Romania and UK, together for peace

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In general, I try not to write about certain themes as I wish to keep my blog out of the crazy world around us. But there are sometimes stories that get into my heart and I just cannot ignore them  🙂 .

Such a story is a recent one about a baker named F. Morariu who is a simple but great example of how I see Romanians- helpful, good-hearted and honest. At a certain point it even gets funny but it is a surprising story about helping people in need around us , about not drowning in this selfish ocean where we all swim and trying to be a good Christian, yes I am not afraid to say it.

There are many articles on the website and here you can find some stories:              

I hope these modern heroes will be well protected in the future as their stories have been present in newspapers for everyone to read. I admire them and hope to live as soon as possible the day when I won’t see such things in Europe ever again. I hope to live the day when such criminals will be forever eliminated from our society, when youngsters can enjoy a concert or people like us can have a cappuccino without being afraid they may get killed for nothing. Europe is ours, it is OUR grandparents who died in the world wars and not some oriental citizens, we appreciate our way of life, we respect women &equality and who likes it it’s fine, who doesn’t like it can just go where they came from. I hope the war in Syria will be over sooner, most of the soldiers will come back in their countries so there will be no reason for such things. I hope European countries will wake up and see they live a war that is not theirs and will do something before all of us get killed….for nothing.

To end in a nice way, my congratulations for all these London heroes, thank God the good human spirit is more alive than ever and let’s just pray for peace, for the Europe we had before, for being free to live our culture as we wish wherever in Europe and travel safely everywhere on this planet!

Take care of yourselves wherever you are and always follow the path of the Sun.

p.s. Congrats to amazing Simona Halep 🙂 playing in the Roland Garros tennis tournament, we want to see you play the finals!! Succes Simona!



Roger Moore and Romania

It is with sadness that I found out that Roger Moore died yesterday. I had no idea he had a cancer as I’ve constantly seen him these years in different movies. He was charming several generations with his roles and beautiful blue eyes.

Besides the famous James Bond series and other similar films, I liked him also in an unknown movie, made in the past years. The title is ‘A princess for Christmas’ and I am subjectively mentioning it as it is set in one of the most beautiful mountain sites of my country, Sinaia. Roger Moore was very happy with the movie team, both from USA and Romania and the amazing mountain landscape impressed everyone. 

If you have some free time it is worth seeing it with someone special as the end will make you want a kiss 🙂 I am sure Sir Roger Moore will always remain in our hearts and will continue to live through his movies and his three children.

Simona Halep wins the Madrid tennis tournament

With an amazing force and magic, Simona Halep wins the Madrid tennis competition today! She has had a lot of Romanians supporting her and she has received the price from Nadia Comaneci, the famous Romanian gymnast. After three difficult sets, she has finally managed to defeat strong Cibulkova, who was also in a good shape.

We all love you and thank you for the amazing joy you bring us with every victory!  Good luck with all your future matches in 2017!


Simona H Madrid 2017

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Tasty recipe for the Easter cake Pasca de Paste-reteta usoara!

I think many of you know this cake so will be short. The main ingredients are: 600g of cottage cheese(simple, no salt); 4 fresh eggs; 5 spoons of honey; 1 tea-sp. cinnamon; the dry peel of a lemon; the dry peel of an orange; a pinch of salt; 40g raisins that had been kept in some rum essence.

As for the dough, do like me: mix some butter with sugar, a bit of yeast, an egg and add as much flour as it needs. I made first the dough and fixed it in the cooking pot (a round glass pot special for oven) and then I mixed the cheese with the sugar(used brown) and then added the eggs, the dry peel, cinnamon and raisins. It was easy to make it homogeneous. I also added a bit of nutmeg. Then I dropped carefully this pasta on top of my dough. I fixed the oven at 180 degrees and in about 35 minutes it was done. My partner and friends ate it with high speed 🙂

Cred ca toti cunoasteti aceasta reteta; pe langa cozonac, imi place sa o am pe masa de fiecare Paste si sa o impart cu cei de langa mine. Aveti mai jos ingredientele:

600 grame brânză de vaci dulce si  4 ouă
– 5 linguri miere; – 1 linguriţă scorţişoară
– coaja rasă de la o lămâie; – coaja rasă de la o portocală
– 1 vârf de cuţit sare; – 40 g stafide înmuiate în prealabil în esenţă de rom

In ce priveste aluatul, am facut unul foarte simplu- am amestecat o bucata de unt moale cu zahar, cu putina drojdie (cub), cu un ou si am pus cata faina a fost nevoie. Aluatul a fost gata rapid si l-am fixat imediat in forma de prajitura.  Apoi, in ce priveste umplutura, am amestecat branza cu zaharul (eu am folosit brut), apoi am adaugat ouale batute, coaja de lamaie si portocala, scortisoara si stafidele. Amestecati bine pana devine omogen. Eu am adaugat si un praf de nucsoara. Apoi am asezat usor crema peste aluat, am mai aruncat cateva stafide peste si am pus-o la cuptor. Temperatura este de 180 de grade si o puteti lasa la copt in jur de 35 de minute. A iesit foarte buna, puteti vedea in poza 2; sunt si multe alte retete dar eu am preferat-o pe aceasta pentru ca este rapida si usoara si rezultatul este la fel de sanatos&delicios ca la orice alta reteta de pasca.

Pofta buna! 🙂

Paste Fericit! Happy Easter! Feliz Pascuas!



Paste Fericit cos


Va urez tuturor Paste Fericit, vitalitatea primaverii, sanatate, bucurii si sa primiti mereu vesti excelente! Sa aveti mereu inspiratia sa luati numai decizii bune si sa mergeti mereu de partea Luminii! Bucurati-va de primavara si de prezenta tuturor celor dragi, acestea sunt momente pe care le veti purta mereu in suflet.  Fiti fericiti & Christos a Inviat!


I wish all of you Happy Easter, vitality, health, joy and many good news! May you always take good decisions and always be on the side of the Light! Enjoy also this marvellous spring and the presence of all the people you love, these are things you’ll keep forever in your hearts.


A nice place of Romania Delta Dunarii

This is an amazing place of Romania, called the Danube Delta, in the south-eastern part. It is the moment when the birds are coming back, in spring. The landscape and vegetation are unique in the country and it is beautiful to see the river Danube flowing into the Black Sea. Sorry, the photo is not clear, but I hope some details can be perceived.


International Waterday Ziua Internationala a Apei

p mare VaduWhat could I add more about water? It is the origin of Life on our planet, it represents a great part of our body and most of us drink it every day. From another point of view, I can say that I am in love with nature waters – seas, rivers, oceans; to me, water has its unique charm, an amazing mysterious seductive power and a capacity to relax our mind and body that no other nature element has. Today we are celebrating  Water so, I would ask all of you to respect it more –  to keep all the water areas clean, to reuse domestic waters if you can (I reuse the water with which I wash fruits/vegetables to water my plants) and also to drink it daily for a better health and a long life. It is a part of us, so the respect we show Water  is the respect we have for ourselves.   Happy Water Day 2017!

Cred ca despre apa nu as putea sa mai adaug lucruri noi, fata de ceea ce s-a scris deja de atatea secole. Apa reprezinta originea vietii pe Terra, reprezinta o mare parte a corpului nostru si este lichidul salvator care ne hidrateaza zi de zi. Pentru mine, apa este ceva magic – iubesc toate formele ei din natura- rauri, lacuri, mari sau oceane. Astazi este Ziua Internationala a Apei si va rog pe toti sa ii acordati mai mult respect – sa pastrati curate toate suprafetele acvatice langa care petreceti timp/inotati, sa refolositi apele domestice daca este posibil si sa beti suficienta apa zilnic, pentru sanatatea voastra. Eu consider ca apa este o parte din noi si respecul pe care il acordam, in general, Apei  este respectul pe  care il avem pentru noi insine.  O Zi a Apei Fericita !

the wonderful photo is from my country, Romania, somewhere near the coast of the Black Sea  🙂