujours génétique et c’est sur que le style de vie de chacun compte énormément.

Il y a un site avec des informations sur les cas en Europe pour qui veut voir un peu plus sur ce détail; partout en Europe et dans le monde il y a des organisations, des fondations qui essaient de convaincre les gens que PREVENIR c’est GUERIR. Assurez-vous toujours d’avoir une bonne sante générale et gardez un style de vie sain et équilibré. Le cancer peut être évité et il peut être aussi vaincu.

Europe | The Cancer Atlas

Il y a aussi un livre que vous pouvez lire – ”Anti-cancer” – ecrit par David Servan-Schreiber, que j’ai lu il y a huit ans mais j’ai eu besoin de force pour pouvoir le lire…Quand vous avez un peu de temps et vous passez par une très bonne période, lisez-le; vous allez comprendre quelle énorme chance vous avez – d’être sain et sauf et de pouvoir faire tout ce que vous voulez, en comparaison avec des autres.

Anticancer: A New Way Of Life – David Servan-Schreiber (

Alors, quand vous pouvez vous le permettre, faites une donation ou soutenez cette cause avec du travail volontaire, il y a pleines de possibilités partout – moi j’ai fait du travail bénévole pour la Fondation Cancer au Grand-Duché du Luxembourg et j’en suis très fière. J’essaie de conseiller et d’encourager mes connaissances qui ont eu un cancer et qui doivent continuer de surveiller leur corps et leur sante, mais avec ceux qui sont partis, je ne plus rien faire…une tante, des amis, des oncles…Il y en a eu trop de monde que je connaissais qui est disparu a cause de ce fléau et j’espère vraiment que des méthodes efficaces et des traitements ciblés strictement sur les tumeurs puissent vaincre ce problème de sante si destructif. Si chacun de nous fait un peu ou apporte une toute petite main, cela comptera pour sauver des vies.

Une bonne santé pour toutes et pour tous!!

Winter time 2020-2021

Winter is here already for a while and it is high time I celebrated it a little bit, to put aside a bit the unpleasant atmosphere of this cold season. Thus, I am sharing with you some photographs taken in winter in different places I have visited so far. I hope that each of them will offer you a good feeling of a specific moment in space and time, no matter where you are. Enjoy this winter despite the problems around and move daily to keep your immunity strong.

December has been a bit warmer that January and allowed me to move more outside; January has just finished and it was colder but it has also gives us the chance to see and enjoy some snowy days, nice sunsets and real winter spots. February has started with a bit of sunshine and still some traces of snow here & there. Let’s see what winter surprises will still arrive this month.

WInter time moments

All these photos have been taken by me with some small but good brand cameras although not all have the quality I was hoping for. Still, they manage to catch the beauty of some spots in Europe where I have had the luck to travel safely during this winter and not only. I hope to come back with more photo posts for you and maybe after a while I can post here also the result of a small photograph project that I am currently preparing.

Stay healthy and good luck with all your 2021 projects!


Si pentru toti cei care mai au timp sa se uite pe ceea ce incerc sa creez in timpul meu liber, scriu aici si in limba mea materna putin despre acest articol. Am vrut sa celebrez putin si iarna, desi aceasta a inceput fara un prea bun augur, lasand deoparte epidemia care nu ar trebui sa va rapeasca placerea de a va bucura din plin de iarna. Am strans cateva fotografii din calatoriile mele din aceasta iarna si nu numai si le-am utilizat aici pentru a le impartasi cu voi.

Decembrie a fost o luna placuta ce mi-a permis sa ies mai mult pe afara iar ianuarie a fost mai friguroasa insa ne-a adus mai multe zile cu zapada sau apusuri de soare minunate. Februarie abia a inceput, cu soare si inca ceva zapada pe ici pe colo si astept inca sa profit de iarna cu nori sau cu soare, insa cu imunitatea la maxim.

Daca totul va merge bine cu ceea ce imi propun sa fac, voi reveni aici cu un mic proiect fotografic pe care il pregatesc de ceva timp.

Ramaneti sanatosi, aveti grija de voi si succes in proiectele voastre din 2021!

The Wednesday thought

Along with the winter holidays, there are so many words worth remembering. But, even with all the epidemic problems around, I think we should always keep a percentage of Joy inside of us. I know it is not the best moment for this; still, I consider that in moments which are more difficult or delicate for us or for others, the power of Joy should light our way at least to hope and faith that everything will be solved well.

Whatever you are going through, keep this faith with you; if you are sick or healthy, rich or modest, socially powerful or a simple citizen, the Joy for any little thing, for a big or a small success, for good news from your loved-ones or a kiss from your partner, can project you in a totally different dimension. No matter how is your life, do a simple exercise every day – save 5 minutes of your time to picture yourself in Joy; it can be imagining your dream house, finding the person you are looking for, winning at the Lottery, getting the job you wish for, becoming pregnant or anything else. Let the Joy find back the way to your heart and accompany it with positive images of what you wish or need for the present & future.

Good luck and a happy and healthy winter time!!

The Wednesday thought

This time I have selected the word Support for this post. I think that for everyone of us, in life Support is essential, reciprocally speaking of course. It is among the best things that one can be able to offer and receive equally, to and from people who matter to her/him or to anyone. Or it can also be books or a dog or anyhting actually that could represent a good support for someone in a moment of life. Sometimes oneself finds this Support inside herself/himself alone and this is also great. Thus, the good thing is to be able to find it and to feel it when you need it. Keep in mind also what someone wise once said: ”People may need Support when they deserve it the least”. So, depending on how tolerant or empathic you may choose to be, you can also make a small or a bigger effort towards someone in need who deserves it or not.

In any case, Support is important in life in my opinion, no matter what it is related to and if we manage to offer and to receive it in the moment when it is most needed, than we can consider ourselves very lucky. You may also think of faith, trust or belief in something, like a strong rock that can give you the force you need in any life situation. Whatever it may be represented by for you, find it and keep the support and, surely, offer some, with a happy heart. The health this brings to your body & mind is tremendous.

Help for the Pacific Ocean!

I have received a message from Greenpeace Pacific about their campaigns and their plan to project a documentary all over the world. If anyone can and wishes to support them, I am offering below all the information that I have. They are trying to create a documentary that can help their climate campaign for the Samoa island.

You can find more information on the website of Greenpeace Pacific just in case. Thank you for reading or sharing!

World food day- 16th October 2020 Ziua mondiala a alimentatiei 2020

Meringue with chestnut cream and fig

Maybe you remember my older article or not; in any case, you could celebrate this day any way it fits you – with a tasty home-made drink, with some anti-age food (girls know what I mean 🙂 ) or a virgin cocktail or some pumpkin icecream (try that!). Jamie Oliver knows these better than us as I can see him constantly creating, readapting, innovating old recipes or offering amazing cooking tricks for all ages and budgets.

This year I have been celebrating this day actually the whole October; here it is an amazing autumn with nice weather and markets full of goodies plus even healthy natural bounties at my reach in the city – figs, forest fruits, wild apples, interesting aromatic herbs, seeds and tea plants. I am lucky as here we are close to several forests and I can discover all sorts of wonders every little day.

This is a simple and tasty idea for a healthy lunch or anything else; I have used different mushrooms this time and it makes a big difference. You can use more eggs, some cheese, as many mushrooms as you wish, fresh herbs (I added these towards the end), a bit of butter, salt, pepper, dry oregano and it is done!

Another amazing autumn treat is chestnuts; they are healthy and full of goodies. You can find also chestnut puree in many shops which is still good if it doesn’t contain too much sugar. This year I have bought chestnuts in a village and they were freshly picked up and brought for customers. I have cooked them in the oven and they were over in big speed as the fresh taste conquered everyone.

One interesting discovery of this October is this pastry with Georgian cheese; it is very tasty and non-fatty and the cheese is very similar to Bulgarian or Romanian sheep cheese. It can offer a more protein-content breakfast or it can be a good snack between meals with a small salad.

And as we need to bring back our senses to the sweet taste, I am sharing also another extraordinary cake which can be a good inspiration for everyone. It is a birthday-type cake, with a basis of pumpkin seeds cream, raspberry sauce and pistache decoration which is called Carnaval torta.

And a small word about the first photo – I’m sure you know what is a meringue so this is an interesting variation with chestnut puree; the other cake is a slice of a birthday-cake made with figs, a light coffee cream and fresh cream on top. Both are worth a visit to the Auguszt Cukraszda in Budapest, a well-known place for sweet-lovers.

Hoping that this gives you enough ideas for your free time or any moment, try whatever makes you happy but brush well your teeth afterwards! Good health to all & see you soon!