The health minute – Minutul de sanatate

I know you will laugh but it is fine; I also did not know all these interesting details about the common…..carrot. The truth is that it contains plenty of good things for our health – not only the well-known vitamin A. Listen here my friends: it contains also vitamin C and many antioxidants, fibers and also B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 (folate- good also for pregnant ladies and small children), vitamin E, vitamin K, Ca, Fe, Mg, K, Mn, Zn and some natural water. It helps the immunity, the heart, the blood circulation, it stimulates the metabolism, decreases the cholesterol and fights against several types of cancer. Plus, it boosts our optimism on rainy days with its amazing and cheerful colour. Have I convinced you? One simple carrot, of course cutivated healthily, is a health-bomb. If you want to enjoy your life (for sure you must have many reasons to live long and to live happily) put the carrots on your list; I use them in juices, salads, cooked meals or just simply washed as a snack at the beach (ooo, who will have the best suntan? 🙂 Stay healthy and crunch carrots !

Stiu ca veti rade insa nu e problema; nu stiam nici eu de toate beneficiile morcovilor. Insa adevarul este ca banalul morcov este un miracol pentru sanatatea noastra si nu doar datorita beta-carotenului (vit. A). Puteti sa va alegeti din lista ce va ajuta mai bine: contine vitamina C si multi antioxidanti, fibre si de asemenea vitaminele B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 (folat – bun pentru viitoarele mamici si pentru copilasi), vit. E, K, Ca, Mg, K, Mn, Zn si ceva apa naturala. Morcovul sustine sistemul imunitar, buna functionare a inimii, circulatia sangelui si stimuleaza metabolismul, scade nivelul colesterolului si lupta impotriva mai multo tipuri de cancer. De asemenea, datorita culorii lui tonice, ne stimuleaza cu siguranta si optimismul 🙂 in zilele ploioase. V-am convins macar putin? Un simplu morcov, cultivat fara chimicale, este o bomba plina de sanatate. Daca vreti sa va bucurati de viata si sunt convinsa ca vreti, puneti morcovii pe lista voastra de instrumente magice. Eu ii folosesc in sucuri, salate, mancaruri gatite sau pur si simplu cruzi ca o gustare la plaja (haha, cine va avea cel mai frumos bronz?) Sanatate multa tuturor si rontaiti morcovi!

Photo clicks to start autumn well

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Good day everyone!

As today is the 1st day of a new month and summer is almost gone from nature, I wish to cheer you up with some photo clicks I have taken in different places. They are meant to warm up your hearts and prepare you for this season that lies between summer and winter and that maybe we can appreciate more, despite indeed many moments when it can be sad and gloomy. But Autumn has its beauty, range of emotions, crops and joyful moments that can still make us as happy as Summer. I don’t know how it is in the regions where you live but here my autumn will be long – the chestnut trees have had flowers again in September, my strawberries have bloomed also again and the birds are still out, not yet preparing their cold season nests. So, there will be plenty of chances for me to enjoy and photograph hopefully anything wonderful, under the autumn’s sunshine – and I wish the same to you!

Stay safe, healthy and smiling! all the best, Josephina

The Wednesday thought

Hello again everyone! I hope this new post finds all of you in perfect shape.

This time I wish to propose another word, as important as the previous ones. This one is ”safety” and you should keep in mind that, in today’s world, you should all stay safe no matter what. Life is beautiful and we must enjoy it, remember of course the famous ”Carpe diem”. In general myself I have had the luck to live amazing experiences and many happy and fun moments but I’ve never put my life in danger for anything; this is my own creed but I think it can be useful also for you. Enjoying life with wisdom is a good target to follow, if you also want to reach a golden age. What else can I add? Avoid any dangers, cultivate your health, stay young (body and spirit), travel safely and stay away from strange people. Unfortunately human race is worse than animals (sorry but this is the pure truth) – humans, despite animals, kill for no reason..and I think you don’t need any examples for that. This is horrible.

Now, back to optimism – take care of yourselves, stay safe, plan long-term ahead, keep your confidence in your destiny and your angels will guide you always on the best, safe, right path. You can drink one, two glasses of wine but if you drink the whole cannot be safe anymore. I hope you’ll keep something in mind from this advice and I hope to see you again …when you’re reaching 100 years old with a big cake in front of you 🙂 ! Keep in touch xxxx

One summer in Hungary Egy nyár Magyarországon

Good day everyone or szia 😉 like they say in Hungary! As usually we have to write texts here, sometimes I like just to prepare some nice photos that you can enjoy, without reading too much. I am still returning with summer photos, yes I’m guilty as I adore summer, but not more than spring. This time I am sharing some nice photos taken along this summer in Hungary, where I’ve had the chance to spend it fully.

under the summer breeze
Harmashatar-hegy kilato

a small marina at the Balaton lake

sunset over the Danube

light purple glycine

hide-and-seek in the tall grass

smelling the summer wind
magical midnight in Budapest 🙂

Egyelőre nincs túl sok magyar barátom; 🙂 de azoknak a magyaroknak, akiknek időbe telik ezt elolvasni, köszönetet mondok, és jöjjön vissza ide, amikor teheti !

For the moment I hope these are enough to make you happy; still, I promise to come back constantly with photos even if they are not as amazing as those taken by professionnal photographers. But we are all artists in our hearts and maybe it is not the technical details that count but the heart that we put in our photographs. Take care, photograph your summers and start to warm up your hearts already so that it lasts until the next summer 🙂 !

Enjoying journal books Idei pentru cartile-jurnal

I hope you’re all in good health! I wish to share with you a little trick that can help you enjoy more every month of the year no matter what is your situation. There are many books written in the form of a journal, many of them worth reading. More than that, I have tried to re-read one that I like a lot parallelly – a chapter corresponding to the month in which I am in real life. For example, now I’m rereading Peter’s Mayle, ”A year in Provence” and I’m now at the chapter ”August” as we are in August and they are preparing to attend a goat race 🙂 . It is a good way to enjoy all the 12 months and to find beautiful things in each month of the year.

I would wish to give you two ideas – one is the book I mentioned above, by Peter Mayle, written as a sort of journal of his first year spent in Provence, France with his wife. Try to read it in a year’s time, month by month and see if you like this small experiment. Another option is a book written originally in French (for sure you may find it in English, too) by Veronique de Bure – ” Un clafoutis aux tomates cerises” ; this one is a journal written even by days, those chosen by the author to be more interesting in one year. Both books are amazing and are written with humour and positive vibes. They’ll surely bring you good vibes and even funny ideas to do along a year’s time.

I have not given the link to make you buy these, but just to identify the books. You can try to borrow them at the library, this is what I did. I hope some of you can try this trick with the journal-real life parallel; even if not, read these little masterpieces when you have some spare time, they’ll refresh your spirit and make you have more and more energy to enjoy and appreciate your beautiful life. Stay safe and loved! **** hugs

The Health Minute Minutul de Sanatate

photo: courtesy of

Hello again! I come back with another interesting tip for your health. You know for sure that Echinacea (plant: Echinacea purpurea) is a famous plant original from North America, really useful for our immunity. You can find this plant prepared in different forms (tea, supplement, throat candies, creams, etc.) and you can adapt its usage to your own body.

Echinacea supports the general health in several ways:

– it fights against any type of cold/flu and prevents problems of the respiratory system

– it treats and prevents liver diseases

– it fights asthma

– it fights against urinary infections

– it diminishes oral problems

– it is efficient against the Herpex simplex virus, eczema, psoriazis, candida infection, etc. (it supports also the body against the Covid infection)

– it supports digestion.

You don’t need to wait to have such problems; for example, you can make a habit of drinking every week some echnacea tea, as a prevention and reinforcement of your general health. In the cold season Echinacea is excellent in combination with vitamin C or Zinc. Keep it in your diet and live long everyone!

Rosia Montana needs us! Rosia Montana are nevoie de noi!

I think all my readers from Romania know about Rosia Montana. I was still in university when I started to go to demonstrations for Rosia Montana to be protected of Gabriel Resources which wanted to take away all the soil richnesses that belong, historically and legally, to this region. In the meantime, some wise people have put Rosia Montana on the UNESCO heritage proposals list and try to turn it into a UNESCO protected area. Let’s help also the people from DECLIC who have sent the message below and participate in their meeting on the 11th July 2021. Thank you for reading and thank you a lot to those who can make an effort and be there on Sunday!

Hai cu noi duminică, 11 iulie, ora 19.00 în fața Palatului Cotroceni pentru a-i cere public președintelui Klaus Iohannis să scoată elefantul de aur din Guvern!

Viitorul Roșiei Montane în UNESCO depinde de noi. Dacă nu intervenim, Florin Cîțu și Coaliția își vor pasa la nesfârșit responsabilitatea unei decizii. Riscăm ca pe ultima sută de metri sau chiar în ziua plenului Comitetului UNESCO, premierul să mandateze Ministerul Culturii să retragă dosarul. Exact așa s-a întâmplat în 2018, în Guvernul Dăncilă.

Am trăit momente de groază atunci când reprezentantul României, Răzvan Ștefan Rab (nu o să uit niciodată acest nume) a cerut în Plenul Comitetului UNESCO amânarea luării unei decizii privind situl Roșia Montană. Era în 2018, chiar de ziua mea, și am urmărit cu orele ședința live de la UNESCO. La final, când am văzut cum planul malefic al lui Rab este pus în practică de reprezentantul Azerbaidjanului, mi-am zis că susținătorii proiectului nu au nici o limită. Au fost în stare să ne facă pe toți de râs în fața lumii, pentru a le face pe plac celor de la Gold.

Pentru includerea Roșiei Montane în UNESCO s-au pronunțat numeroase forumuri și asociații profesionale care au ca misiune protejarea patrimoniului. Evaluarea experților spune că Roșia Montană îndeplinește toate cele trei criterii pentru lista patrimoniului mondial. Și unul singur ar fi fost suficient pentru ca peisajul cultural din Apuseni să fie recunoscut internațional. Dar dacă dosarul e retras, întreaga procedură trebuie reluată de la zero.

Florin Cîțu a declarat că se caută soluții și pentru conservare și pentru exploatare. Cu alte cuvinte, caută el soluții pentru patru cariere de suprafață, de sute de metri adâncime, care să nu afecteze peisajul cultural. Sper că nu vine cu vechea soluție a companiei miniere. Adică un mulaj din ghips de câțiva metri care să înlocuiască o rețea de 7 km de galerii subterane, săpate manual pe vremea romanilor.

Premierul pare că nu înțelege că mineritul nu mai e ce-a fost. Într-o tonă de piatră de la Roșia Montană e risipit puțin peste un gram de aur. Pentru a-l extrage, trebuie să arunci totul în aer, să macini piatra fin precum făina, apoi să înmoi totul în cianură ca să separi aurul de pământ. Nu văd cum ai mai putea păstra minele de pe vremea romanilor în craterul care rămâne în locul muntelui.

Acest stil duplicitar al premierului, care vrea și exploatarea și conservarea patrimoniului, mă neliniștește profund. Tot el, una zice ca partener în alianța de guvernare, alta zice ca prim-ministru. Pare că s-a molipsit de sindromul Ponta. Înapoi în 2013, Victor Ponta spunea că se opune proiectului ca deputat, dar îl susține ca prim-ministru.

Așadar, eu nu sunt convins că d-l Cîțu va da un mandat ferm delegației României la reuniunea Comitetului UNESCO. Cineva cu autoritate ar trebui să îl supravegheze. Așa că îi cerem public președintelui Iohannis să intervină, reamintindu-i propria declarație din 6 februarie 2015: “În numele Roșiei Montane s-a creat o mișcare civică și comunitară despre care s-ar putea spune că „mută munții” atunci când este în joc păstrarea autenticității și a tradiției vechi a acestei localități”.

Duminică, 11 iulie, pe înserat, revenim în stradă. Roșia Montană ne-a inspirat pe toți și a creat un nou val de implicare în societatea civilă românească. Datorită spiritului renăscut la protestele din 2013, împreună am ținut piept ordonanței 13 și asaltului împotriva justiției.

Pentru acest protest, eu voi veni special de la Cluj. Așa că te rog, dacă duminică ești la munte sau la mare, vino repede în București. Dacă nu ești aproape de București, anunță-i te rog pe cei cunoscuți din capitală. Se prognozează că va fi cald, așa că din recuzita de protest nu trebuie să lipsească apa, dar nici petul cu pietricele pentru a ține ritmul protestului.

Hai împreună să spunem Președintelui că Roșia Montană merită să fie în UNESCO.

The message above (from Tudor, executive manager of Declic) is in Romanian but you can find also some information on the link above in English, about the registration of Rosia Montana region in the UNESCO heritage.

Roșia Montană Mining Cultural Landscape – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

The health minute Minutul de sanatate

Today I’ll talk about a very useful plant for our health and also relaxation. For sure you know it, it is called Rosemary. The rosemary is very good for circulation and stomach. Among others, the plant contains volatile oils and vitamin C. This amazing plant has many beneficial effects, such as:

it supports digestion, helps the lower blood circulation (mostly legs), eliminates any muscular and articulations discomfort, it is a great natural tonifier (for the whole body), supports the good functioning of the stomach, liver and intestins, has a refreshing effect on the muscles and circulation and it helps the kidneys function normally.

In general pregnant women should not drink rosemary tea but it can be enjoyed during the breastfeeding period. This tea can be used both internally and externally. More than this, the fresh plant is a great bonus for many types of foods – you can use it in its natural form, in salads or in cooked meals. You can find it in general as tea, essential oil, tincture or dry powder and let’s not forget the perfumed fresh branches in the market.

The health minute Minutul de sanatate

chestnut puree in pack

Dear readers, 🙂 I thought I would share with you some health tips in short posts, like the present one. I am not a doctor but I have learnt a lot in the past 15 years about health in general, myself having a very healthy lifestyle and great immunity.

The tip of today is linked to those moments when you feel the need to eat something small or have a snack. Maybe you would be tempted by a cake. But don’t! I have a much better suggestion for you which is also sweet 🙂 This is the chestnut puree. It is cheap, healthy and it contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, fibers. I admire Jamie Oliver of course and I think whoever has tips about health, nutrition, longevity, etc. should share them with others. Eat this with trust – it will chase away your hunger and will give your body a lot of good things.

Take care of yourselves and see you soon with more health tips!! 🙂

Un printemps au Luxembourg A spring in Luxembourg

As I have gathered a lot of nice photos from many springs that I have lived in Luxembourg, I wish to share with you some photographs. I took them in a place called Schlaifmillen, on the border of the Alzette river. It was in ancient times a cereal mill and nowadays it hosts a workshop for artists. The surroundings are very pastoral and you can walk around, on the border of the river or in the forest.

The photos were taken in the month of March when, slowly, everything was coming back to life. You can also see the river Alzette among these photos ans even some horses, that were a big surprise for our walk.

I hope you’ll like these photos and that they’ll give you a bit of this spring feeling from Luxembourg. Wherever you may be, enjoy everything the nature creates all around you, in any season. Good health and vitality to all of you!