Summer splendours

Sunset Sky Tow

Thanks to the different places I’ve seen, I had the chance to catch some amazing summer moments. Here are a few of them that I wish to share with you, along with my wishes for you to have a second summer during September !

Toto film scenes 1 Jul


roses Lux

Giraffe zoo BUd



Black Sea iun19


Ansemb garden

Bud by night


Hibisc zoo Bud

These photos have been taken in Romania, Hungary and Luxembourg, in order – up in the Sky Tower in Luxembourg, Merl park roses (2 & 3), the Budapest Zoo, the Black Sea waves in Neptun, an amazing fruit tree in the Ansembourg Castle garden (Luxembourg), Budapest by night (on the left the Gellert Baths) and some amazing hibiscus flowers in a little green area of Bucharest.

I hope you like them and that they bring you for a little while a fresh feeling of holidays!