Wednesday’s Photos – Wordless Wonderful Wednesday

Love is all around

Zen afternoon

Time for a nap

We’re happy for guests!!

Swimming to keep fit

Who wants to hear the latest news ?

Beauty has nothing to do with age

Finally…. at home

Let’s help the Australian paradise! Sa ajutam Australia impreuna!

My dear readers, I know not if you have been to Australia or not; I have not. But this should not be an obstacle for you and me in helping as we can.  I think it is not Australia, Brasil, Greece, Portugal… is OUR Terra.
I wish to offer you a few ideas if you are willing to give a small helping hand.
First, the well-known organisations Greenpeace and WWF are already helping out Australia, due to this environment drama that should be corrected as much&fast as possible. 
On the Greenpeace website, you can easily find on the front page the announcement about the Bushfires –  you can sign petitions, donate some money and even send to your friends, ecologists, etc. the link if they are also interested to give some support to the Australians. 


Also, the WWF Australia is case-showing on the front page different ways in which people can help; I hope that I manage to inspire as many people I can as no matter how you decide to help (siging petitions, donating some money, buying some charity items, etc.) veery little gesture counts for these people.


Also, another great idea (that I have decided to do as I love perfumes in any shape) is to buy some special Lush koala soaps that were created especially for this occasion. I think that it is a beautiful thing to give someone a hug when they suffer and try also to help with practical things. This is how we also do in my home country. Unfortunately there were people who have died…and too many animals who also died..This is not a joke and many other people are suffering around these victims…ésente-un-savon-koala-pour-soutenir-le-sauvetage-des-animaux-en-australie/ar-BBZnlvY?ocid=spartanntp 

sapun koala Lush

I thank you a lot for reading this and hopefully for succeeding in giving a bit of your time to help in anyway you can this land baptised Australia. For sure they will need many years to repair the damage…I hope these fires started only by natural causes and t was not also a human accident…And it is a bit they are surrounded by water all over and still these fires advanced like this…
Let’s stay positive and send our good thoughts and gestures to them and let’s hope that the political representatives that were criticised by the Australians ate waking up and rolling up their sleeves to help, support people and implement immediate measures.

koala in natura

Thank you a lot for your time & have a healthy and magical winter!

As I have not been in Australia, I am using these photos with thanks and in courtesy of the following websites: