World Water Day – 22nd of March

Water – the source of life and even more that that. We could not live without water but do we really appreciate it? Thanks to this day we should really learn to treat water with more respect, appreciation and care. Water is an essential condition for our life and health.

Water is the cradle of life; if there had not been water on Terra, we would not be alive today. Still, the quality of waters all over the world is not what it used to be, especially because of humans’ actions everywhere. We should be more and more numerous to respect water surfaces and keep them clean.

Myself I am a big admirer of seaside places; some people love lakes, other would never get away from the ocean if living there for long…or some love rain – I could agree with all of them. I cannot explain why but water surfaces give me beneficial emotions, energies and I feel so happy whenever I spend time besides any type of water surface. I also love rain, as long as I don’t get completely soaked…In my home town, June is the “‘rain-month” already for many years now; it is raining a lot every June, but later in the year, thanks to that, I find the best fruits and vegetables in the fresh markets all over the country.

You all know much more about water, be it through your work or private lives; this day is meant to remind us all of the value of water and make us cherish all the water zones we have – on the continents or outside them.

The Buddhist Masaru Emoto has said: “Water has the magical capacities to give birth to all things and to keep information“. This thought is something wise we should meditate about, especially that our bodies contain, as you all know, lots of water. Drinking enough water also adds up a lot to our general physical and emotional health.

Enough talking – now, dear readers, go and drink a glass of mineral water, look at the drops of dew on the grass, check the clouds, wash your hands with warm water, listen to a waterfall or whatever puts you in a magical contact with…. Water. May you be blessed with healthy “waters” to drink and to admire!

The Health Minute – Ginger Minutul de Sanatate – Ghimbirul

Hello again, dear readers! As we are in full winter, I’m coming back with some more ideas for you that could be useful during this delicate period. Today I wish to talk about GINGER.

This is an Asian remedy, that can be used in many healthy meals and drinks. I have to admit that I love Ginger tea, pure or in combination with other plants, flowers or dry fruits. This is also an amazing ‘tool’ for all of us during the cold season or even stressful periods of our lives. Ginger is recommended for usage in many health-related situations:

– it enforces general immunity and energy level – it cures stomach aches – it can fight cancer – it prevents diabetes – it has antibacterial effect – it is a natural antibiotic – it helps cure arthritis – it diminishes body pain – it protects the liver – it gives the body many antioxidants

Besides these therapeutical benefits, Ginger can also be very useful in tea, lemonades, meals, salads, desserts, marmalades. I think you should give it a chance and include it in your diet this January 2022, as an easy resolution. Good luck and stay healthy!

The health minute – Minutul de sanatate

I know you will laugh but it is fine; I also did not know all these interesting details about the common…..carrot. The truth is that it contains plenty of good things for our health – not only the well-known vitamin A. Listen here my friends: it contains also vitamin C and many antioxidants, fibers and also B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 (folate- good also for pregnant ladies and small children), vitamin E, vitamin K, Ca, Fe, Mg, K, Mn, Zn and some natural water. It helps the immunity, the heart, the blood circulation, it stimulates the metabolism, decreases the cholesterol and fights against several types of cancer. Plus, it boosts our optimism on rainy days with its amazing and cheerful colour. Have I convinced you? One simple carrot, of course cutivated healthily, is a health-bomb. If you want to enjoy your life (for sure you must have many reasons to live long and to live happily) put the carrots on your list; I use them in juices, salads, cooked meals or just simply washed as a snack at the beach (ooo, who will have the best suntan? ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay healthy and crunch carrots !

Stiu ca veti rade insa nu e problema; nu stiam nici eu de toate beneficiile morcovilor. Insa adevarul este ca banalul morcov este un miracol pentru sanatatea noastra si nu doar datorita beta-carotenului (vit. A). Puteti sa va alegeti din lista ce va ajuta mai bine: contine vitamina C si multi antioxidanti, fibre si de asemenea vitaminele B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 (folat – bun pentru viitoarele mamici si pentru copilasi), vit. E, K, Ca, Mg, K, Mn, Zn si ceva apa naturala. Morcovul sustine sistemul imunitar, buna functionare a inimii, circulatia sangelui si stimuleaza metabolismul, scade nivelul colesterolului si lupta impotriva mai multo tipuri de cancer. De asemenea, datorita culorii lui tonice, ne stimuleaza cu siguranta si optimismul ๐Ÿ™‚ in zilele ploioase. V-am convins macar putin? Un simplu morcov, cultivat fara chimicale, este o bomba plina de sanatate. Daca vreti sa va bucurati de viata si sunt convinsa ca vreti, puneti morcovii pe lista voastra de instrumente magice. Eu ii folosesc in sucuri, salate, mancaruri gatite sau pur si simplu cruzi ca o gustare la plaja (haha, cine va avea cel mai frumos bronz?) Sanatate multa tuturor si rontaiti morcovi!

The Wednesday thought

Hello again everyone! I hope this new post finds all of you in perfect shape.

This time I wish to propose another word, as important as the previous ones. This one is ”safety” and you should keep in mind that, in today’s world, you should all stay safe no matter what. Life is beautiful and we must enjoy it, remember of course the famous ”Carpe diem”. In general myself I have had the luck to live amazing experiences and many happy and fun moments but I’ve never put my life in danger for anything; this is my own creed but I think it can be useful also for you. Enjoying life with wisdom is a good target to follow, if you also want to reach a golden age. What else can I add? Avoid any dangers, cultivate your health, stay young (body and spirit), travel safely and stay away from strange people. Unfortunately human race is worse than animals (sorry but this is the pure truth) – humans, despite animals, kill for no reason..and I think you don’t need any examples for that. This is horrible.

Now, back to optimism – take care of yourselves, stay safe, plan long-term ahead, keep your confidence in your destiny and your angels will guide you always on the best, safe, right path. You can drink one, two glasses of wine but if you drink the whole cannot be safe anymore. I hope you’ll keep something in mind from this advice and I hope to see you again …when you’re reaching 100 years old with a big cake in front of you ๐Ÿ™‚ ! Keep in touch xxxx

The Health Minute Minutul de Sanatate

photo: courtesy of

Hello again! I come back with another interesting tip for your health. You know for sure that Echinacea (plant: Echinacea purpurea) is a famous plant original from North America, really useful for our immunity. You can find this plant prepared in different forms (tea, supplement, throat candies, creams, etc.) and you can adapt its usage to your own body.

Echinacea supports the general health in several ways:

– it fights against any type of cold/flu and prevents problems of the respiratory system

– it treats and prevents liver diseases

– it fights asthma

– it fights against urinary infections

– it diminishes oral problems

– it is efficient against the Herpex simplex virus, eczema, psoriazis, candida infection, etc. (it supports also the body against the Covid infection)

– it supports digestion.

You don’t need to wait to have such problems; for example, you can make a habit of drinking every week some echnacea tea, as a prevention and reinforcement of your general health. In the cold season Echinacea is excellent in combination with vitamin C or Zinc. Keep it in your diet and live long everyone!

The health minute Minutul de sanatate

chestnut puree in pack

Dear readers, ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought I would share with you some health tips in short posts, like the present one. I am not a doctor but I have learnt a lot in the past 15 years about health in general, myself having a very healthy lifestyle and great immunity.

The tip of today is linked to those moments when you feel the need to eat something small or have a snack. Maybe you would be tempted by a cake. But don’t! I have a much better suggestion for you which is also sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ This is the chestnut puree. It is cheap, healthy and it contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, fibers. I admire Jamie Oliver of course and I think whoever has tips about health, nutrition, longevity, etc. should share them with others. Eat this with trust – it will chase away your hunger and will give your body a lot of good things.

Take care of yourselves and see you soon with more health tips!! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Wednesday thought – Humour :)

Hello everyone! I hope you’ll enjoy reading this post. As another useful word came to my mind these days, I thought this was a sign for a new post here. It will make you smile but, most important, if you keep it in your life, it could very well give you another level to reach a happy and long life. Hm, what is that? This word is HUMOUR.

I think this aspect is equally important and, using it as often as possible, it will strenghten your immunity and make you see things from a different perspective, a wiser one. We don’t need to exaggerate and say you should laugh at a funeral…but we all know laughing helps the heart and you’ll not go to funerals every day.

The secret lies in the style with which you react to things, situations, people; there can be people whose bad feelings or negativity could try to reach to you, intentionally or not. But your HUMOUR will be your secret weapon to protect yourself. Or if your boss gives you a ‘slap’ by criticizing you for no reason, again mr. HUMOUR will help you imagine him being chased by Japanese single women who want to marry him…For sure, HUMOUR sometimes needs also imagination and I’m sure you are not lacking that either.

A few thoughts about HUMOUR below that can match hopefully many tastes:

“Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.” Francis Bacon

‘Twill help you all along the way,
An’ cheer you mile by mile;
An’ so, whatever is your lot,
Jes’ smile, an’ smile, an’ smile.
Author Unknown, Smile

“My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness. Continue to allow humor to lighten the burden of your tender heart.” Maya Angelou

“In scientists’ opinion, good humor is able to extend human life by 7 and even more years. And this applies even to people whose health is not perfect, in general. Such is the ‘magic’ of good humor, the scientists say.” Vanessa Angel, You Live the Life You Want to Live

“Good humor is one of the preservatives of our peace and tranquility.” Thomas Jefferson

Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing. Mark Twain

You are not angry with people when you laugh at them. Humor teaches tolerance. W. Somerset Maugham

It’s your outlook on life that counts. If you take yourself lightly and don’t take yourself too seriously, pretty soon you can find the humor in our everyday lives. And sometimes it can be a lifesaver. Betty White

Try to find someone with a sense of humor. That’s an important thing to have because when you get into an argument, one of the best ways to diffuse it is to be funny. You don’t want to hide away from a point, because some points are serious, but you’d rather have a discussion that was a discussion, rather than an argument. Ed Sheeran

I choose my actors well and get to know the quirks of their personalities – and, most of all, I share humor with them. Then I keep my eyes open when they rehearse and perform, because you never know where the next stimulation comes from. George Cukor

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. ~Irish Proverb

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. ~Victor Hugo

โ€ž Humour is a force. Nothing can unite people better than laughterโ€ โ€” Lev Tolstoi

Nicolae Iorga: Good words, smile and good deeds are sunshine rays mirrored in the human heart

Arsenie Papacioc: Learn to have always a smile hidden in your heart.

The doctor has told me that I have six more months to live. The moment I told him I could not pay the invoice, he gave me six more months to live. Walter John Matthau

Who does not have a sese of humour can be serious but never intelligent.  Vasile Ghica

You shall see in many situations that it is not exactly humour that comes to your spirit, it can be joy, it can be just a smile or a strong laughter; in any case always remember to keep that inner humour vibes in your heart. I also have the hope that the funny photo I have chosen for this little post can bring you a bit of laughter.

Keep also joy in your heart, be this humour, happiness or positivity and offer it also to others. Celebrate every little or big success and share good jokes with others. Remember always that a smile can open doors that words cannot. Stay healthy, joyful and smileeee to life!

A little bonus, thanks to the talent of Kendji Girac: Kendji Girac – Sonrisa – YouTube

The Wednesday thought

Hello again everyone! This time I was thinking of a word that is inspired by Spring and everything it means to me, in nature, in society (traditions, celebrations) or individually. That is why I would choose the word Light.

Be it the sunlight or a spiritual light, we need it in our lives, especially when we may find ourselves in the dark. It is always on the cloudiest days that we realise how much we need the sunlight. It goes the same with our life. We are all flowers that need light to live, physically and emotionally.

Sometimes we look for it in photos, to catch an amazing angle and photograph the beauty of a place in sunlight. Other times, we find ourselves in a greyish context and we strive to go back to the right path, to the light. Wherever we may be, we should keep the benefit of walking in the light, in strength and force. Or we can just watch how a simple seed that we put in the soil flourishes thanks to light and water – just like a miracle.

Whichever moment you may be in, keep the light with you – on your desk when you write, in the kitchen when you cook, in your heart when you think and plan your life – and your whole life will be an expression of good, ripe crops and happiness. Share also your own Light with those you love and be grateful thus to enjoy a love that will last forever.

May the light and health of this spring guide you on the best path for this whole year!

Healthy forests and water – celebrated on 21&22 March Ziua internationala a padurilor si ziua internationala a apei

Water in all its shapes and forms is what creates still and will hopefully will forever create for us health, beauty, balance, divinity, mind relaxation and emotional awareness or whatever is inspiring each of you. It is difficult to just define water as H2O or a forest by ”just a bunch of trees”; we all know water and forests are much more than that and this is proved by a history of more than 3.000 years, Terra being so far 100% the only planet with usable water resources, not to talk about the amazing forests and green areas we have here and we should cherish, just like we cherish our families and friends as we could not survive wihout breathing or drinking.

Like I was mentioning to you in an earlier article, I have been using the Ecosia search engine every day and I’ve just received a short message from them – ”your searches are planting trees in Brazil”. It is a small gesture from my side but it gives me back infinite happiness to know that I can do something good for anyone (like this Brazilian man in the video who reminds me a bit of my Grandpa who died and whose health and longevity may be from now on enhanced, thanks to these trees, too). A happy coincidence and a wondeful story about water and forests that I truly hope you could find some time to discover after you finish with all your daily tasks ๐Ÿ™‚ Here below you have the link, sent to me by Ecosia:

Why this Brazilian farmer no longer cuts down trees – YouTube

Despite not being a doctor, I have been reading on a constant basis about general health and longevity for already 20 years; as I would not trust one single source of information, I always read things about health from different sources, in different languages to which is added my own experience about health, nutrition and general well-being. A very simple advice I would give all of you and that can apply to many situations when you have a head-ache is to drink a glass of water, mineral water would be just perfect. Many times, a lack of hydration at the level of your brain can easily cause nausea or low/medium headaches. Water is the best in this situation and, on a regular basis, try to eat enough water-food (like fruits, veggies) and drink enough non-alcoholic drinks – thinking of this photo above, aloe juices are also quite good IF there is not too much sugar inside.

Lake Ezezers, photo – courtesy of: Lake Eลพezers | Latgale Tourism homepage

There are many things and stories I have also about forests, about water, some from my own experience and others I know from my family and friends. I have been walking and spending time in forests since I was small and every time it has felt like a magical experience. It is not only the trees, the landscape, the flowers, vegetation or birds. But a walk in the forest is a portion of health & immunity nobody can otherwise offer you – and it is for free. Cut a forest and you cut your own health. Stay true to yourself and grateful to your home land that welcomed your first steps just like any other lands where you have lived so far and respect Nature – it will give you back much more than respect, it will give you back infinite benefits and the promise of a true and eternal friend.

A few more photos connected to any of the two subjects of my little story here – I truly hope you can find some favourites or that many of these can make your day better and your life more meaningful.

Stay healthy, faithful to your hearts and stay away from anything that is fake and badly-targeted; escape this foggy & chaotic atmosphere by using your wisdom in order to benefit from your many qualities as many years as possible, in health and happiness. See you soon hopefully with other good ideas or stories ๐Ÿ™‚

The Wednesday thought

This time there is another interesting word that was recurrently coming back to my mind. I can say that it is also worth keeping it in our mind when living and advancing with our lives.

The today’s word is Intuition. Its Oxford dictionary definition is this one: ”The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning ”. Its ethimological origin: the Late Middle English (denoting spiritual insight or immediate spiritual communication): from late Latin intuitio(n-), from Latin intueri – โ€˜considerโ€™. 

Certaintly, many of you use it consciously or not, all the time but the best thing is that we can develop it with a bit of practice. I think we should listen to our heart as many times as necessary, it will always lead us towards the good way. Also, another useful tip – if you try something twice and it does not work out, leave it aside for a while, the energies may not be able to support you yet. I made this mistake many times and the result was bad, but if it can inspire you to improve the way you do things, it is still a good thing.

Using the current context of the world around us, I would strongly advice you to use your Intuition before you take any decision of introducing anything in your body (vaccine, serums, medicine) if you are not completely sure of ALL its side-effects on your health and your longevity.

May your guardian angel support your Intuition forever!