16 Mai – celebrarea parintelui Vladimir Ghika 16 Mai – Fête du Bienheureux Vladimir Ghika

Vladimir GhikaLe 16 mai, l’eglise Sacre Coeur de Bucarest fete le bienheureux Vladimir Ghika, nom bien connu autant par les orthodoxes roumains que par les catholiques aussi.  Le texte suivant est repris du site de l’eglise ( https://sacrecoeur.ro/ )

Voici ce que Jean Daujat écrivait en L’apôtre du XXe siècle Monseigneur Ghika:

 » Sa vie, son témoignage, sont d’une actualité extraordinaire […]
Parce que l’Amour infini se donne totalement, nous devons aussi nous donner totalement. Mgr Ghika insistait beaucoup sur ce don total de soi à Dieu, sans restriction, sans réserve, sans partage, pour les laïcs comme pour les prêtres, pour les gens mariés comme pour les religieux, dans le monde comme dans le cloître : lui-même l’a vécu et réalisé dans sa vie bien avant de recevoir le sacerdoce. Au fur et à mesure que grandissait sa charité, il a voulu cette offrande volontaire de lui-même de plus en plus totale, il l’a poussée jusqu’à renoncer à sa fortune, jusqu’à la ruine de sa santé, jusqu’à risquer la lèpre au service des lépreux, jusqu’à rester sous la persécution au service des persécutés, finalement jusqu’à cette mort misérable dans un cachot de prison, fin logique en pays de persécution d’une vie donnée à Dieu et à ses frères et consommation définitive de l’offrande volontaire de lui-même par amour : certes, on ne peut parler de martyre au sens le plus strict du mot puisqu’il n’a pas été tué, mais au sens large la qualification de martyr lui convient bien puisqu’il s’est exposé volontairement à une mort qui devait résulter de la longue suite des privations et des mauvais traitements .  »

Après l’arrivée du communisme Monseigneur Ghika a fait le choix de rester dans son pays la Roumanie, auprès de ses compatriotes en souffrance. Malgré une santé précaire il continue son activité sacerdotale. Le 18 novembre 1952 il est arrêté. Il subit plus de quatre-vingts interrogatoires nocturnes, il est menacé, battu et torturé et, après un simulacre de procès, est condamné à trois ans d’incarcération dans la prison de Jilava près de Bucarest. Ici, il prêche, raconte ses souvenirs et un peu de joie illumine les visages qui l’entourent. Pour lui, les murs de la prison n’existaient pas. Il était libre, parce qu’il faisait la volonté de Dieu ( Didier Rance, Courage et fidélité. L’Église gréco-catholique unie) . Le 16 mai 1954, il meurt d’épuisement.


Victory for the bees! Victorie pentru albine!

Hello everyone! I hope you are well and enjoying this amazing spring, wherever you live on this beautiful Earth.

I have to share with you the great news of the day – the governments of the EU member states have voted for the bees.  The EU has just adopted the long-waited, historic ban on neonicotinoid bee killer pesticides. Everyone understands finally that, without bees and their life-saving products, we would be dead. I am happy I tried to help a bit, by signing many petitions and writing an article about bees last February and will do my best also from now on to protect, respect and help the bees wherever they live so that they can offer us their divine results of their daily work: honey, pollen, mother bee milk, honeycomb. 

I hope you can enjoy fruits and bee products in many ways, not only for their good authentic taste but also for their amazing benefits for your health, thus your lives!

Take care, I wish now to taste some chestnut honey – an absolute marvel! Bzzz  Bzzz 🙂

Bees victory !

Va trimit ganduri bune si salutari tuturor si sper ca va bucurati de aceasta primavara frumoasa oriunde va aflati.

Doresc sa impartasesc cu voi o veste buna pe care abia am aflat-o – guvernele tarilor UE au votat astazi contra neonicotinoidei, un pesticid care a ucis deja multe populatii de albine in Europa. Sper ca lumea dar mai ales politicienii sa inteleaga ca fara albine, nu putem avea fructe si nici produsele extraordinare ale acestora, unele fiind folosite si in tratarea unor tipuri de cancer (miere, polen, laptisor de matca, fagure de miere).   

Sper ca va puteti bucura, in functie de preferinte, de toate tipurile de fructe existente la voi si de produsele albinelor, nu doar pentru gustul lor delicios, dar mai ales pentru beneficiile excelente pe care acestea le au pentru sanatatea si vietile voastre.

Va pup, ma duc sa gust o miere de castan….absolut magnifica!  Bzzzzz   Bzzzzz  


Photo: Courtesy of Sum of Us

Peace Paix Pace

Martin Luther King 


Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta (Georgia,USA) and died on the 4th of April, 1968 in Memphis (Tennessee); he became a Baptist minister and social activist who led the civil rights movement in the USA from the mid-1950s until his death by assassination in 1968. His spiritual leadership was essential to that movement’s success in ending the legal separation of Afro-Americans in the South and other parts of the United States of America. King rose to national prominence as head of the Southern Christian Conference which promoted non violent tactics  such as the massive March on Washington  (1963), to achieve civil rights.  He was awarded the Nobel prize for Peace in 1964. Unfortunately, in the US, they do not like too much peace-makers…it disturbs too much the gun producing companies… So, they killed John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, etc….it affected their business of creators of wars. Peace does not bring money, people! So, beware, if you like peace, stay away from USA.

I hope your soul is well resting in peace, after 50 years since you had to leave this world…. and can still illuminate us from above, Michael King Jr.





Romania and UK, together for peace

london spot

In general, I try not to write about certain themes as I wish to keep my blog out of the crazy world around us. But there are sometimes stories that get into my heart and I just cannot ignore them  🙂 .

Such a story is a recent one about a baker named F. Morariu who is a simple but great example of how I see Romanians- helpful, good-hearted and honest. At a certain point it even gets funny but it is a surprising story about helping people in need around us , about not drowning in this selfish ocean where we all swim and trying to be a good Christian, yes I am not afraid to say it.

There are many articles on the website and here you can find some stories:                        https://reportuk.org/2017/06/05/london-attack-romanian-baker-and-spanish-banker-among-heroes/

I hope these modern heroes will be well protected in the future as their stories have been present in newspapers for everyone to read. I admire them and hope to live as soon as possible the day when I won’t see such things in Europe ever again. I hope to live the day when such criminals will be forever eliminated from our society, when youngsters can enjoy a concert or people like us can have a cappuccino without being afraid they may get killed for nothing. Europe is ours, it is OUR grandparents who died in the world wars and not some oriental citizens, we appreciate our way of life, we respect women &equality and who likes it it’s fine, who doesn’t like it can just go where they came from. I hope the war in Syria will be over sooner, most of the soldiers will come back in their countries so there will be no reason for such things. I hope European countries will wake up and see they live a war that is not theirs and will do something before all of us get killed….for nothing.

To end in a nice way, my congratulations for all these London heroes, thank God the good human spirit is more alive than ever and let’s just pray for peace, for the Europe we had before, for being free to live our culture as we wish wherever in Europe and travel safely everywhere on this planet!

Take care of yourselves wherever you are and always follow the path of the Sun.

p.s. Congrats to amazing Simona Halep 🙂 playing in the Roland Garros tennis tournament, we want to see you play the finals!! Succes Simona!


International Waterday Ziua Internationala a Apei

p mare VaduWhat could I add more about water? It is the origin of Life on our planet, it represents a great part of our body and most of us drink it every day. From another point of view, I can say that I am in love with nature waters – seas, rivers, oceans; to me, water has its unique charm, an amazing mysterious seductive power and a capacity to relax our mind and body that no other nature element has. Today we are celebrating  Water so, I would ask all of you to respect it more –  to keep all the water areas clean, to reuse domestic waters if you can (I reuse the water with which I wash fruits/vegetables to water my plants) and also to drink it daily for a better health and a long life. It is a part of us, so the respect we show Water  is the respect we have for ourselves.   Happy Water Day 2017!

Cred ca despre apa nu as putea sa mai adaug lucruri noi, fata de ceea ce s-a scris deja de atatea secole. Apa reprezinta originea vietii pe Terra, reprezinta o mare parte a corpului nostru si este lichidul salvator care ne hidrateaza zi de zi. Pentru mine, apa este ceva magic – iubesc toate formele ei din natura- rauri, lacuri, mari sau oceane. Astazi este Ziua Internationala a Apei si va rog pe toti sa ii acordati mai mult respect – sa pastrati curate toate suprafetele acvatice langa care petreceti timp/inotati, sa refolositi apele domestice daca este posibil si sa beti suficienta apa zilnic, pentru sanatatea voastra. Eu consider ca apa este o parte din noi si respecul pe care il acordam, in general, Apei  este respectul pe  care il avem pentru noi insine.  O Zi a Apei Fericita !

the wonderful photo is from my country, Romania, somewhere near the coast of the Black Sea  🙂

A modern love story

Somebody I appreciate a lot likes to write so I will publish here, step by step, a short story, written in French in the years 2000. I hope you will like it. This is the first episode 🙂


‘                                                      Une île – un amour pour la vie

Pablo Neruda “ Estoy mirando, oyendo, con la mitad del alma en la mar y la mitad del alma en la

                                                                             tierra, y con las dos mitades del alma miro el mundo”


‘’Cher Patrick,

Je ne suis pas certaine si tout est déjà finalisé ou c’est à peine maintenant que cette ‘symphonie bleue’ commence… Mais je suis convaincue que je m’en souviendrai pour toute ma vie et pour l’éternité qui viendra ensuite.

J’avais réussi à m’échapper – au moins pour une courte période de   l’été – de chez moi, de toutes les choses monotones qui me lèvent chaque matin – travail, responsabilités journalières, obligations familiales, même voisins trop insistants .… J’allais partir en vacances avec ma très bonne amie, Anne  et quitter Nice pour un temps – j’étais sûre que cela serait un joli cadeau pour moi et Anne…Cette fois, c’était un peu plus loin que j’avais imaginé   mais déjà je m’en sentais contente. Ce voyage exotique s’annonçait comme une escapade vraiment originelle  qui allait nous offrir des moments inoubliables rien que pour nous!..   Justement deux bonnes amies qui étaient prêtes à goûter une petite escapade sur une belle île, dans une maisonnette qui appartenait à un ancien ami de Anne.

La mer des Caraïbes, un tableau bleu-turquoise immense, sans égale, un soleil en or, sensuel, envoûtant, tel un fruit mûr de mangue,  des noix de coco, des glaces spécifiques – les “piraguas”, même un carnaval local tapageur et coloré  avec des danses latino et des costumes joyeux partout ……je rêvais les yeux ouverts et Anne aussi. Elle s’était séparée de son fiancé il y avait presque deux mois et alors, pour toutes les deux, faire la belle  loin de tout semblait être simplement parfait. ‘

Romanian Music for Europe

A new interesting duet will be the jewel with which Romania tries to impress the jury of Eurovision 2017, in Kiev. I like how it sounds, both have amazing voices, though very different. A unique combination of sounds, along with its melody and the rhythms can bring Romania a beautiful surprise this year, at least in my opinion. The singers are Ilinca and Alex, fresh and talented artists and I wish them heartily the best of luck this year in the music competition and to bring home a prize! Go go go Romania!!

You have below their original music composition: