“Lilacs” — The Peter and Gertrud Klopp Family – for Peace

Originally posted on Portraits of Wildflowers: In 1912 my father, Jack (Jacob) Schwartzman, was born in Vinnytsia, a town then under Russian control in the part of eastern Europe that is now Ukraine. In the 1920s his family escaped from the tyranny of the Soviet Union and came to America to be free. Upon his…

“Lilacs” — The Peter and Gertrud Klopp Family

Dear readers, I am sharing a post of fellow blogger Peter Klopp, as a solidarity for the people of Ukraine who are now suffering because of the lack of respect and civilisation from the Russian neighbour. It goes without saying that I, as a citizen on this planet and as a human being, totally condemn this attacks… I don’t have friends in Ukraine yet but I know how it was in my country and the countries of my friends from Eastern Europe when the Communists came and seemed that did not want to leave…They did not just come for a walk, they destroyed places and killed people for no reason…The Nazis did the same….But I am also wondering, like mr. Klopp’s father, when our and everyone’s rulers will stop KILLING & DESTROYING JUST FOR PUTTING MORE MONEY OR POWER IN THEIR POCKETS? We are already in 2022……and still in many civilised places, democracy does not exist.

Take care of yourselves and remember the song “Let it be” whenever you may be!

One summer in Hungary Egy nyár Magyarországon

Good day everyone or szia 😉 like they say in Hungary! As usually we have to write texts here, sometimes I like just to prepare some nice photos that you can enjoy, without reading too much. I am still returning with summer photos, yes I’m guilty as I adore summer, but not more than spring. This time I am sharing some nice photos taken along this summer in Hungary, where I’ve had the chance to spend it fully.

under the summer breeze
Harmashatar-hegy kilato

a small marina at the Balaton lake

sunset over the Danube

light purple glycine

hide-and-seek in the tall grass

smelling the summer wind
magical midnight in Budapest 🙂

Egyelőre nincs túl sok magyar barátom; 🙂 de azoknak a magyaroknak, akiknek időbe telik ezt elolvasni, köszönetet mondok, és jöjjön vissza ide, amikor teheti !

For the moment I hope these are enough to make you happy; still, I promise to come back constantly with photos even if they are not as amazing as those taken by professionnal photographers. But we are all artists in our hearts and maybe it is not the technical details that count but the heart that we put in our photographs. Take care, photograph your summers and start to warm up your hearts already so that it lasts until the next summer 🙂 !

The Wednesday thought

This time of the year, in the middle of autumn, seeing how everything slowly changes towards the cold season, I could not help noticing a multitude of colours everywhere. Starting from the Danube and advancing towards the hilly areas, Nature has prepared everything with perfection.

So the word chosen this time is Beauty; I admit that I’ve never liked autumn and winter as I love spring and summer through all the beauties that surround me, especially flowers. But I’ve noticed along the years how autumn and winter, although colder and less sunny, have also their own Beauty. The same goes with people; no matter how beautiful/handsome a person is on the outside or not, there is always something of Beauty to discover inside them. We need just to take a bit more time and empathy to see the Beauty in others, too. So please do not limit my small presentation here just to outside Beauty but to all types of beauty, with the condition that it is doubled for people by inside Beauty, in my opinion. As this state of things is essentially a positive trait of people and things, I wish all of you to forever attract to yourselves the inner Beauty of all people and every possible Beauty of the surrounding natural world!

The World Bees Day !

Maybe not all of you know, but 20 May is the world day of the bees. So I wanted to dedicate this lines to them as I am very grateful they exist. I also wish that they continue to live in Europe and beyond; without them we wouldn’t have many vegetables, flowers and fruits.


I would hope that you will read this and that, maybe, you can do something for them; it takes 10 minutes to plant a small flower in a pot in your balcony, the yellow ones are attracting most of the bees. Or you can also buy a pot of good honey from your local producers; yes, I know it is more expensive but you are doing so much with a bit of extra money – help your health with some good quality honey, help the local honey producers and, most of all, help the bees in your region live, work and survive. And, through this, you also help your family, friends to have a healthier life. 

Also, use with trust all their products to improve and maintain your immunity and health (pollen, honey, mother bee milk, beeswax); for who has babies, remember that you can also mix in their meals, starting from 12 months/ 1 year old, pollen or honey.

You have here lots of information about the bees in different countries:


https://www.unaf-apiculture.info/   France

https://viataverdeviu.ro/albinele-si-importanta-lor-pentru-sustinerea-vietii/    Romania

http://www.royalbees.eu/       Bulgaria

http://www.hungarybees.com/    Hungary

http://sliskohoney.com/products/    Croatia

https://swissfamilyfun.com/balcony-bees-switzerland/  Switzerland

https://www.la-sca.net/spip.php?rubrique2   Luxembourg

http://www.biz.be/forum/   Belgium

https://www.beeculture.com/beekeeping-in-iceland/   Iceland

I hope that these can give you some nice ideas or just some new knowledge about our friends, the bees. I hope they will be much better from now on and that they continue to help us staying healthy and enjoy the fruit of their work – the perfumed & golden liquid that has been the center of human activities since immemorial times. And yes, please use no chemicals in your daily activities to keep also our air & water healthy; thank you everyone !

Bebe abinuta 23 mai 2019

The Bees Little Prince wishes to thank you for your time & attention given for reading !



Colourful Spring in Luxemburg

primavara in Luxi


Hello everyone! I do not know which is your favourite season but mine is spring. It is the most precious moment of Mother Nature, in my opinion and we are never probably more spoiled by the Planet than during these months.

As Luxembourg has different landscapes than other cities where I lived, spring is settling a bit more slowly and lasts a bit longer which makes me happy as I can enjoy even more this time of the year.

Wiltz castle garden LuxLux pink chestnut Belair

Lux Echternach green area

I hope these photos will bring a bit of spring energy into your life and a bit of joy. I hope this spring will also be a starting point for you – to give more time and attention to your physical & emotional health, to your lifestyle, to your sleeping habits, to your nutrition and sport activities. It is well-known that everything the Nature has created can have a very positive effect on our health (seaside areas, forests, mountain regions, riversides) and these are simple things all of us can do constantly.

Lux ville glycineWiltz castle garden Luxi

Lux Echtern landscape

Look around and receive the spring magic in your lives – herbs, flowers, teas, salads, fresh air, landscapes, sunshine and everything else you like. Have a wonderful spring!


Salutare tuturor! Iata ca din nou simt nevoia sa scriu cate ceva despre primavara, anotimpul meu preferat. Asociez si ceva poze realizate de mine in micul Luxemburg ca sa va ofer putina relaxare primavaratica si voua. Sunt multe motive pentru care puteti profita de primavara- un nou inceput si schimbari pozitive in ce priveste sanatatea voastra fizica, sanatatea voastra emotionala, stilul de viata, nutritia, stilul de somn, activitatile sportive si asa mai departe. Sper sa gasiti inspiratie in tot ce va inconjoara si sa va imbunatatiti stilul de viata in fiecare primavara cate putin saptamana de saptamana. 

Priviti in jur si adoptati tot ce va pare interesant – ierburi, flori, ceaiuri, salate, aerul curat, peisaje, caldura soarelui si orice va inspira. Sper sa profitati din plin de aceasta primavara si de beneficiile naturii, oriunde ati locui. Sunt sigura ca in orice loc puteti gasi idei creative si modalitati sanatoase de a face constant ceva bun pentru sanatatea si sufletul vostru. In final, acestea conteaza cel mai mult, reprezentand baza unei vieti implinite si fericite.

Sper sa revin cu un articol similar cu poze infatisand frumoasele primaveri de acasa, din Romania, pentru ca de poze nu duc lipsa 🙂

O primavara frumoasa si sanatoasa tuturor!

A bit more Prague for breakfast !

Hello again everyone, greetings from me, the little fairy !

Seeing that my fellow-blogger is feeling so ”workingly romantic”, I have decided to post some more photos from the 🙂 romantic city of Prague. I took them during a romantic trip and sorry for the lack of sunshine….which, still, we had it in our hearts 🙂  I hope you like them and, as some tourism advice, go there better between May-September. 

The last photo is from my home country, from Mangalia, a nice town on the border of the Black Sea.

Tha IMG_5519IMG_5520IMG_5521IMG_5524IMG_5527IMG_5727