Anti-worry tips during difficult times

Medit garden peon

As I am sure everyone is trying to do their best during these tough times, I would like to share with you some of the tips that could help you chase away ”worry thoughts” coming your way during difficult times. 

++ One idea would be that whenever you feel stress approaching, start quickly a breathing session while you breathe more deeply (8 sec.) and repeat this exercise; also, you should manage to move every day, even if you stay inside the whole day, finding ways to stretch and move while doing your things – this will help you maintain a  good immunity and 🙂 stay cheerful

++ also, cleaning and making a bit or order is bringing you positive vibes; you can recycle newspapers, put some order in your wardrobe, wash dishes, use the vacuum, water the plants :), repaint a wall, wash textiles, put your kid’s toys in order….the more you see the space fresh and clean around you, the more your mental status will boost with optimism and wellbeing

++ another trick that is always working is..  Mr Bean 🙂 No matter what is happening around you, if you need a bit of laughter or joy, find the Mr Bean sketches on the internet and watch those that you like more – believe me,  it always works!! If you don’t like Mr Bean, then you can look for Charlie Chaplin, Fernandel, Jerry Lewis, Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy or anyone else;   you can also use this link for Mr. Bean, if you wish:                                             

++ cooking is also a great trick; even if you know to cook or not, choose a simple recipe and start to cook. Along the cooking steps, you will notice how you will focus more and more on the cooking ans less on other things; in the end, if your result is hopefully tasty you will see what an amazing feeling it gives – having something valuable that you have created yourself :). For anyone I guess, the recipe of ”Pancakes” is an easy start, I was taught to prepare these by my dad when I was 12 and I have not forgotten the recipe. In the photo is a Portokalopita Greek cake I have prepared recently. 

Portokalopita cake


++ gardening can be a great activity bringing you a lot of positive vibes – no matter if you have a garden or just a balcony, you can take care of some plants, grow some small veggies (onions, cherry tomatoes 😉 , small peppers, radishes, zucchini), strawberries or just some herbs like mint, rosemary, thyme. They do not need much effort and it will make you really happy to taste something good from time to time. Simple plants can also fit your apartment whether they have flowers or not, they will produce some oxygen and good mood for you every day.

Med gard arbre fleurs

++ drawing or painting alone or with your kids/family; you don’t need any talent, you can just use your imagination and use the colours you like. You can also try to use a colouring book or to copy a landscape 😉 from somewhere with your own hand. I have painted a whole wall in our apartment and seeing how I was advancing every day gave me a lot of good vibes and confidence in my talents

++ also keep in mind that if you don’t drink enough liquids, it could create a bit of stress and head-aches; so remember to drink every day min. 1 l of healthy drinks – teas, a bit of coffee, water, mineral/spring water, fruit juice (but no Fanta), coconut water, carrot juice, non-alcoholic beer – these will keep you 🙂 in super-shape!

Besides these ideas, there are many other things you can still do – dancing, reading something motivating, talking on the phone, spending time with your loved ones and from time to time try to still go out and take some fresh air in spots where you know you will not be meeting people and where the air is fresh and clean. 

Colourful Spring in Luxemburg

primavara in Luxi


Hello everyone! I do not know which is your favourite season but mine is spring. It is the most precious moment of Mother Nature, in my opinion and we are never probably more spoiled by the Planet than during these months.

As Luxembourg has different landscapes than other cities where I lived, spring is settling a bit more slowly and lasts a bit longer which makes me happy as I can enjoy even more this time of the year.

Wiltz castle garden LuxLux pink chestnut Belair

Lux Echternach green area

I hope these photos will bring a bit of spring energy into your life and a bit of joy. I hope this spring will also be a starting point for you – to give more time and attention to your physical & emotional health, to your lifestyle, to your sleeping habits, to your nutrition and sport activities. It is well-known that everything the Nature has created can have a very positive effect on our health (seaside areas, forests, mountain regions, riversides) and these are simple things all of us can do constantly.

Lux ville glycineWiltz castle garden Luxi

Lux Echtern landscape

Look around and receive the spring magic in your lives – herbs, flowers, teas, salads, fresh air, landscapes, sunshine and everything else you like. Have a wonderful spring!


Salutare tuturor! Iata ca din nou simt nevoia sa scriu cate ceva despre primavara, anotimpul meu preferat. Asociez si ceva poze realizate de mine in micul Luxemburg ca sa va ofer putina relaxare primavaratica si voua. Sunt multe motive pentru care puteti profita de primavara- un nou inceput si schimbari pozitive in ce priveste sanatatea voastra fizica, sanatatea voastra emotionala, stilul de viata, nutritia, stilul de somn, activitatile sportive si asa mai departe. Sper sa gasiti inspiratie in tot ce va inconjoara si sa va imbunatatiti stilul de viata in fiecare primavara cate putin saptamana de saptamana. 

Priviti in jur si adoptati tot ce va pare interesant – ierburi, flori, ceaiuri, salate, aerul curat, peisaje, caldura soarelui si orice va inspira. Sper sa profitati din plin de aceasta primavara si de beneficiile naturii, oriunde ati locui. Sunt sigura ca in orice loc puteti gasi idei creative si modalitati sanatoase de a face constant ceva bun pentru sanatatea si sufletul vostru. In final, acestea conteaza cel mai mult, reprezentand baza unei vieti implinite si fericite.

Sper sa revin cu un articol similar cu poze infatisand frumoasele primaveri de acasa, din Romania, pentru ca de poze nu duc lipsa 🙂

O primavara frumoasa si sanatoasa tuturor!