The Wednesday thought – HOME

Hello dear friends for a new post; I am back home again for some winter holidays after a longer while, so I am sharing these good vibes with you from my home town. Consequently, my word for today is HOME. For me, no matter where I have been and where I currently live, my Home will always be my birth city. I feel here like a fish in the pond, like a princess and, knowing by heart all these places, it gives me such a comforting feeling of stability, zen and joy that I have never had anywhere else. This is not the best country in the world or the most amazing city but all my amazing memories from here are still living every day and even further on, in my heart. I hope you can carry your HOME with you wherever you are; if you are still living home, don’t have regrets. Maybe our road in life is arranging itself by magic. Trust the way things evolve and keep always a good thought for your home, your birth-home, home-town and home-people – I truly hope that your HOME has only loving and nice memories for you all. The photo is from a mountain resort I love from my birth country, Sinaia, the ”pearl of the Carpathians”. Have a magical winter everyone!

Mihai Eminescu si Ziua Culturii Romane Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu and the Romanian Culture Day

”La steaua care a rasarit / E o cale atat de lunga / Ca mii de ani i-au trebuit / Luminii sa o ajunga

Poate de mult s-a stins in drum / In departari albastre / Iar raza ei abia acum luci vederii noastre

Icoana stelei ce-a murit / Incet pe cer se suie / Era, pe cand nu s-a zarit / Azi o vedem si nu e

La fel cum si-al nostru amor / Pieri in noapte adanca / Lumina stinsului amor / Ne urmareste inca”

”Draga Mihai, iti multumesc ca ai existat si ca am onoarea sa am aceeasi nationalitate cu tine, iti multumesc pentru ceea ce ai scris si pentru modul in care iubirea pentru tine a fost un mod de viata. Esti un tip pe cinste si as fi vrut sa te cunosc. Odihneste-te in pace insa mai bantuie-ne uneori, pe noi astia micii, care citim si mai mazgalim prostii pe hartie. Ramai cu noi!”

Dragii mei, va rog sa nu cautati greseilie ce pot exista in textul de mai sus, am dorit sa scriu aceasta poezie, ‘La Steaua’, din memorie si fara vreo carte langa mine. Imi place Mihai Eminescu si voiam sa ii aduc un mic omagiu astfel. Il apreciez nu doar pentru ca a fost un poet foarte talentat, ci si pentru ca a fost un om renascentist asa cum incerc si eu sa fiu (cand sunt odihnita), un romantic incurabil, pentru ca a fost un prieten bun, un roman patriot si curajos…si lista poate continua. Treceam des pe strada Plantelor, unde care si-a trait ultimele clipe in Bucuresti si sper totusi ca acolo unde se odihneste sufletul lui sa stie ca suntem multi cei care il apreciem si care nu vrem sa il uitam. A fost un tip pe cinste si nu vom mai avea prea curand o asemenea valoare. Ma simt onorata sa impart aceeasi tara si nationalitate cu el. Azi fiind si Ziua Culturii Romane, adresez sincere urari de inspiratie si succes tuturor celor care activeaza in domeniul culturii si sunt bucuroasa ca tata scrie din nou carti. ”Romanul s-a nascut poet” – o fi adevarat; chiar daca nu o fi, am fost deja convinsa de genialitatea, creativitatea, inteligenta, inspiratia multor romani. Ana Aslan, Mihai Eminescu, Lucian Blaga, Henri Coanda si multi multi altii; si de ce sa nu pun si nume mai moderne precum Andrei Maria (Smiley), Vama Veche (formula originala), Simona Halep, Ana Novic, Agnes Toma, Paula Seling si multi altii care creeaza, sunt geniali intr-un domeniu, sunt inspirati si ma inspira si pe mine. Azi este ziua tututror celor pentru care cultura este un mod de viata si care nu se rusineaza ca sunt romani, stiind care este valoarea lor, nu numai profesionala dar mai ales de oameni, in Romania si in lume.

Para mis amigas y amigos que hablan el espanol: algo pequeno sobre nuestro magnifico poeta rumano, Mihai Eminescu:

I am quoting here a small poem from my memory despite possible small errors, a poem written by our greatest poet, Mihai Eminescu. It is a poem that is dear to me, entitled ”To the star” and I like it as I love literature and also because I love astronomy. I’ll try to translate what it says in English as soon as possible.

Photo source:

The Health Minute – Ginger Minutul de Sanatate – Ghimbirul

Hello again, dear readers! As we are in full winter, I’m coming back with some more ideas for you that could be useful during this delicate period. Today I wish to talk about GINGER.

This is an Asian remedy, that can be used in many healthy meals and drinks. I have to admit that I love Ginger tea, pure or in combination with other plants, flowers or dry fruits. This is also an amazing ‘tool’ for all of us during the cold season or even stressful periods of our lives. Ginger is recommended for usage in many health-related situations:

– it enforces general immunity and energy level – it cures stomach aches – it can fight cancer – it prevents diabetes – it has antibacterial effect – it is a natural antibiotic – it helps cure arthritis – it diminishes body pain – it protects the liver – it gives the body many antioxidants

Besides these therapeutical benefits, Ginger can also be very useful in tea, lemonades, meals, salads, desserts, marmalades. I think you should give it a chance and include it in your diet this January 2022, as an easy resolution. Good luck and stay healthy!

The Wednesday thought – Empathy

I was thinking of this word for a while and finally I dedicate it this post – EMPATHY. I think this is also an important quality for anyone of us. It can be natural or aquired consciously but it is better to have it, in my opinion. I have no idea if the rich and successful people on the planet are empathic or not, as they cannot take decisions related to feelings, emotional intelligece or such unimportant things… But not all the rich and powerful ones are also empathic. At the same time, maybe not all the empathic people are rich. Hmmm…anyway, I think that someone who lives long and wisely for sure is empathic and this can be a pretty good model for us. Empathy is not easy to show but solidarity also helps. Start by showing solidarity to someone you care about, especially when they need it the most, and you are on the right way to be empathic.

So choose to be successful, decide to stay healthy, keep your inner balance and be empathic. Sooner or later, everything you need will surely come to you, as you give out the right empathic vibes 🙂

The health minute – Minutul de sanatate

I know you will laugh but it is fine; I also did not know all these interesting details about the common…..carrot. The truth is that it contains plenty of good things for our health – not only the well-known vitamin A. Listen here my friends: it contains also vitamin C and many antioxidants, fibers and also B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 (folate- good also for pregnant ladies and small children), vitamin E, vitamin K, Ca, Fe, Mg, K, Mn, Zn and some natural water. It helps the immunity, the heart, the blood circulation, it stimulates the metabolism, decreases the cholesterol and fights against several types of cancer. Plus, it boosts our optimism on rainy days with its amazing and cheerful colour. Have I convinced you? One simple carrot, of course cutivated healthily, is a health-bomb. If you want to enjoy your life (for sure you must have many reasons to live long and to live happily) put the carrots on your list; I use them in juices, salads, cooked meals or just simply washed as a snack at the beach (ooo, who will have the best suntan? 🙂 Stay healthy and crunch carrots !

Stiu ca veti rade insa nu e problema; nu stiam nici eu de toate beneficiile morcovilor. Insa adevarul este ca banalul morcov este un miracol pentru sanatatea noastra si nu doar datorita beta-carotenului (vit. A). Puteti sa va alegeti din lista ce va ajuta mai bine: contine vitamina C si multi antioxidanti, fibre si de asemenea vitaminele B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 (folat – bun pentru viitoarele mamici si pentru copilasi), vit. E, K, Ca, Mg, K, Mn, Zn si ceva apa naturala. Morcovul sustine sistemul imunitar, buna functionare a inimii, circulatia sangelui si stimuleaza metabolismul, scade nivelul colesterolului si lupta impotriva mai multo tipuri de cancer. De asemenea, datorita culorii lui tonice, ne stimuleaza cu siguranta si optimismul 🙂 in zilele ploioase. V-am convins macar putin? Un simplu morcov, cultivat fara chimicale, este o bomba plina de sanatate. Daca vreti sa va bucurati de viata si sunt convinsa ca vreti, puneti morcovii pe lista voastra de instrumente magice. Eu ii folosesc in sucuri, salate, mancaruri gatite sau pur si simplu cruzi ca o gustare la plaja (haha, cine va avea cel mai frumos bronz?) Sanatate multa tuturor si rontaiti morcovi!

Photo clicks to start autumn well

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Good day everyone!

As today is the 1st day of a new month and summer is almost gone from nature, I wish to cheer you up with some photo clicks I have taken in different places. They are meant to warm up your hearts and prepare you for this season that lies between summer and winter and that maybe we can appreciate more, despite indeed many moments when it can be sad and gloomy. But Autumn has its beauty, range of emotions, crops and joyful moments that can still make us as happy as Summer. I don’t know how it is in the regions where you live but here my autumn will be long – the chestnut trees have had flowers again in September, my strawberries have bloomed also again and the birds are still out, not yet preparing their cold season nests. So, there will be plenty of chances for me to enjoy and photograph hopefully anything wonderful, under the autumn’s sunshine – and I wish the same to you!

Stay safe, healthy and smiling! all the best, Josephina

The Wednesday thought

Hello again everyone! I hope this new post finds all of you in perfect shape.

This time I wish to propose another word, as important as the previous ones. This one is ”safety” and you should keep in mind that, in today’s world, you should all stay safe no matter what. Life is beautiful and we must enjoy it, remember of course the famous ”Carpe diem”. In general myself I have had the luck to live amazing experiences and many happy and fun moments but I’ve never put my life in danger for anything; this is my own creed but I think it can be useful also for you. Enjoying life with wisdom is a good target to follow, if you also want to reach a golden age. What else can I add? Avoid any dangers, cultivate your health, stay young (body and spirit), travel safely and stay away from strange people. Unfortunately human race is worse than animals (sorry but this is the pure truth) – humans, despite animals, kill for no reason..and I think you don’t need any examples for that. This is horrible.

Now, back to optimism – take care of yourselves, stay safe, plan long-term ahead, keep your confidence in your destiny and your angels will guide you always on the best, safe, right path. You can drink one, two glasses of wine but if you drink the whole cannot be safe anymore. I hope you’ll keep something in mind from this advice and I hope to see you again …when you’re reaching 100 years old with a big cake in front of you 🙂 ! Keep in touch xxxx

One summer in Hungary Egy nyár Magyarországon

Good day everyone or szia 😉 like they say in Hungary! As usually we have to write texts here, sometimes I like just to prepare some nice photos that you can enjoy, without reading too much. I am still returning with summer photos, yes I’m guilty as I adore summer, but not more than spring. This time I am sharing some nice photos taken along this summer in Hungary, where I’ve had the chance to spend it fully.

under the summer breeze
Harmashatar-hegy kilato

a small marina at the Balaton lake

sunset over the Danube

light purple glycine

hide-and-seek in the tall grass

smelling the summer wind
magical midnight in Budapest 🙂

Egyelőre nincs túl sok magyar barátom; 🙂 de azoknak a magyaroknak, akiknek időbe telik ezt elolvasni, köszönetet mondok, és jöjjön vissza ide, amikor teheti !

For the moment I hope these are enough to make you happy; still, I promise to come back constantly with photos even if they are not as amazing as those taken by professionnal photographers. But we are all artists in our hearts and maybe it is not the technical details that count but the heart that we put in our photographs. Take care, photograph your summers and start to warm up your hearts already so that it lasts until the next summer 🙂 !

Enjoying journal books Idei pentru cartile-jurnal

I hope you’re all in good health! I wish to share with you a little trick that can help you enjoy more every month of the year no matter what is your situation. There are many books written in the form of a journal, many of them worth reading. More than that, I have tried to re-read one that I like a lot parallelly – a chapter corresponding to the month in which I am in real life. For example, now I’m rereading Peter’s Mayle, ”A year in Provence” and I’m now at the chapter ”August” as we are in August and they are preparing to attend a goat race 🙂 . It is a good way to enjoy all the 12 months and to find beautiful things in each month of the year.

I would wish to give you two ideas – one is the book I mentioned above, by Peter Mayle, written as a sort of journal of his first year spent in Provence, France with his wife. Try to read it in a year’s time, month by month and see if you like this small experiment. Another option is a book written originally in French (for sure you may find it in English, too) by Veronique de Bure – ” Un clafoutis aux tomates cerises” ; this one is a journal written even by days, those chosen by the author to be more interesting in one year. Both books are amazing and are written with humour and positive vibes. They’ll surely bring you good vibes and even funny ideas to do along a year’s time.

I have not given the link to make you buy these, but just to identify the books. You can try to borrow them at the library, this is what I did. I hope some of you can try this trick with the journal-real life parallel; even if not, read these little masterpieces when you have some spare time, they’ll refresh your spirit and make you have more and more energy to enjoy and appreciate your beautiful life. Stay safe and loved! **** hugs

The Health Minute Minutul de Sanatate

photo: courtesy of

Hello again! I come back with another interesting tip for your health. You know for sure that Echinacea (plant: Echinacea purpurea) is a famous plant original from North America, really useful for our immunity. You can find this plant prepared in different forms (tea, supplement, throat candies, creams, etc.) and you can adapt its usage to your own body.

Echinacea supports the general health in several ways:

– it fights against any type of cold/flu and prevents problems of the respiratory system

– it treats and prevents liver diseases

– it fights asthma

– it fights against urinary infections

– it diminishes oral problems

– it is efficient against the Herpex simplex virus, eczema, psoriazis, candida infection, etc. (it supports also the body against the Covid infection)

– it supports digestion.

You don’t need to wait to have such problems; for example, you can make a habit of drinking every week some echnacea tea, as a prevention and reinforcement of your general health. In the cold season Echinacea is excellent in combination with vitamin C or Zinc. Keep it in your diet and live long everyone!