La lutte contre le glyphosate

Glyphosate : Nous sommes en colère !
Chères amies & Chers amis,
Inutile de tourner autour du pot de glyphosate ! Nous sommes en colère. La colère de ceux qui constatent avec amertume qu’une poignée de députés insensibles sont capables de jouer les VRP du lobby agro-chimique en s’opposant à l’inscription, dans la loi, de l’interdiction du glyphosate sous trois ans.
Samedi matin, le 15 septembre, à 4h18 précisément, 42 députés ont refusé d’interdire, en dernière lecture de la loi Alimentation, l’utilisation du glyphosate d’ici à 3 ans !
Ce vote a maintenant eu lieu il y a plus de 48 heures et nous ne décolérons pas ! Tant sur la forme que sur le fond, ce vote est proprement scandaleux. Ce vote était public. Nous avons donc retrouvé le nom de ces petits soldats de l’agrochimie.!&utm_medium=email  glif

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide, chaque action compte si vous voulez un environnement sain pour vous et pour vos enfants! J’espère que vous puissiez écouter votre cœur et agir pour votre santé et pour votre futur, pour notre futur. Récemment devenue mère, je ferai tous les efforts pour être sûre d’un futur plus sain, plus propre et embelli par des meilleures gens. 

Informations et photo:    Courtesy of  ‘Agir pour l’Environnement’, France



A bit more Prague for breakfast !

Hello again everyone, greetings from me, the little fairy !

Seeing that my fellow-blogger is feeling so ”workingly romantic”, I have decided to post some more photos from the 🙂 romantic city of Prague. I took them during a romantic trip and sorry for the lack of sunshine….which, still, we had it in our hearts 🙂  I hope you like them and, as some tourism advice, go there better between May-September. 

The last photo is from my home country, from Mangalia, a nice town on the border of the Black Sea.

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Tempting sweets for cold days


     What do you do on cold days along the year, after work/school? What warms you up, love or hot chocolate? Or maybe both ?  I have my little tricks that can make my cold days better in any season, even happy….although my favourite days are those of spring&summer.

I try to find at least 20 free minutes for the simplest recipe of muffins, fruit cake or citrus cookies. That amazing flavour coming from the oven makes me feel like in my childhood when my grandmothers were cooking all sorts of goodies during my winter and spring/summer holidays. Thank God one of them is still living and is still sharing with me her original recipes.  As I know many of you like chocolate, I am sharing with you my recipe of chocolate tart that I find pretty easy. It is a sort of ‘chocolate cheesecake’ and am sure it will turn your cold days into warm, funny days inside your warm home, hopefully near special people to share it with! You need these ingredients: digestive biscuits around 200g, some butter, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, honey or maple syrup, coconut powder, some walnuts and raisins, a mix of forest fruits, brown sugar, some rhum/rhum essence.

So, first try to make the first level- destroy well the biscuits! Think of all those things which stressed you, uneducated drivers, annoying bosses, headaches, computers that do not function well, envious female colleagues, long queues in the shops, etc. and imagine that, by breaking those biscuits you are destroying all the stress in your lives 🙂 Back to the  cake- melt some butter and mix it with the biscuits in a round pot (or whatever fits the recipe). If needed, add some extra soft butter or milk and it will create the perfect basis for your cake; then put it in the fridge. Then, start melting the chocolates; after they are like a cream, add the honey, walnuts/raisins, rhum essence and whatever you may like. Add this cream on the first biscuit basis, already cool; put it back in the fridge. In the end, wash the forest fruits and mix them with some coconut powder or add more fruits/ nuts/dry fruit if you like and arrange them nicely on the chocolate layer. That’s it, it can be tasted, don’t be selfish, share it with good friends  🙂 

Good luck and bon apetit !

Great songs for an unforgettable summer

I discovered this song in the year when I moved with my current sweetheart. Strangely, I was imagining a totally different story for this song; I had not seen the video but I liked the interesting voice and the emotions it created, although it is not my type of music. For me this song was saying the story of a guy, rather artist who liked to watch  the sea, somewhere more to the north than Lille, where I was…maybe the Belgian ocean coast, maybe the Netherlands coast line; I would have added a bit of wind and some seagulls flying in the sunset and a guy painting things on a deserted beach.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it and imagine whatever you like; listen to it with closed eyes and allow your mind to dream:   Robin Schulz with “‘Sugar'”

Another song of the Lille chapter is this and I discovered it on the Lille Metropolis radio in the summer of 2014, our first summer living together, amazing memories. I hope you will like it too; the artist is Kungs with “This girl”:

I start to become nostalgic….but I shouldn”t; here’s my last song for you, one of the best voices of these years, the amazing and talented……British artist, John Newman with “”Losing sleep””, my daily song as I have a little soul to take care of 🙂

Ok, enough talking, it is late and I will indeed lose my sleep, my precious sleep before the next feeding session. Stars are watching me, the Moon is knitting some dreams for me and my sweetheart is already sleeping, I should join him and fall asleep praying for a better tomorrow, for a better world… for us and for everyone, too.

Take care of you, appreciate what you have and love life, it is a precious gift!

Less plastic can save our health !

Less plastic day 3rd July


The 3rd of July is a day that is used for supporting people to use less plastic bags and I hope this amazing initiative will bear great fruits as soon as possible!

As I know too little about this fresh, amazing idea, please check this link to find out more:

Thanks for reading and please try also to reduce the plastic you use/buy every day with any little gesture, new tips or a small change in your lifestyle; this way you will help yourselves in having healthier and longer lives and also all the life forms around you.

Have a healthy, happy and amazing summer!



photo: Courtesy of

Antoni Gaudi, un artista único en el mundo

El día de 25 junio parece un simple día para la mayoría de la gente… Y aún… es un día muy especial, porque es el cumpleaños de Antoni Gaudí, un artista único y genial. Nunca lo conocí, pero sus obras que he visto hablan muchos de el, de sus sueños, de su corazón, de su conexión con Dios, de su amor para España.

Me gustaría conocerle solamente para agradecerle…por sus colores magníficos que imagino para pintar Barcelona,  por su increíble imaginación, su esperanza en la bondad de este mundo. No es solo él y su alma que se hacen sentir en muchas calles de esta ciudad alegre,  pero su Casa Batlló me llama por siempre para volver a Barcelona…

Una obra menos conocida pero muy hermosa y interesante : la finca Guell,  en el área de Pedralbes.

Soon, I will publish this post in English, too 🙂

Simona Halep conquers Roland Garros!

It has finally happened! A Romanian player has won the Roland Garros tennis tournament and….it had to be Simona, of course! She deserves these magic moments, she has worked a lot for this and we, Romanians, are also celebrating this amazing victory with her, today and this whole year while she has this title.

After defeating A. Kerber and G Muguruza in the previous matches, showing a great condition, Simona has met today a new entry in the top ladies of the world tennis – Sloane Stephens. Never underestimating her opponents, she prepared and had a lot of work to manage finally to get and enjoy the most beautiful victory of her life, the dream she has had for 12 years. The moment was magical and all the Romanians in Paris and everywhere prayed for her to win and supported her all along the match.

After 40 years, as in 1978 another Romanian player Virginia Ruzici won the same cup, the Roland Garros cup for ladies comes back to Romania, to Constanta. I would say that the French reporters on tv were right – Constanta has moved to Paris! And, yes, the Roland Garros trophy has moved to Romania, a very happy Romania!  





Cred ca pentru vorbitorii de limba romana nu mai este nevoie de cuvinte…toti o stim pe Simona, toti visam de mult timp la aceasta zi. Azi am mers la biserica mea din cartier si m-am rugat pentru Simona si pentru victoria ei. Am simit ca are nevoie de putin ajutor divin, de putina forta magica…pentru a atinge racheta si mingea astfel incat sa castige. Bucuria ei este si bucuria mea, oriunde m-as afla in aceasta lume. Suntem din aceeasi tara si nu am vreun merit in victoria ei insa in mod virtual o imbratisez ca pe o veche prietena si ii multumesc pentru fericirea pe care mi-a oferit-o astazi, 9 iunie 2018. Sunt momente unice si am vrea sa dureze vesnic insa titlul il pastreaza doar pentru un an, insa un an minunat in care are voie sa mai faca pauze, sa faca plaja la Barcelona sau sa iasa cu prietenii ei din Constanta si sa nu uite niciodata acest moment magic. Azi si pentru un an este romanca cea mai iubita de la noi, nu e asa?