Linia feroviara Anina-Oravita, patrimoniu unic in Romania


the heritage train line of Anina-Oravita, from the Banat region, Romania

linia de cale ferata de patrimoniu Anina-Oravita, Banat

This is an amazing region of Romania where natural landscapes marry harmoniously the industrial ‘belle epoque’ heritage, thus impressing all visitors with the unique and romantic tourist itinerary. It is a peaceful region, with a lot of greeny hills, nice people and great cultural and historical traces. A warm recommendation for any tourist !



6 thoughts on “Linia feroviara Anina-Oravita, patrimoniu unic in Romania

    • Yes, indeed!there is an old heritage train, inaugurated in the 1800’s that is still functioning and it’s just amazing! The landscape is marvellous in spring especially and the train crosses different areas, some old Austrian-like viaducts, it is one of the most beautiful heritage places of Romania!

  1. hello again, in fact I participated with this amazing location in an industrial heritage competition in Riga in 2015. I am not at home now but I have searched in my work files and have two photos for you. Leave please an email where I can send them to you. Happy Christmas ! 🙂

  2. The area is indeed outstanding. I know it as it is very close to Serbia and I saw it a few times. This little train is the oldest heritage train in Romania and is famous. I have seen something a bit similar in Greece. Thanks Josephina for the photo!

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