The Wednesday thought – Compassion

showing support when our friend has a problem – we can solve it together, no worries 🙂

For this occasion, I have chosen the word COMPASSION. I’ve seen very often children and animals being compassionate to each other and more rarely adults showing compassion. I think this is wrong, as adults should be initiators of such behaviours as it is them who are educating children, not vice-versa. I would be happy to see more compassion among my fellow-adults in all the situations of every day life. Compassion can unite persons of any age, sex or background and can peacefully create more gratitude among people in our society.

In comparison to ignorance or selfishness which are very often seen nowadays, compassion puts people together and creates a peace of mind and such good inner emotions that are bringing about also a lower blood pressure, a more relaxed body & mind and a better immunity. Selfishness creates negative feelings and emotions between people, while compassion hamonises the souls and creates a common feeling of shared support, which is essential especially when someone is suffering.

Just remember that most of the people you run into have more difficult lives than yours, so show them with generosity some COMPASSION if needed, it does not cost a thing. Have a happy & peaceful summer everyone 🙂 !

The Wednesday thought

flori mar 8m

I think the wise word for today should be RESPECT.

Nowadays it lacks a lot in our society, everywhere, in private spaces and public spaces. I think people should re-learn to be respectful towards everything – other people, the planet, animals, even objects. A healthy respect towards what is around us shows education, ethics, self-esteem, wisdom.

So, show respect and expect the same!



Am ales un cuvant intelept pentru astazi – RESPECT

Cred ca acesta lipseste foarte mult in ziua de azi, atat in spatiul privat cat si in cel public. Consider ca oamenii ar trebui sa re-invete sa fie respectuosi fata de tot ce exista – alti oameni, planeta noastra, animale, chiar si obiecte. Un respect sanatos fata de ce este in jurul nostru arata educatie, etica, stima de sine, intelepciune.

Astfel, va sfatuiesc sa aratati respect si sa asteptati acelasi lucru!