Frero Delavega- musique pour notre Ă˘me


I have chosen a pair of two amazing guys but who unfortunately have separated their ways. Still, their music lives and is continued by one of them, Jeremy Frerot. I am sharing today some of their songs I love:

Ton visage:

This song helped me a lot when I just left everything at home and moved with my new boyfriend in Lille, in March 2016 – wonderful and loving memories !! We had six honeymoons in France and it was a very romantic start of our life together.

Mon petit pays:


This song reminds me of home-wherever I am, Romania is in my heart& my grandma, family, friends, Simona Halep, Bucharest, the amazing icecream in the old centre. I am happy and proud to be a sweet&great little Romanian girl 🙂


Le chant des sirènes


This song is for everyone who loves and appreciates the seas, oceans, rivers and lakes we have- thank you, Lord, for these amazing waters!


And because today my honey is 40 years old, the last one is for him; we should all be grateful for the people we have in our life, every day of our lives:

Sweet  Darling:



Have a nice day, be grateful for everything, take care of your body&spirit and stay in LOVE!     Hugs from here for all of you 🙂 🙂 🙂


Loving our grandparents

I admire a lot Jamie, as a chef and as a human being. It seems that his grandma has left this world and he is paying a lovely tribute to her: 

Family-man and restaurateur Jamie Oliver shared an emotional goodbye to his Nanny Hazel Oliver after her funeral on Friday.

The doting dad-of-five wrote a thoughtful and heartbreaking post to honour his father’s mother, saying: “Today my family laid to rest my wonderful Nanny Hazel Oliver. She was the most amazing woman with a personality and welcome for all, she was a grafter but could light up a room with her energy and laughter, she was a great pub landlady, a fine cook, I loved her tasty food which she served in the family pub which my uncle Mark still runs to this very day.

The TV chef continued: “My memories of her are so precious and full of love, she always had time for everyone. The church was full today which was an amazing credit to her. I felt very proud of the Olivers today, my Dad, my Uncle Mark and Colin and Auntie Mary and all my brilliant cousins 1st and 2nd. Thank you and love you Nanny.”

Jamie and granny


It makes me also remember my grandma Ana, whose birthday was today and, at the same time, cherish the two grannies we still have, mine and my lover’s- Teodora and Bernadette – they are simply amazing ladies that we love 

Well said, Jamie and, all of you if you still have grandparents, call them, visit them, offer them goodies and thank them as they are still part of your busy life! 


The Mallorca Paradise


Hoping that these images will bring you back into the summer feeling, I wish all of you to have a healthy and amazing autumn !


Mall photMall cathMall phoMall after sunsMall windm


These are a few photos depicting the beautiful island of Mallorca, trying to capture some of its beauties. I hope that more will come and convince you of the amazing planet we have the luck of living on. Saddened by the news of the flooding in the Mallorca island and north of Baleares, I send my heartfelt wishes to the people concerned to save as many souls as possible in this dramatic situation and restore the harmony that has been forever inhabiting these places.

Mall suns

Charles Aznavour, formidable pour Ă©ternitĂ©

Je viens d’apprendre la nouvelle et je voulais Ă©crire un peu sur cet artiste unique. Je connais peu de details sur lui mais j’ai fredonnĂ© bien de ses chansons a la longueur des annĂ©es, comme bien d’entre vous, sĂ»rement.

Ne le 22 mai 1924 en France, ses parents Ă©taient armeniens et avaient un don de la chanson, que Charles en a hĂ©ritĂ© aussi. Ila  commence sa carriere artistique, plus ou moins, a neuf ans, quand il a joue des petits roles dans une piece de theatre. Soutenu par Edith Piaf pendant sa jeunesse, il est devenu fameux en Europe avec une chanson nommee ‘She’. Je pense que vous connaissez le reste et beaucoup plus que moi.

J’ai encore bien des choses a decouvir sur ce grand artiste armenien-francais que j’ai admire beaucoup; il m’a toujours fait penser a mes deux grand-peres.

Une chanson tres sympathique, qui donne aussi le title de son album de 1961, interpretee ici en 1965:

Comme Noel est ma fete preferee depuis que j’etais un petit petit enfant, je veux presenter aussi une autre chanson, que vous pouvez ecouter le 24 decembre, quand le moment sera parfait, avec un the a la cannelle pour vous rechauffer aussi votre corps, pas seulement votre esprit:

La lutte contre le glyphosate

Glyphosate : Nous sommes en colère !
Chères amies & Chers amis,
Inutile de tourner autour du pot de glyphosate ! Nous sommes en colère. La colère de ceux qui constatent avec amertume qu’une poignĂ©e de dĂ©putĂ©s insensibles sont capables de jouer les VRP du lobby agro-chimique en s’opposant Ă  l’inscription, dans la loi, de l’interdiction du glyphosate sous trois ans.
Samedi matin, le 15 septembre, à 4h18 précisément, 42 députés ont refusé d’interdire, en dernière lecture de la loi Alimentation, l’utilisation du glyphosate d’ici à 3 ans !
Ce vote a maintenant eu lieu il y a plus de 48 heures et nous ne décolérons pas ! Tant sur la forme que sur le fond, ce vote est proprement scandaleux. Ce vote était public. Nous avons donc retrouvé le nom de ces petits soldats de l’agrochimie.!&utm_medium=email  glif

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide, chaque action compte si vous voulez un environnement sain pour vous et pour vos enfants! J’espère que vous puissiez Ă©couter votre cĹ“ur et agir pour votre santĂ© et pour votre futur, pour notre futur. RĂ©cemment devenue mère, je ferai tous les efforts pour ĂŞtre sĂ»re d’un futur plus sain, plus propre et embelli par des meilleures gens. 

Informations et photo:    Courtesy of  ‘Agir pour l’Environnement’, France


A bit more Prague for breakfast !

Hello again everyone, greetings from me, the little fairy !

Seeing that my fellow-blogger is feeling so ”workingly romantic”, I have decided to post some more photos from the 🙂 romantic city of Prague. I took them during a romantic trip and sorry for the lack of sunshine….which, still, we had it in our hearts 🙂  I hope you like them and, as some tourism advice, go there better between May-September. 

The last photo is from my home country, from Mangalia, a nice town on the border of the Black Sea.

Tha IMG_5519IMG_5520IMG_5521IMG_5524IMG_5527IMG_5727

Tempting sweets for cold days


     What do you do on cold days along the year, after work/school? What warms you up, love or hot chocolate? Or maybe both ?  I have my little tricks that can make my cold days better in any season, even happy….although my favourite days are those of spring&summer.

I try to find at least 20 free minutes for the simplest recipe of muffins, fruit cake or citrus cookies. That amazing flavour coming from the oven makes me feel like in my childhood when my grandmothers were cooking all sorts of goodies during my winter and spring/summer holidays. Thank God one of them is still living and is still sharing with me her original recipes.  As I know many of you like chocolate, I am sharing with you my recipe of chocolate tart that I find pretty easy. It is a sort of ‘chocolate cheesecake’ and am sure it will turn your cold days into warm, funny days inside your warm home, hopefully near special people to share it with! You need these ingredients: digestive biscuits around 200g, some butter, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, honey or maple syrup, coconut powder, some walnuts and raisins, a mix of forest fruits, brown sugar, some rhum/rhum essence.

So, first try to make the first level- destroy well the biscuits! Think of all those things which stressed you, uneducated drivers, annoying bosses, headaches, computers that do not function well, envious female colleagues, long queues in the shops, etc. and imagine that, by breaking those biscuits you are destroying all the stress in your lives 🙂 Back to the  cake- melt some butter and mix it with the biscuits in a round pot (or whatever fits the recipe). If needed, add some extra soft butter or milk and it will create the perfect basis for your cake; then put it in the fridge. Then, start melting the chocolates; after they are like a cream, add the honey, walnuts/raisins, rhum essence and whatever you may like. Add this cream on the first biscuit basis, already cool; put it back in the fridge. In the end, wash the forest fruits and mix them with some coconut powder or add more fruits/ nuts/dry fruit if you like and arrange them nicely on the chocolate layer. That’s it, it can be tasted, don’t be selfish, share it with good friends  🙂 

Good luck and bon apetit !