The Wednesday thought – Compassion

showing support when our friend has a problem – we can solve it together, no worries 🙂

For this occasion, I have chosen the word COMPASSION. I’ve seen very often children and animals being compassionate to each other and more rarely adults showing compassion. I think this is wrong, as adults should be initiators of such behaviours as it is them who are educating children, not vice-versa. I would be happy to see more compassion among my fellow-adults in all the situations of every day life. Compassion can unite persons of any age, sex or background and can peacefully create more gratitude among people in our society.

In comparison to ignorance or selfishness which are very often seen nowadays, compassion puts people together and creates a peace of mind and such good inner emotions that are bringing about also a lower blood pressure, a more relaxed body & mind and a better immunity. Selfishness creates negative feelings and emotions between people, while compassion hamonises the souls and creates a common feeling of shared support, which is essential especially when someone is suffering.

Just remember that most of the people you run into have more difficult lives than yours, so show them with generosity some COMPASSION if needed, it does not cost a thing. Have a happy & peaceful summer everyone 🙂 !

A song for Ukraine

The British artist Ed Sheeran has released these days a song that he had filmed in Kyiv, Ukraine, a little bit before the Russian attacks against Ukrainians. The song features Ed Sheeran and rapper Lil Baby performing in the cold streets of Kyiv before “the devastating acts of violence started”, as Ed Sheeran himself explained. The singer has added a personalised message too, in white and black, at the beginning of the video, sharing his support for this Eastern European nation. This song, ” 2 step” is part of his latest music album, “=” (pronounced “equals”), which was released publicly in 2021.

Also, related to the same subject, he also shared his thoughts on the 11th March 2022:

“11 Mar 2022, Ukraine

What we’re witnessing in Ukraine weighs heavy and my love goes out to all of those affected by the devastating conflict. The British Red Cross and the Disasters Emergency Committee are taking donations to provide essential services to those in need. If you can, you can donate at the following links x

The British Red Cross 
Disasters Emergency Committee

Photo and quotes – courtesy of:

Mihai Eminescu si Ziua Culturii Romane Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu and the Romanian Culture Day

”La steaua care a rasarit / E o cale atat de lunga / Ca mii de ani i-au trebuit / Luminii sa o ajunga

Poate de mult s-a stins in drum / In departari albastre / Iar raza ei abia acum luci vederii noastre

Icoana stelei ce-a murit / Incet pe cer se suie / Era, pe cand nu s-a zarit / Azi o vedem si nu e

La fel cum si-al nostru amor / Pieri in noapte adanca / Lumina stinsului amor / Ne urmareste inca”

”Draga Mihai, iti multumesc ca ai existat si ca am onoarea sa am aceeasi nationalitate cu tine, iti multumesc pentru ceea ce ai scris si pentru modul in care iubirea pentru tine a fost un mod de viata. Esti un tip pe cinste si as fi vrut sa te cunosc. Odihneste-te in pace insa mai bantuie-ne uneori, pe noi astia micii, care citim si mai mazgalim prostii pe hartie. Ramai cu noi!”

Dragii mei, va rog sa nu cautati greseilie ce pot exista in textul de mai sus, am dorit sa scriu aceasta poezie, ‘La Steaua’, din memorie si fara vreo carte langa mine. Imi place Mihai Eminescu si voiam sa ii aduc un mic omagiu astfel. Il apreciez nu doar pentru ca a fost un poet foarte talentat, ci si pentru ca a fost un om renascentist asa cum incerc si eu sa fiu (cand sunt odihnita), un romantic incurabil, pentru ca a fost un prieten bun, un roman patriot si curajos…si lista poate continua. Treceam des pe strada Plantelor, unde care si-a trait ultimele clipe in Bucuresti si sper totusi ca acolo unde se odihneste sufletul lui sa stie ca suntem multi cei care il apreciem si care nu vrem sa il uitam. A fost un tip pe cinste si nu vom mai avea prea curand o asemenea valoare. Ma simt onorata sa impart aceeasi tara si nationalitate cu el. Azi fiind si Ziua Culturii Romane, adresez sincere urari de inspiratie si succes tuturor celor care activeaza in domeniul culturii si sunt bucuroasa ca tata scrie din nou carti. ”Romanul s-a nascut poet” – o fi adevarat; chiar daca nu o fi, am fost deja convinsa de genialitatea, creativitatea, inteligenta, inspiratia multor romani. Ana Aslan, Mihai Eminescu, Lucian Blaga, Henri Coanda si multi multi altii; si de ce sa nu pun si nume mai moderne precum Andrei Maria (Smiley), Vama Veche (formula originala), Simona Halep, Ana Novic, Agnes Toma, Paula Seling si multi altii care creeaza, sunt geniali intr-un domeniu, sunt inspirati si ma inspira si pe mine. Azi este ziua tututror celor pentru care cultura este un mod de viata si care nu se rusineaza ca sunt romani, stiind care este valoarea lor, nu numai profesionala dar mai ales de oameni, in Romania si in lume.

Para mis amigas y amigos que hablan el espanol: algo pequeno sobre nuestro magnifico poeta rumano, Mihai Eminescu:

I am quoting here a small poem from my memory despite possible small errors, a poem written by our greatest poet, Mihai Eminescu. It is a poem that is dear to me, entitled ”To the star” and I like it as I love literature and also because I love astronomy. I’ll try to translate what it says in English as soon as possible.

Photo source:

The Wednesday thought – Empathy

I was thinking of this word for a while and finally I dedicate it this post – EMPATHY. I think this is also an important quality for anyone of us. It can be natural or aquired consciously but it is better to have it, in my opinion. I have no idea if the rich and successful people on the planet are empathic or not, as they cannot take decisions related to feelings, emotional intelligece or such unimportant things… But not all the rich and powerful ones are also empathic. At the same time, maybe not all the empathic people are rich. Hmmm…anyway, I think that someone who lives long and wisely for sure is empathic and this can be a pretty good model for us. Empathy is not easy to show but solidarity also helps. Start by showing solidarity to someone you care about, especially when they need it the most, and you are on the right way to be empathic.

So choose to be successful, decide to stay healthy, keep your inner balance and be empathic. Sooner or later, everything you need will surely come to you, as you give out the right empathic vibes 🙂

Enjoying journal books Idei pentru cartile-jurnal

I hope you’re all in good health! I wish to share with you a little trick that can help you enjoy more every month of the year no matter what is your situation. There are many books written in the form of a journal, many of them worth reading. More than that, I have tried to re-read one that I like a lot parallelly – a chapter corresponding to the month in which I am in real life. For example, now I’m rereading Peter’s Mayle, ”A year in Provence” and I’m now at the chapter ”August” as we are in August and they are preparing to attend a goat race 🙂 . It is a good way to enjoy all the 12 months and to find beautiful things in each month of the year.

I would wish to give you two ideas – one is the book I mentioned above, by Peter Mayle, written as a sort of journal of his first year spent in Provence, France with his wife. Try to read it in a year’s time, month by month and see if you like this small experiment. Another option is a book written originally in French (for sure you may find it in English, too) by Veronique de Bure – ” Un clafoutis aux tomates cerises” ; this one is a journal written even by days, those chosen by the author to be more interesting in one year. Both books are amazing and are written with humour and positive vibes. They’ll surely bring you good vibes and even funny ideas to do along a year’s time.

I have not given the link to make you buy these, but just to identify the books. You can try to borrow them at the library, this is what I did. I hope some of you can try this trick with the journal-real life parallel; even if not, read these little masterpieces when you have some spare time, they’ll refresh your spirit and make you have more and more energy to enjoy and appreciate your beautiful life. Stay safe and loved! **** hugs

Fapte bune pentru Ziua Copilului Children’s Day – a nice gesture

Va veni in curand Ziua Copilului si daca vreti sa faceti un lucru bun, puteti dona o carte. Am descoperit gratie lui Flavius Adrian Turcanu o initiativa foarte frumoasa. Aveti detalii aici: Acasa – Copil Creativ – Copil Creativ

Indiferent de situatie, sigur aveti pe acasa o carte citita care nu va mai trebuie; impartasind ceva bun si util cu un copil, deveniti o piatra de temelie din educatia societii in care ati crescut si voi si in care veti trai in continuare. O tara sau o societate fara educatie nu va putea supravietui. Puteti alege orice tip de carticica pentru oricare din categoriile de varsta de pe site. Felicit aceasta initiativa si sper sa aiba succes! Puteti inca face aceasta fapta buna pana pe 27 MAI 2021.

The Children’s Day is coming soon and whoever is interested in doing something good can donate a book for those children of Romania who are less lucky than us. There are more details here: Acasa – Copil Creativ – Copil Creativ There are different options for all the age categories and I’m sure that these kids will be very happy no matter what book they receive – the whole world is inside the covers of a book. You can do this nise gesture until 27 May 2021. Good luck and congratulations for this amazing initiative!!

Sursa poze: poza 1 – Internet; poza 2 – arhiva proprie Source for photos: 1 – Internet; 2 – my photo archive

The Wednesday thought – LIFE

Good day dear readers! I hope my post finds you in good health. Today I choose another word we can all think about, the deeper, the better. This word is ”Life”. It is an old and well-known word and we all have one but very few take time, even a little, to think if they really cherish it as they should – theirs and also the life of others.

Life is precious, essential and yet, fragile. I decided to use Life as the word of my small essay today because of a recent experience. I was on the way to a nice place where, together with my family, we wished to visit some historical heritage spots and enjoy some sunshine. On the road leading to the town that was our destination, on a bridge road, there was a blockage. I thought it is just something small, insignificant. But I had the bad idea of looking through the car when we got close and there was someone lying on a side of this upper road with blood around and some para-medics already trying the life-saving maneuvers. My good humour decreased to 0 in one second and I could only say a quick prayer that they manage to save that person. That person was riding a motorbike and who knows whose fault it was…Unfortunately, later, on the radio, in the news they reported that that person died.

I wish not to ruin your positive mood but I tell you like I would tell my family – LIFE is extremely precious and fragile, do not put it to risk anymore! Without Life, without health & safety, we have nothing. Life gives us the freedom for everything. I think you know enough about this for sure but with every sunrise or sunset, take extra 5min. to meditate and focus on yourselves – thank God or whoever for all the good in your Life and say ”forgive me” towards those to whom maybe you did something wrong. Be happy for your Life and for everything you have- non-physical, mental, physical, etc. Cleaning up a bit your mind and reminding yourself about the important things is a good self-awareness exercise that I also try to do as often as I can. Now, in this epidemy-situation, our freedom is limited but you can do a lot even at home, in your balcony, in your building/house outer space. Stay emotionally-fit and healthy and put a bigger value on your Life, day by day; respect yourselves and do not tolerate a lack of respect towards you from anyone. The fact that you live is the biggest proof of God’s/Buddha’s/etc., parents’ and remaining family’s love for you and everything you mean or represent.

As this is starting to get long and many of you, to whom I send my best thoughts of health and happiness for the special Catholic Easter days, can have Easter eggs waiting to be coloured, eaten or decorated, I shall try to finish my little story with thoughts on Life. Honour your LIFE, be grateful to those who created you spiritually & physically, take good care of your health, feed yourselves with natural stuff, sleep enough, work for ethical people/ organisations, keep music in your life – do whatever you do, but always remembering that your LIFE is precious, that is divine and amazing and take care of it! Lots of love & good thoughts from your friend, Josephina 🙂 🙂

P.S. Maybe the photo can inspire you – it is a magical spot on the island of Thassos, Greece.

The Wednesday thought

This time of the year, in the middle of autumn, seeing how everything slowly changes towards the cold season, I could not help noticing a multitude of colours everywhere. Starting from the Danube and advancing towards the hilly areas, Nature has prepared everything with perfection.

So the word chosen this time is Beauty; I admit that I’ve never liked autumn and winter as I love spring and summer through all the beauties that surround me, especially flowers. But I’ve noticed along the years how autumn and winter, although colder and less sunny, have also their own Beauty. The same goes with people; no matter how beautiful/handsome a person is on the outside or not, there is always something of Beauty to discover inside them. We need just to take a bit more time and empathy to see the Beauty in others, too. So please do not limit my small presentation here just to outside Beauty but to all types of beauty, with the condition that it is doubled for people by inside Beauty, in my opinion. As this state of things is essentially a positive trait of people and things, I wish all of you to forever attract to yourselves the inner Beauty of all people and every possible Beauty of the surrounding natural world!

The Wednesday thought

flori mar 8m

I think the wise word for today should be RESPECT.

Nowadays it lacks a lot in our society, everywhere, in private spaces and public spaces. I think people should re-learn to be respectful towards everything – other people, the planet, animals, even objects. A healthy respect towards what is around us shows education, ethics, self-esteem, wisdom.

So, show respect and expect the same!



Am ales un cuvant intelept pentru astazi – RESPECT

Cred ca acesta lipseste foarte mult in ziua de azi, atat in spatiul privat cat si in cel public. Consider ca oamenii ar trebui sa re-invete sa fie respectuosi fata de tot ce exista – alti oameni, planeta noastra, animale, chiar si obiecte. Un respect sanatos fata de ce este in jurul nostru arata educatie, etica, stima de sine, intelepciune.

Astfel, va sfatuiesc sa aratati respect si sa asteptati acelasi lucru!

Paste diferit Fericit ! Happy different Easter!

Dragii mei cititori vorbitori de limba romana, prima mea limba, va doresc sincer

Paste Fericit, sanatate excelenta, pace in suflet, bucurii, vesti bune de la toti ai vostri si credinta si optimism mereu in suflet! Sper sa treceti cu bine si puternici prin situatia generala dificila si sa va reluati viata normala intr-un viitor apropiat. Sper sa mai cititi cand aveti timp ce mai scriu aici – incerc mereu sa va povestesc despre lucruri pozitive, utile si bune sufletului.  Christos  a Inviat!

Past Fericit!

Si ceva muzical pentru urechile voastre sensibile:        




Dear readers, I wish you all Happy Easter with great health, joy, peace in your hearts, good news from everyone and optimism and faith in your hearts!! (for the Catholics with a bit of delay) 

I hope you can go through these tough times well and be able to go back to your normal life quite soon. In the meantime, eat dark chocolate eggs, enjoy the time with your loved-ones, learn something new online, do some spring cleaning, try a new recipe and hug your lover. Try to make these difficult moments positive with small nice things every day.                   Christ  has  Risen! (the song is specially created for Easter 2020 and interpreted by 100 Romanian artists and is saying ”Christ has risen”, trying to convey a positive and warm message for this specific Easter)   When you say your prayers send a thought also for all the doctors and medical staff everywhere for putting others’s survival before their own.  


Nu uitati ca nu sunteti singuri, chiar daca vizibil sau invizibil este mereu cineva care va protejeaza, faceti-i viata usoara si aveti grija de voi 🙂 .

Always remember that you are not alone, visible or invisible there is always someone there who is protecting you; make their life easy and take also good care of yourselves 🙂