Help for the Pacific Ocean!

I have received a message from Greenpeace Pacific about their campaigns and their plan to project a documentary all over the world. If anyone can and wishes to support them, I am offering below all the information that I have. They are trying to create a documentary that can help their climate campaign for the Samoa island.

You can find more information on the website of Greenpeace Pacific just in case. Thank you for reading or sharing!

World food day- 16th October 2020 Ziua mondiala a alimentatiei 2020

Meringue with chestnut cream and fig

Maybe you remember my older article or not; in any case, you could celebrate this day any way it fits you – with a tasty home-made drink, with some anti-age food (girls know what I mean 🙂 ) or a virgin cocktail or some pumpkin icecream (try that!). Jamie Oliver knows these better than us as I can see him constantly creating, readapting, innovating old recipes or offering amazing cooking tricks for all ages and budgets.

This year I have been celebrating this day actually the whole October; here it is an amazing autumn with nice weather and markets full of goodies plus even healthy natural bounties at my reach in the city – figs, forest fruits, wild apples, interesting aromatic herbs, seeds and tea plants. I am lucky as here we are close to several forests and I can discover all sorts of wonders every little day.

This is a simple and tasty idea for a healthy lunch or anything else; I have used different mushrooms this time and it makes a big difference. You can use more eggs, some cheese, as many mushrooms as you wish, fresh herbs (I added these towards the end), a bit of butter, salt, pepper, dry oregano and it is done!

Another amazing autumn treat is chestnuts; they are healthy and full of goodies. You can find also chestnut puree in many shops which is still good if it doesn’t contain too much sugar. This year I have bought chestnuts in a village and they were freshly picked up and brought for customers. I have cooked them in the oven and they were over in big speed as the fresh taste conquered everyone.

One interesting discovery of this October is this pastry with Georgian cheese; it is very tasty and non-fatty and the cheese is very similar to Bulgarian or Romanian sheep cheese. It can offer a more protein-content breakfast or it can be a good snack between meals with a small salad.

And as we need to bring back our senses to the sweet taste, I am sharing also another extraordinary cake which can be a good inspiration for everyone. It is a birthday-type cake, with a basis of pumpkin seeds cream, raspberry sauce and pistache decoration which is called Carnaval torta.

And a small word about the first photo – I’m sure you know what is a meringue so this is an interesting variation with chestnut puree; the other cake is a slice of a birthday-cake made with figs, a light coffee cream and fresh cream on top. Both are worth a visit to the Auguszt Cukraszda in Budapest, a well-known place for sweet-lovers.

Hoping that this gives you enough ideas for your free time or any moment, try whatever makes you happy but brush well your teeth afterwards! Good health to all & see you soon!

International day of peace – 21st September Ziua internationala a pacii

As today is the International Day of Peace, I think we should all try to think of the meaning of importance of this -in our hearts, in our town, in our country, in our relationships, in the world, in our mind. This comes from people mainly and from a healthy attitude towards what we have inside and what exists outside of us.

Who knows whose idea was for this day? But look what Martin Luther King Jr. said once: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” Interesting and how true this is. The only problem is that Peace doesn not produce money and dirty power for people who have lost their souls and who would sell their own mother for money…and there goes everything…wars, conflicts, crimes, corruption and so on as sometimes Good does not react when Bad reaches limits it never should reach. But this depends also on the others, on the selfishless character, empathy and good will to see also others well.

But light would not be visible either only in light – being opposed to some darkness, it maximises its value. So I hope the Bad will decrease as much as is needed, existing to a minimum limit, that limit that will always stay extremely small and which can make us all see the importance of Light.

I agree with what Amit Ray has said:
“It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters”

Other thoughts, other minds, other hearts, with wisdom for us all:

“Peace is always beautiful.”    Walt Whitman

“It is not enough to win a war; it is more important to organize the peace.”  Aristotle

“As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. 

For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain 

cannot reap joy and love.”   Pythagoras

May Peace stay in your hearts wherever you may go and keep your inner light strong, shine with love wherever you may be 🙂 !

The Wednesday thought

The word I have in mind for the wise thought of today is a very important one I think. For those who have this emotional strength life can seem amazing; for those who don’t, there are many ways to get it and keep it. But this whole process is not easy, even for those who feel it or have it naturally. This word is Faith.

Sometimes and you may have lived it so hard to keep the faith but we all have the good old and amazing Bon Jovi & his team to teach us that, right? 🙂 But we all know that sometimes nothing can work. There is stress, there are maybe small moments of bad luck… or just a very bad night sleep…and everything seems dark grey. But we must remember, especially in these complicated moments of our lives, that after the rain it is always the sun that is coming. This thought should accompany us every day, no matter what weather we have where we live 🙂

Let’s keep the faith always up inside us and offer a bit also to others when they need it.

Faith and trust go many times hand in hand so I wish you to be able to have them as a good support for your inner strength and evolution as with such h of power of mind, nothing can stand in your way. But, let’s admit it, we don’t need to move mountains, 🙂 I think most of these ones in Europe occupy a good spot. But as long as ”we keep our faces in the sunshine, we shall never see shadows”…I don’t remember who has said this but this wise person is clearly right.

Greenpeace Luxembourg against plastic

Dear friends, as the health of our planet is as important as always to support day by day our own health, I would nicely ask you to sign this petition created by Greenpeace Luxembourg. As you all know the plastic issue is a difficult one and most of the Greenpeace national organisation in Europe and everywhere in the world are trying to decrease this problem.

I have copied for you the link below and I hope your involvement will help; the more we sign, the more chances are gathered for Greenpeace and maybe some responsible decision-makers to make a positive change for our present and future.

Thank you in advance for your support, take care of yourselves and stay healthy, both outside & inside 🙂 !

The Wednesday thought

The Wednesday thought this time is connected to another word that can do everyone good.

This word is Gratitude.

I know that many times it is difficult to feel gratitude when things are going bad. I can easily understand this as there are situations that are really hard, especially when health problems are involved. But let’s hope that these are very rare.

Most of the times we are negative and we cannot see how many good things we have in our lives. Even in a most stressful situation wee still have amazing things to be grateful for: healthy eyes to see the magic of this world, good food, people around us who care about us, an amazing sunset, the laughter of a baby, a starry sky, a happy dog or some funny neighbours digging in the garden.

You must surely have many reasons in your lives to be happy about and grateful; so please, even when you feel bad, sad or mad, close your eyes for a minute and remember….. your first kiss, am amazing sunset at the sea, the smile of people you love, a big and tasty icecream, Mr Bean making funny faces..and the list goes on. Keep always some Gratitude in your hearts and it will just bring along more happiness, more reasons to feel grateful for.

The Wednesday thought

flori mar 8m

I think the wise word for today should be RESPECT.

Nowadays it lacks a lot in our society, everywhere, in private spaces and public spaces. I think people should re-learn to be respectful towards everything – other people, the planet, animals, even objects. A healthy respect towards what is around us shows education, ethics, self-esteem, wisdom.

So, show respect and expect the same!



Am ales un cuvant intelept pentru astazi – RESPECT

Cred ca acesta lipseste foarte mult in ziua de azi, atat in spatiul privat cat si in cel public. Consider ca oamenii ar trebui sa re-invete sa fie respectuosi fata de tot ce exista – alti oameni, planeta noastra, animale, chiar si obiecte. Un respect sanatos fata de ce este in jurul nostru arata educatie, etica, stima de sine, intelepciune.

Astfel, va sfatuiesc sa aratati respect si sa asteptati acelasi lucru!

Simona Halep victorious in Prague Simona Halep campioana la Open-ul Praga 2020

Simona in Austr


After a few months break, Simona returns to the field; moreover, her return is already a beautiful victory at the  Prague Open 2020 tournament, on Sunday, 16th August. After an interesting meeting during the championship with her co-national, Irina Begu, Simona continued her way to the final. 

In the final match she met the player Elise Mertens with whom he played two sets; after a more hesitant start, Simona recovered and began to impose herself easily, earning points and approaching a possible victory for which she then fought until victory. Although occupying the 23rd place in the world, the player temporarily put her in trouble, but the Romanian managed to find solutions that would put her in an advantage, casting in two sets (6-2, 7-5).

For Simona, this title with no. 21 is second in a row, after the winter victory in Dubai; it is also the first slag championship won after the one at Roland Garros in 2018.

For this success, our player receives 280 points in the WTA rankings and adds a new star in the album of her tennis victories. We hope to remain as healthy as before and to represent Romania always strong and talented, as before.

Dupa o pauza de cateva luni, Simona revine pe teren; mai mult decat atat, revenirea ei se leaga de o frumoasa victorie la turneul Open Praga 2020, duminica 16 august. Dupa o intalnire in cadrul campionatului interesanta cu Irina Begu, Simona si-a continuat drumul spre finala.   

In meciul din finala a intalnit-o pe jucatoarea Elise Mertens cu care a jucat doua seturi; dupa un inceput mai ezitant, Simona si-a revenit si a inceput sa se impuna usor usor, castigand puncte si apropiindu-se de o posibila victorie pentru care a luptat apoi pana la victorie. Desi ocupand locul 23 mondial, jucatoarea i-a pus temporar probleme insa romanca a reusit sa gaseasca solutii care sa o puna in avantaj, castingand in doua seturi (6-2, 7-5). 

Pentru Simona, acest titlu cu nr. 21 este al doilea la rand, dupa victoria din iarna de la Dubai; este si primul campionat pe zgura castigat dupa cel de la Roland Garros din 2018.

Pentru aceasta reusita, jucatoarea noastra primeste 280 de puncte in clasamentul WTA si adauga o noua stea in albumul victoriilor ei in tenis. Speram sa ramana la fel de sanatoasa ca pana acum si sa reprezinte Romania mereu in forta si cu talent, ca pana acum.  

Photo: Courtesy of    Poza – sursa:

Summer moments


Budap by night

I hope all of you are well and, despite the epidemy, enjoying safely this summer.

I have selected some of my summer moments to share with you and even give some ideas in case you also postpone travelling by plane, favouring more the car this year. Budapest in summer can be nice, especially thanks to the Danube that offers many nice spots, little islands and even more isolated tourist spots where you don’t risk to run into big crowds of people (Margaret island, Szentendre, Buda hills and panorama spots).

stairs on Buda side stairs on the Buda side

And in order to create tasty memories, Budapest offers you many sweet shops (Cukraszda, Fagylaltozo, Edessegbolt, Pekseg)  where you can find cakes, icecream, slices of torta (similar to the birthday cake), sweet pastries, mouse-like desserts, fruit salads) so you can taste each time something different. 

Another nice discovery is the small town of Passau, in Germany which offers many places to enjoy in the sunshine – especially in the old centre. 

If you have time to go a bit further (or closer, depending or where you live), Balchik is also a charming seaside resort where you can find everything that you need, pleasant hotels with good prices (Antik, Queen Maria, Los Dos Gallos), relaxing landscape and very nice people. 

the Dan in Budthe Danube in Budapest

 So stay healthy and give a chance to low-level tourism, you could discover things you may like for the rest of your lives!  Have still a nice summer 🙂 


More ethical on the web

Echtern tree Luxi


Hello again people!

This is just a small post to give you an ethical suggestion.

I know all of you use search engines all the time, me too. But I have discovered a greener option to big search engines whose usage generates mostly Co2. There is an unknown search engine just as good that is using a big share of the income generated by searching to plant trees.

This is called Ecosia and you can start using it and do something good for our planet and for us all. Here you have some extra information:

I hope that you will also follow my example as, with a small step, we can do a big good for everyone. Thank you and may the peace follow you everywhere you go!


Dragi cititori,

V-am pregatit un mesaj scurt cu o rugaminte etica.

Stiu ca folositi motoare de cautare foarte des, la fel si eu. Insa cum am descoperit o varianta mai eco pentru motoare de cautare; exista un motor de cautare nu foarte cunoscut care foloseste un procent consistent din venitul generat de cautari pentru a planta copaci.

Acesta se numeste Ecosia si puteti sa ii dati o sansa si sa incepeti sa il folositi; aveti ceva informatii suplimentare aici:

Sper sa doriti sa imi urmati exemplul, deoarece, doar cu un mic pas, putem face un mare bine pentru toti. Va multumesc mult si pacea sa va urmeze oriunde va aflati 🙂 !

Thank You 21feb2020