The best is yet to come? I say yes.

Time, our friend Volos hist museum 2014

I have no idea…Could this be true? If I listen to a good friend of mine, this is what she always says when I tell her that I lost something/somebody or that new things chase away my secure stability. She says that the Universe is bringing something better for me. And, curiously, in the past years, she was right. Better things and people kept coming magically in my life, after an empty space made its way in my life. After a while, I started to visualise even better things so that it keeps on going.

Classically, Shakespeare is right…Time is a little tyrant, a mean friend, a rough force….always reminding us that we grow old every day, that days pass and years also. Or is it us who automatically are used to think so? Time is subjective…if one day we travel to Mars, we’re out of time, practically. Time is a mechanism that functions only for Terra and maybe it is not stressing us on purpose. What if, starting with today, we think all this in a different way-the photo above should help us! I discovered it in Greece, in the Volos town, in a common museum, stepping of course in a  corner which was not included in our guided tour :), that’s me. And it got my attention…as during my whole business trip, I kept thinking of these words. I want to share them with now as they could be true, for all of you, for me, for everyone. It is in our power to create the present and the future, no matter how things seemed to be, despite our worries, no matter how crazy the surrounding world is. We are living the best period of history, we are lucky to share our lives with amazing people, known or not, we can enjoy great things and experiences on this planet, we have eyes to see, a nose to smell everything, a heart to be happy and a body supporting us everywhere we go.

We have a planet for us only and we are here to give value to this world, we are the reason for which Sun is shining and we are lucky to live the best which is yet to come 🙂 !



Actress Stela Popescu has left for Heaven

Stela P poza veche

A well-known Romanian actress, Stela Popescu, has left us this week, in an unexpected way, without having the chance to properly say good-bye. She had been acting for decades in theatre, movies and television and, privately, she had the amazing chance to find her soul-mate with whom she has lived together ever since. Due to some health problems and despite her great energy at 81 years old,  she has passed away this Thursday.

So, this is a little remembrance post for this funny and optimistic lady who has never lost her sense of humour and love for life. May God rest her soul in peace!

Am auzit cu tristete de actrita Stela Popescu, un om care pentru mine a simbolizat mereu optimismul, dragostea de viata si cheful de ras. E pacat ca nu a apucat sa isi ia ‘la revedere’ cum ar fi trebuit de la familie si prieteni. In plus fata de lunga ei cariera artistica, Stela Popescu a afirmat mereu ca a avut marea sansa de a-si intalni sufletul pereche, pe sotul Puiu Maximilian. Si cred sincer ca avea dreptate, sansa aceasta o au  multi oameni.

Sper sa cei din Romania sa-si aminteasca mereu de optimismul si dragostea ei de viata, de simtul umorului si energia ei, care au insotit-o pana in ultimele clipe de viata. Dumnezeu sa o odihneasca in pace, alaturi de sufletul ei pereche!

Best classical movies for autumn

I know it is time for strange scary movies but myself I prefer to watch the great classical movies. I refer to those old movies that still charm us, make us dream, make us laugh, help us travel in some quiet times, when there was more respect, more friendship, more sincerity and much less violence. Whenever I am disappointed with the tv or cinema offer, I prefer to escape a bit back in the past and choose such a movie…. and I really have where to choose from. For this autumn I could mention two great actors, each in their own, unique way who are still pretty amazing and I think their movies could also charm all of you. I am thinking of Audrey Hepburn and Louis de Funes. There are a lot of movies like Holiday in Rome, My Fair Lady, How to steal a million, Hibernatus, Le gendarme de Saint Tropez, Le grand restaurant and many others. It can be a great idea for some autumn colder nights while enjoying an immunity-strengthening tea and some laughter, so good for your hearts.


So, have a pleasant and funny November no matter where you live and what weather is expecting you outside!

Confucius Wisdom words ** Vorbe intelepte de la Confucius

IMG_4551       Lectii de viata de la maestrul chinez Confucius

Cateva exemple din gandirea maestrului Confucius, pline de forta si intelepciune care va pot ajuta sa cautati si sa gasiti ceea ce va doriti in viata.

1. “Nu conteaza cat de incet mergi atata timp cat nu te opresti din mers.” Nu renunta la visurile tale chiar daca lucrurile nu se realizeaza cu viteza pe care ti-o doresti. In cele din urma vei culege roadele la care acum doar speri. Astfel de lectii de viata te vor ajuta sa mergi mai departe indiferent de cat de greu este drumul din fata ta.   2. “Nu te imprieteni cu un om care nu este mai bun decat tine.”   In viata este important sa te inconjori cu oameni de la care ai ce sa inveti, oameni cu suflet bun, altfel nu vei reusi sa progresezi niciodata.    3. “Atunci cand esti nervos, gandeste-te la consecinte.”  Inainte sa actionezi cu impulsivitate, gandeste-te la ce se poate intampla in urma a ceea ce vrei sa faci. Asadar, pastreaza-ti calmul si incearca sa gasesti o solutie mai buna decat cea dictata de impulsivitate.      4. “Atunci cand este evident ca nu poti sa iti atingi obiectivele, nu schimba telurile, ci modifica pasii.”  Lucrurile nu ies intotdeauna in viata asa cum iti doresti, dar acest lucru nu inseamna ca trebuie sa renunti dupa primele incercari. Continua sa cauti modalitati care te apropie tot mai mult de obiectivele propuse. Cat timp este vorba despre unele realiste, nu au de ce sa nu se indeplineasca.        5. “Daca urasti o persoana, atunci esti invinsa de ea.”   Nu purta niciodata ranchiuna oamenilor care iti gresesc, ci uita-i pur si simplu. Ce sens are sa ii lasi in continuare sa iti otraveasca sufletul?     6. “Omul superior care cauta ceva, cauta in el insusi; omul inferior cauta in altii.”  Tine cont de astfel de lectii de viata fiindca iti vor fi de un real folos. Vei reusi sa progresezi doar daca incerci sa imbunatatesti mereu ceva la tine.     7. “Oriunde te duci, mergi cu toata inima ta.”  Vei atinge succesul doar daca dai tot ce ai mai bun in tine. Implica-te cu toata inima in toate activitatile pe care le faci si nu vei avea niciun regret dupa aceea, pentru ca vei sti ca ai facut tot ce ai putut tu.    8. “Ofera sfaturi doar celor care cauta cunoastere dupa ce si-au descoperit  ignoranta.”      Nu incerca sa oferi lectii de viata unor persoane care nu le-ar intelege sensul, pentru ca iti vei pierde timpul cu acestea. Cel mai bine este sa le oferi instructiuni celor care au inteles unde greseau. Acestora le vor merge direct la inima.     9. “Daca va concentrati si asupra avantajelor mici, va va fi mult mai usor sa mergeti mai departe.”  Nu trata cu indiferenta realizarile mici, pentru ca acestea pot reprezenta un imbold important pentru dezvoltarea ta personala.
 10. “Daca te-au scuipat pe la spate, inseamna ca esti in fata lor.”   Nu te preocupa de oamenii care incearca sa iti faca rau pe la spate. Inseamna ca esti de mult in fata lor si ca nu stiu cum te pot impiedica.


                         Life Lessons from Confucius 

Here are a few examples of his ideas below, full of wisdom and force, that for sure can guide you in searching and finding everything you wish.   

1. It’s not important how slowly you go as you are still going (don’t give up your dreams&plans even if they advance slowly)   

2. Don’t become a friend of someone who is not better than you (find people from whom you can learn constantly and this way you’ll always evolve)  

 3. When you are nervous, think of the consequences (don’t let impulsivity take decisions for you and try to regain your calm)     

4. When there is no way to reach your aims, do not change your aims but change your steps (do not give up after a few trials, find new ways to approach your targets)       5. If you hate someone, you are defeated by them ( do not keep in mind people who hurt you, just forget them)     

 6. A superior being who looks for something, looks within themselves; an inferior being looks at others (people should always try to improve themselves)   

 7. Wherever you go, go with all your heart (put your good energy in everything you do, thus you’ll never have regrets)    

8. Give advice only to people who can admit they can be wrong (try to help people who understand they have been wrong)   

 9.  If you also focus on small advantages, it will be easier to advance in life (small accomplishments are important, they motivate your personal development).  10. If people harm you behind your back, it means you are in front of them (do not use your energies for people who attack you in sneaky ways, they will never have any force on you)

Classical music in Bucharest Muzica clasica in Bucuresti ‘Magic Exists!’

piata-palatului4   It is with great joy that I promote another edition of the George Enescu Festival, taking place in Bucharest between 2-24 September 2017.  It reunites famous and new artists and music lovers can enjoy free concerts outside in the open air or they can go to the concerts inside the Athenaeum where the best orchestras of the world play every year.

For those who want to know a bit more about the life of the character giving his name to this festival, the Romanian composer George Enescu, I recommend them to go and visit the George Enescu National Museum, which can be found not far from the festival location: Calea Victoriei, nr. 141, sector 1, București (open from Tuesday-Sunday till 17 and Wednesday-Thursday till 19, a ticket is 6 lei).

There is a link here with information about all the festival events, both in English and Romanian:

In the old photo above, towards centre-left, you can see a building with a nice cupola and round small windows and antique columns which is the building of the current Athenaeum.

So, enjoy the Magic!

Ma bucur mult sa promovez editia 2017 a Festivalului George Enescu, ce are loc, ca intotdeauna in Bucuresti, in perioada 2-24 septembrie. Acesta reuneste artisti faimosi alaturi de cei noi iar iubitorii de muzica se pot bucura de concerte gratuite in aer liber in piata festivalului sau pot alege concertele din interiorul Ateneului unde, an de an, sunt invitate cele mai cunoscute orchestre ale lumii.

Pentru cei care vor sa afle mai multe detalii despre personajul care confera numele acestui festival, compozitorul roman George Enescu, le recomand sa mearga si sa viziteze Muzeul National George Enescu, ce se afla nu departe de locatia festivalului: Calea Victoriei, nr. 141, sector 1, București (deschis marti-duminica pana la ora 17 si miercuri-joi pana la ora 19, un bilet avand pretul de 6 lei).

Mai sus aveti link-ul cu toate informatiile despre evenimentele festivalului, in limba romana si limba engleza.

Bucurati-va de Magie!


Prague, a romantic escape anytime

I have had the chance to see Prague for the first time this spring. Although it was full of people I managed to enjoy that romantic spirit of the city that I was looking for.

The weather was not the best but after two days the sun came out so the photos were much better. I managed to see a lot of famous, old spots and the castle area. I liked the old centre which is very picturesque and they deserve our appreciation for being able to keep and maintain unchanged all those small streets made of cubic stone and some really amazing buildings that have been beautifully renovated. I have also seen the Botanical Gardens of the university, the Music museum and the famous beer-house ‘U Fleku’, hosting also the beer museum.

All in all, I liked it and, being also an eastern country, I felt like at home. To conclude, it is a great destination, especially for couples, and I recommend it to everyone, especially during April-September. The photos represent the Prague Castle and the Botanical Gardens.

Roger Moore and Romania

It is with sadness that I found out that Roger Moore died yesterday. I had no idea he had a cancer as I’ve constantly seen him these years in different movies. He was charming several generations with his roles and beautiful blue eyes.

Besides the famous James Bond series and other similar films, I liked him also in an unknown movie, made in the past years. The title is ‘A princess for Christmas’ and I am subjectively mentioning it as it is set in one of the most beautiful mountain sites of my country, Sinaia. Roger Moore was very happy with the movie team, both from USA and Romania and the amazing mountain landscape impressed everyone. 

If you have some free time it is worth seeing it with someone special as the end will make you want a kiss 🙂 I am sure Sir Roger Moore will always remain in our hearts and will continue to live through his movies and his three children.