The Health Minute – Sleep & immunity

Tilia flowers

All of us know that our health is strongly connected to the quality of our sleep. No matter of the age they have, everyone from 1 month until 101 years old needs enough sleep, in function of their needs. Sleep in closely connected to our immune system so, if we don’t sleep enough, we may certainly have a lower immunity and get sick very easily.

I know a lot of tricks for sleeping well and falling asleep easier that I share with my friends. For example, many plants can help, such as Verbena, Melissa, Tilia, Chamomilla, Mint just to quote the most important. Another element that can help is a daily intake of Mg., the only mineral that brings you calm & happiness.

My advice is that you try and sleep a minimum quantity of hours/night; I would recommend 8 for most of the people and to try and be active for the following 8h after waking up. Physical activity of any kind (even if you work in an office, try to stretch or move for 5min. every hour) helps you to get a bit tired when night comes and, thus, fall easier asleep. Starting from 9pm, stop doing things that distract too much your attention or put your brain to work too much. Stop watching the news, avoid talking to negative people and just focus on yourselves and to giving the body a rest – watch a cooking channel, water your plants, talk to an optimistic person and try to laugh, read something uplifting, if you have children you can do funny things together before their sleep, prepare a nice evening tea, have a massage with your partner, do a short relaxing meditation. These can be more mindful ways to guide you towards a good sleep.

I keep my fingers crossed for you; the healthier we are, the stronger we feel outside and inside and having constantly a good amount of sleep is the right path to staying young & have a long life. Please remember that a good day starts with a good night’s sleep 🙂 !!

Wednesday’s Photos – Wordless Wonderful Wednesday

Love is all around

Zen afternoon

Time for a nap

We’re happy for guests!!

Swimming to keep fit

Who wants to hear the latest news ?

Beauty has nothing to do with age

Finally…. at home

From Greece again, with peace !

My dear readers, I hope this little post will bring you some freshness, relaxing vibes for your minds, joy, hope and trust in all the good values that inspire us, day by day. I am also attaching a few photos as images can speak for themselves and I hope that, wherever you are, this summer with a nice number otherwise, 2022, can bring you 222 reasons to feel healthy, loved, trustful and joyful, no matter what.

First of all, the choice for an escape to Greece was excellent; the seaside landscape was amazing, the weather was at its best and there were not so many tourists in the seaside resort where I spent my days. Every night I was able to admire fire flies again in the darkness, after many years.

An amazing discovery is linked to the local flora. I have always, wrongly, thought that passiflora grows very far from where I live. Well, it seems that this amazing flower, having a lot of benefits about which I hope to write a future post, grows in Greece, too. It was a magical moment for me, when one evening, while we were walking towards the beach to see again the fire flies, I noticed the passiflora in a green bush near our small village route. I hope you also have such magical discoveries this year!!

I am choosing this other photo on purpose; you all know how the world is now and how it has been in the recent 20, 30 years, although our grandparents went through a world war….mankind has not learnt anything from its history…One of the things I am sure of is that we don’t know at all anything about what and who is behind conflicts and bad news…but we are all suffering because of them, some more, others less. Please read this in any of the languages and, for one second, just close your eyes and imagine a round blue ball smiling and smiling and smiling. Let the blue ball be our Earth and let our positive thoughts help it be healthy, safe, happy and durable… we shall never have another planet to live on.

Time for a little meditation, under the palm trees – happiness is for free, good things take time, live simply so that others can simply live….The breeze, the perfume of the roses, the amazing stones, the ships passing by… and all these things are quite enough to make many of us happy 🙂

As I am mentioning these amazing fire flies, please enjoy this song and focus this summer on all the positive things in your lives:

Of course, photos with the sunset, my favourite time-moment of the day could not miss. This precious sunset was taking place near a beach bay called Lefkimmi. I had the luck to watch the whole sunset with my boys and enjoy the sound of the waves, the amazing smell of the sea, the soft sand I felt with my feet…. and to realise, again, how grateful I am for all these.

Have a wonderful summer everyone & keep yourselves healthy – body and mind 🙂 !!!

The health minute – forever Magnesium !

This time I am sharing another tip with you related to our general health; it is quite common, but maybe some don’t know it yet. It is a mineral and very useful anti-stress trick and it is called Magnesium. You can take it either as a supplement or water effervescent mineral or directly from food (these are the most useful but it is still contained in others) which is actually the best way to absorb it:

  • green-leaf vegetables
  • nuts and seeds
  • pumpkin
  • fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna, etc.)
  • soya beans
  • avocado
  • brown rice
  • banana
  • dark chocolate (minimum 50% of cocoa)
  • dairy products with low-fat
  • dry fruits
  • aromatic herbs
  • green onion
  • tofu cheese

I think it is well-known that this mineral is essential for the good functioning of the body at many levels (heart, nervous system, muscles, etc.) so become his friend and take it daily, if possible, from food and drinks (any mineral water or special types like those who have a higher content in Mg.). I think that you could create such a good plan for you that covers your needs, without waiting for when you feel dizzy or stressed to run to the health shop. More than that, anytime you feel that something is not well with you, either physically or emotionally, take my honest advice and do not wait as it could get worse! Small health problems get easily solved with a minimum of resources and this is the best way to deal with your health and longevity hope.

Stay healthy in peace and joy! Best wishes to all 🙂

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Praying together for PEACE !

Let us send peace thoughts towards Ukraine, towards this part of Eastern Europe that is suffering today. Let’s hope for a very soon end of the violence and for Life winning over destructions. Let us pray for peace and calm in Ukraine and everywhere!

A song for peace, Eros Ramazzotti – Un attimo di pace (A moment of peace)

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix

If you want peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies. Desmond Tutu

I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

Mankind must remember that peace is not God’s gift to his creatures; peace is our gift to each other. Elie Wiesel

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him. Buddha

I am not only a pacifist but a militant pacifist. I am willing to fight for peace. Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war. Albert Einstein

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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“Lilacs” — The Peter and Gertrud Klopp Family – for Peace

Originally posted on Portraits of Wildflowers: In 1912 my father, Jack (Jacob) Schwartzman, was born in Vinnytsia, a town then under Russian control in the part of eastern Europe that is now Ukraine. In the 1920s his family escaped from the tyranny of the Soviet Union and came to America to be free. Upon his…

“Lilacs” — The Peter and Gertrud Klopp Family

Dear readers, I am sharing a post of fellow blogger Peter Klopp, as a solidarity for the people of Ukraine who are now suffering because of the lack of respect and civilisation from the Russian neighbour. It goes without saying that I, as a citizen on this planet and as a human being, totally condemn this attacks… I don’t have friends in Ukraine yet but I know how it was in my country and the countries of my friends from Eastern Europe when the Communists came and seemed that did not want to leave…They did not just come for a walk, they destroyed places and killed people for no reason…The Nazis did the same….But I am also wondering, like mr. Klopp’s father, when our and everyone’s rulers will stop KILLING & DESTROYING JUST FOR PUTTING MORE MONEY OR POWER IN THEIR POCKETS? We are already in 2022……and still in many civilised places, democracy does not exist.

Take care of yourselves and remember the song “Let it be” whenever you may be!

The Wednesday thought – HOME

Hello dear friends for a new post; I am back home again for some winter holidays after a longer while, so I am sharing these good vibes with you from my home town. Consequently, my word for today is HOME. For me, no matter where I have been and where I currently live, my Home will always be my birth city. I feel here like a fish in the pond, like a princess and, knowing by heart all these places, it gives me such a comforting feeling of stability, zen and joy that I have never had anywhere else. This is not the best country in the world or the most amazing city but all my amazing memories from here are still living every day and even further on, in my heart. I hope you can carry your HOME with you wherever you are; if you are still living home, don’t have regrets. Maybe our road in life is arranging itself by magic. Trust the way things evolve and keep always a good thought for your home, your birth-home, home-town and home-people – I truly hope that your HOME has only loving and nice memories for you all. The photo is from a mountain resort I love from my birth country, Sinaia, the ”pearl of the Carpathians”. Have a magical winter everyone!

The health minute Minutul de sanatate

Today I’ll talk about a very useful plant for our health and also relaxation. For sure you know it, it is called Rosemary. The rosemary is very good for circulation and stomach. Among others, the plant contains volatile oils and vitamin C. This amazing plant has many beneficial effects, such as:

it supports digestion, helps the lower blood circulation (mostly legs), eliminates any muscular and articulations discomfort, it is a great natural tonifier (for the whole body), supports the good functioning of the stomach, liver and intestins, has a refreshing effect on the muscles and circulation and it helps the kidneys function normally.

In general pregnant women should not drink rosemary tea but it can be enjoyed during the breastfeeding period. This tea can be used both internally and externally. More than this, the fresh plant is a great bonus for many types of foods – you can use it in its natural form, in salads or in cooked meals. You can find it in general as tea, essential oil, tincture or dry powder and let’s not forget the perfumed fresh branches in the market.

Martisor under epidemy Martisor in ”virus-circus”

This year the nice and spring-related Martisor is also ‘foggy’ as there are less options to enjoy this romantic tradition, compared to past years. But people know how to manage weirdand fake situations and enjoy such yearly celebration of Spring even during such a real ”virus-circus”.

Either with such Martisor-objects that we manage to buy or we use our own imagination and create them ourselves, still this day will not remain ‘not celebrated’. Spring is amazing and is worth all the efforts.

As I have had limited options, I have created 2-3 myself using paper, colourful stickers, vegetal items, seeds, dry flowers, things from my sewing box and others. In the end, I was lucky to receive from home some and I’ve also created a few myself – the celebration continues!

It can be more like a traditional item, it can be really in the style of art&craft, it can be something ecological or vegetal or just a simple small drawing making us think of the first day of March. The most important is that it brings about a feeling of health, spring and happiness, in the middle of a chaotic and sick world.

A pigeon with good news, the best Martisor for this spring 🙂 !! Un porumbel cu vesti bune, cel mai bun Martisor pentru aceasta primavara 🙂

Orice s-ar intampla, pentru mine Martisorul este ceva minunat la care nu voi renunta, oriunde m-as afla. Cu virusache sau nu, in murdarul capitalism sau sper poate avand la orizont un Umanism inmugurit, Martisorul este o traditie cu ganduri benefice si aducatoare de energii pozitive, atat pentru persoane feminine sau masculine. In general, acasa fetele primesc si baietii le ofera insa imi place cum se intampla acest ritual de primavara si la bulgari unde baietii au si ei parte de surprize ”martisoresti”.

Anul acesta a fost mai greu sa le procur insa am primit de acasa Martisoare & am creat si eu cateva, cat de bine m-am priceput. Nu exista primavara sa nu fi purtat macar un Martisor si nu va exista niciuna in care sa nu port, daca ma ajuta Dumnezeu sa traiesc pana spre 100 de ani (fara prea multe vaccinuri).

Sper sa va bucurati de Martisoare, indiferent unde va poarta pasii Viata si sa profitati de legaturile de prietenie si solidaritate dintre voi. Indiferent daca sunteti cele care primesc ori cei care ofera, acest gest creeaza energii pozitive intre oameni si ne readuce in conexiune cu Natura, renasterea si perenitatea minunatei planete pe care traim.

Va doresc din suflet sanatate, intelepciune, intuitie si puteri magice de la Martisoarele pe care le aveti dar nu numai:) !! Aveti grija de voi si ramaneti cat mai sanatosi!

International day of peace – 21st September Ziua internationala a pacii

As today is the International Day of Peace, I think we should all try to think of the meaning of importance of this -in our hearts, in our town, in our country, in our relationships, in the world, in our mind. This comes from people mainly and from a healthy attitude towards what we have inside and what exists outside of us.

Who knows whose idea was for this day? But look what Martin Luther King Jr. said once: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” Interesting and how true this is. The only problem is that Peace doesn not produce money and dirty power for people who have lost their souls and who would sell their own mother for money…and there goes everything…wars, conflicts, crimes, corruption and so on as sometimes Good does not react when Bad reaches limits it never should reach. But this depends also on the others, on the selfishless character, empathy and good will to see also others well.

But light would not be visible either only in light – being opposed to some darkness, it maximises its value. So I hope the Bad will decrease as much as is needed, existing to a minimum limit, that limit that will always stay extremely small and which can make us all see the importance of Light.

I agree with what Amit Ray has said:
“It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters”

Other thoughts, other minds, other hearts, with wisdom for us all:

“Peace is always beautiful.”    Walt Whitman

“It is not enough to win a war; it is more important to organize the peace.”  Aristotle

“As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. 

For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain 

cannot reap joy and love.”   Pythagoras

May Peace stay in your hearts wherever you may go and keep your inner light strong, shine with love wherever you may be 🙂 !