Antoni Gaudi, un artista único en el mundo

El día de 25 junio parece un simple día para la mayoría de la gente… Y aún… es un día muy especial, porque es el cumpleaños de Antoni Gaudí, un artista único y genial. Nunca lo conocí, pero sus obras que he visto hablan muchos de el, de sus sueños, de su corazón, de su conexión con Dios, de su amor para España.

Me gustaría conocerle solamente para agradecerle…por sus colores magníficos que imagino para pintar Barcelona,  por su increíble imaginación, su esperanza en la bondad de este mundo. No es solo él y su alma que se hacen sentir en muchas calles de esta ciudad alegre,  pero su Casa Batlló me llama por siempre para volver a Barcelona…

Una obra menos conocida pero muy hermosa y interesante : la finca Guell,  en el área de Pedralbes.

Soon, I will publish this post in English, too 🙂


Earth Day, William Shakespeare, Simona Halep

la castelul Ansembourg

As 22nd of April is Earth Day, I try every year to do something for the Earth on this day. This year,  I have planted a raspberry bush and tried to help for some good ecological causes.

Here is an article in Romanian for everyone from home who is interested in knowing more plastic packages and doing something to reduce it, received from ‘Zero waste Romania’: 

Also, the bees everywhere in Europe and in the world need our help; you can read another article in French and decide if you can also help with a few dollars these people: ‘Le 27 avril, les gouvernements de l’UE se prononceront sur l’interdiction d’un certain nombre de pesticides néonicotinoïdes et c’est l’avenir des abeilles qui est en jeu. Nous savons que ces pesticides sont responsables de la disparition massive des abeilles et il a été démontré que ces mêmes pesticides tuent également les oiseaux. Après des années de campagnes menées par des membres de SumOfUs tels que vous, nous avons finalement obtenu de L’UE qu’elle organise un vote. Nous ne devons en aucun cas manquer cette occasion. Nous sommes prêts à placarder notre message sur les sites d’information bruxellois les plus influents et les principaux journaux des pays de l’UE susceptibles d’influencer le vote mais nous avons besoin de votre soutien pour y parvenir. Pouvez-vous faire un don de $1 pour financer des annonces promouvant la protection des abeilles pour aider à influencer le vote ?’  You can donate something here:

For those interested in the current situation concerning the bees populations in Europe, you can also read this in:
Also, WWF Australia is trying to teach and get support from people all over the world, in order to support the koalas, well-known species currently endangered; if you have some time to spare, read and help in any way, please have a look at their stories here:
Last but not least, little things help: turn off the lights/computers/smartphones/cooker/air conditioned when you do not need them, plant some colourful flowers in your balcony/garden to help the bees, reuse the water in which you wash fruits/veggies for watering plants, recycle plastics/papers/glass/batteries/light bulbs and eat less meat; just remember that we are not the masters of everything and every being on Earth so we should not be selfish. This planet is here for all and we should not take everything around for granted.
Another interesting thing, with no connection with those written above – 23rd April is the birthday of a famous English playwright, William Shakespeare that stressed all of us in school :):) Still, I think he was a nice and smart guy… and very romantic; here is something he said, to help you look for what is essential and important in relationships of any kind today so that you will only have happy and positive experiences:
      ‘What’s in a name? / that which we call a rose,
By any other name/ would smell as sweet.’      And I wrote this from memory 😉
And as I felt happy about the news, something from tennis again, congratulations to Simona Halep and our girls who were amazingly wonder women in the Fed Cup matches during  last week-end. I hope that after their victory, they found a bit of time to relax and recuperate their energies. Here is what Simona said after the victory:






Easter and good Les Paques et le bien Pastele si binele din suflet

Dear friends, readers, foreigners

This is a letter written from my heart to you, just now, before Easter. Some of you may celebrate it, some not. What matters is to celebrate each and every thing without destroying, but by creating. Thus, please, be so good for this Easter and give up the lamb. I know you think animals do not have a heart…that they enjoy being killed for our exaggerated meals….but could you imagine someone’s baby aged 3 months being killed as food for some giants that have whatever celebration? How would those people feel? This is that happens to lambs for years…they are killed at 3-4 months just because the meat ‘is tender’…I gave it up for good for many years and God is not angry with me for that, I assure you. You can replace this meat with anything else – other type of meat or protein meal, vegetables, cheese, anything  if you have imagination.

If you think I am wrong and that animals have no soul at all, please read this:


I wish all of you a Happy Easter, with health, joy, wishes come true and warmth in your hearts!

Chers amies et amis, je vous ecris quelques lignes pour vous dire une priere pour cette Paques. Meme si vous celebrez ou pas, je pense que c’est humain de profiter de toutes les fetes sans detruire ou tuer sans raison. Et c’est pourquoi s’il vous plait, soyez si bons pour cette Pâques et abandonnez l’agneau. Je sais que vous pensez que les animaux n’ont pas de cœur … qu’ils aiment être tués pour nos repas exagérés … mais pourriez-vous imaginer que le bébé de quelqu’un de 3 mois soit tué comme nourriture pour des géants qui ont quelque célébration?   Comment se sentiraient ces gens? C’est ce qui arrive aux agneaux pendant des années … ils sont tués à 3-4 mois juste parce que la viande est “tendre” … J’ai renoncé a le manger pendant de nombreuses années et Dieu n’est pas fâché contre moi pour ça, je vous assure.  Vous pouvez remplacer cette viande avec n’importe quoi, un autre type de viande ou de protéines, des légumes, du fromage, etc. si vous avez un peu d’imagination.

Si vous pensez que les animaux n’ont pas de coeur, lisez cet article, s’il vous plait:

Je vous souhaite à tous  Joyeuses Pâques, avec santé, joies, des souhaits devenus réalité et de la chaleur dans vos coeurs!



Martisorul The 1st of March

Martisorul is a very nice Romanian spring celebration that also exists in a few other countries. In general, men offer on this day little objects to any female persons in their lives as a sign of friendship and celebration of spring. It can be anything – little animals, flowers, birds, drawings, shells and it is even more valuable if it is handmade.

I hope that all of you will have nice surprises on the 8, some of you must have had already some on the very 1st – after all, any day is good to bring a smile for the people we love; even men can receive such a little thing, at least if we get inspired from our neighbours in Bulgaria 🙂              

I wish all of you a Magical Spring with good health, vitality and happiness near those special ones in your lives!


Desi cu o mica intarziere, am dorit sa scriu despre Martisor deoarece este una din cele mai frumoase traditii din Romania, dupa parerea mea. Stiu ca sunt subiectiva insa iubesc primavara si tot ceea ce simbolizeaza ea. De aceea, am asteptat mereu Martisorul cu bucurie, speranta, optimism si nerabdare, marcand in acelasi timp sfarsitul iernii, cel putin simbolic 🙂 Martisorul din imagine a fost colorat de mine cu ce am gasit prin sertare iar in alti ani am reusit sa imi fac timp sa creez propriile martisoare din diverse materiale.

Sper sa aveti cu totii parte de suprize in aceasta luna, poate ati avut pe 1 …poate veti avea pe 8 insa orice zi este binevenita in a aduce un zambet pe fata celor care conteaza pentru noi, desi martie e in general dedicata femeilor. Insa, daca vreti sa ii suprindeti si pe barbatii speciali din vietile voastre, cred ca pot primi si ei un martisor, dupa modelul vecinilor nostri bulgari  🙂 

Va urez o Primavara cu sanatate, vitalitate si fericire zi de zi alaturi de oameni dragi !


Royalties and Love Despre Regele Mihai si dragoste



This article is meant to bring homage to our last king, Mihai of Romania who, unfortunately, left us last December, aged 96. This special Man who, despite his foreign origin had a Romanian heart, represented beautifully a peaceful and secret land, forgotten among hills and plains and dominated by the magical castle of Hohenzollern. Even if he received many times harsh reactions and mean words from the authorities of Romania, he always responded with Good; moreover, he loved our country and tried to help it as many times as he could.

Thus, God knew how to reward his good soul – at a very young age he was lucky to meet the love of his life, the future Queen Ana of Romania. They were lucky to choose freely one another and to live their love and lives together till the end of their lives. They always reminded me of my grandparents and their generation, times when there was much less wickedness in the world and less obsession to buy buy buy or to own screens of any type and length…Their generation knew how to cherish Love when they found it, unlike people of today.

They represented, with their modesty and fine education, an old world… but still present and they constantly got involved in charity actions and tried to help every time they could. I remember how, every year for the King’s birthday, he organised the ‘Open Doors Day’ at the Elisabeta Palace and always liked to speak a bit to the people who came. As for his followers, to be honest, I sincerely appreciate Prince Nicolae and Princess Elisabeth-Karina, two young people with great hearts, education and character; while the fake gossips about the Prince Nicolae’s paternity leave me totally cold…I know that he is not that type of man and am sure that people can try many times to use for their purposes any occasion when being around someone ‘with  a name’ which is, in any case, pathetic. They remain my favourites of the new generations of the Romanian Royal House, along with the other grandchildren of the King and Queen.

So, I sincerely let my heart sigh for this beautiful pair of royalties, non-Romanian but still Romanian, in love for a lifetime and who prove, even if nowadays absent, that goodness in life is rewarded, maybe not with great treasures but with the greatest of all – true love, that one we are all waiting for…

             ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Desi luna decembrie este perioada mea preferata din an datorita Craciunului,  aceste sarbatori au fost mai triste, afland ca ultimul nostru Rege ne-a parasit definitiv… Acest Om de origine straina dar cu suflet romanesc, frumos simbol al unei regiuni pasnice si secrete parca, dominata magistral de colina fermecata pe care inca strajuieste castelul Hohenzollern, a stiut sa iubeasca tara noastra, in ciuda tuturor rautatilor de care a avut parte chiar din partea statului roman, de-a lungul istoriei. Si stiti bine ca putini oameni au aceasta calitate, de a raspunde cu Bine intotdeauna.

Acelasi Rege a fost insa, rasfatat de Dumnezeu, prin sansa unica de a-si intalni iubirea vietii la o varsta tanara si de a trai  langa aceasta o poveste de dragoste ‘pana la adanci batraneti’. Ii priveam pe amandoi cu afectiune, gandindu-ma mereu la generatia bunicilor mei, o generatie aproape lipsita total de rautatea din zilele noastre, de nebunia cumparaturilor fara sens, a ecranelor de toate marimile… si lista ar putea continua. Iata ce a declarat politicianul Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu: „Familia regală şi-a adus o contribuţie extrem de importantă pentru a facilita aderarea României la NATO, prin relaţiile cu celelalte case regale din Europa. Au avut un rol activ Regele Mihai şi familia regală în acest sens, Regele trecând, într-o manieră în care doar un rege poate să ierte, peste toate umilinţele şi nedreptăţile la care a fost supus. Regele nu a fost umilit numai în perioada comunistă, (…) el a fost umilit după 1990, când i s-a refuzat revenirea în ţară şi, cu toate acestea, a considerat că datoria lui de om de stat şi patriot este să ajute România cu tot ceea ce poate. Şi a putut foarte mult şi a făcut-o şi pentru asta trebuie să-i fim recunoscători.“

Ei au reprezentat cu modestie si bun simt o lume trecuta, dar prezenta inca pentru multi, prin actiunile lor caritabile, prin ajutorul pe care au incercat sa il acorde prin diverse moduri Romaniei si prin caracterul si educatia lor aleasa. In ce priveste urmasii Regelui, trebuie sa spun sincer ca am o apreciere sincera pentru cei doi nepoti ai sai din poza de mai sus, Printul Nicolae (desi repudiat, pentru mine ramane tot un print si nu cred nici o iota din presupusul scandal al paternitatii sale pentru ca acest om nu este nici mincinos, nici profitor, nici nerespectuos asa cum se ofuscheaza in mod fals si penibil restul familiei regale romane) si Printesa Elisabeta-Karina, doi tineri destepti, finuti, de bun simt si sper ca acestia sa creeze legaturi frumoase cu Romania si cu adevaratii romani.

Imi pare sincer rau pentru disparitia acestei perechi de regi, non-romani dar totusi romani, indragostiti pentru o viata si demonstrand prin constanta lor ca bunatatea in viata este rasplatita, poate nu cu mari comori ci cu o viata lunga, presarata cu surprize frumoase si dragoste adevarata, aceea la care stiu ca toti visam in secret…






The best is yet to come? I say yes.

Time, our friend Volos hist museum 2014

I have no idea…Could this be true? If I listen to a good friend of mine, this is what she always says when I tell her that I lost something/somebody or that new things chase away my secure stability. She says that the Universe is bringing something better for me. And, curiously, in the past years, she was right. Better things and people kept coming magically in my life, after an empty space made its way in my life. After a while, I started to visualise even better things so that it keeps on going.

Classically, Shakespeare is right…Time is a little tyrant, a mean friend, a rough force….always reminding us that we grow old every day, that days pass and years also. Or is it us who automatically are used to think so? Time is subjective…if one day we travel to Mars, we’re out of time, practically. Time is a mechanism that functions only for Terra and maybe it is not stressing us on purpose. What if, starting with today, we think all this in a different way-the photo above should help us! I discovered it in Greece, in the Volos town, in a common museum, stepping of course in a  corner which was not included in our guided tour :), that’s me. And it got my attention…as during my whole business trip, I kept thinking of these words. I want to share them with now as they could be true, for all of you, for me, for everyone. It is in our power to create the present and the future, no matter how things seemed to be, despite our worries, no matter how crazy the surrounding world is. We are living the best period of history, we are lucky to share our lives with amazing people, known or not, we can enjoy great things and experiences on this planet, we have eyes to see, a nose to smell everything, a heart to be happy and a body supporting us everywhere we go.

We have a planet for us only and we are here to give value to this world, we are the reason for which Sun is shining and we are lucky to live the best which is yet to come 🙂 !


Actress Stela Popescu has left for Heaven

Stela P poza veche

A well-known Romanian actress, Stela Popescu, has left us this week, in an unexpected way, without having the chance to properly say good-bye. She had been acting for decades in theatre, movies and television and, privately, she had the amazing chance to find her soul-mate with whom she has lived together ever since. Due to some health problems and despite her great energy at 81 years old,  she has passed away this Thursday.

So, this is a little remembrance post for this funny and optimistic lady who has never lost her sense of humour and love for life. May God rest her soul in peace!

Am auzit cu tristete de actrita Stela Popescu, un om care pentru mine a simbolizat mereu optimismul, dragostea de viata si cheful de ras. E pacat ca nu a apucat sa isi ia ‘la revedere’ cum ar fi trebuit de la familie si prieteni. In plus fata de lunga ei cariera artistica, Stela Popescu a afirmat mereu ca a avut marea sansa de a-si intalni sufletul pereche, pe sotul Puiu Maximilian. Si cred sincer ca avea dreptate, sansa aceasta o au  multi oameni.

Sper sa cei din Romania sa-si aminteasca mereu de optimismul si dragostea ei de viata, de simtul umorului si energia ei, care au insotit-o pana in ultimele clipe de viata. Dumnezeu sa o odihneasca in pace, alaturi de sufletul ei pereche!