International Waterday Ziua Internationala a Apei

p mare VaduWhat could I add more about water? It is the origin of Life on our planet, it represents a great part of our body and most of us drink it every day. From another point of view, I can say that I am in love with nature waters – seas, rivers, oceans; to me, water has its unique charm, an amazing mysterious seductive power and a capacity to relax our mind and body that no other nature element has. Today we are celebrating  Water so, I would ask all of you to respect it more –  to keep all the water areas clean, to reuse domestic waters if you can (I reuse the water with which I wash fruits/vegetables to water my plants) and also to drink it daily for a better health and a long life. It is a part of us, so the respect we show Water  is the respect we have for ourselves.   Happy Water Day 2017!

Cred ca despre apa nu as putea sa mai adaug lucruri noi, fata de ceea ce s-a scris deja de atatea secole. Apa reprezinta originea vietii pe Terra, reprezinta o mare parte a corpului nostru si este lichidul salvator care ne hidrateaza zi de zi. Pentru mine, apa este ceva magic – iubesc toate formele ei din natura- rauri, lacuri, mari sau oceane. Astazi este Ziua Internationala a Apei si va rog pe toti sa ii acordati mai mult respect – sa pastrati curate toate suprafetele acvatice langa care petreceti timp/inotati, sa refolositi apele domestice daca este posibil si sa beti suficienta apa zilnic, pentru sanatatea voastra. Eu consider ca apa este o parte din noi si respecul pe care il acordam, in general, Apei  este respectul pe  care il avem pentru noi insine.  O Zi a Apei Fericita !

the wonderful photo is from my country, Romania, somewhere near the coast of the Black Sea  🙂

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