Easter and good Les Paques et le bien Pastele si binele din suflet

Dear friends, readers, foreigners

This is a letter written from my heart to you, just now, before Easter. Some of you may celebrate it, some not. What matters is to celebrate each and every thing without destroying, but by creating. Thus, please, be so good for this Easter and give up the lamb. I know you think animals do not have a heart…that they enjoy being killed for our exaggerated meals….but could you imagine someone’s baby aged 3 months being killed as food for some giants that have whatever celebration? How would those people feel? This is that happens to lambs for years…they are killed at 3-4 months just because the meat ‘is tender’…I gave it up for good for many years and God is not angry with me for that, I assure you. You can replace this meat with anything else – other type of meat or protein meal, vegetables, cheese, anything  if you have imagination.

If you think I am wrong and that animals have no soul at all, please read this:


I wish all of you a Happy Easter, with health, joy, wishes come true and warmth in your hearts!

Chers amies et amis, je vous ecris quelques lignes pour vous dire une priere pour cette Paques. Meme si vous celebrez ou pas, je pense que c’est humain de profiter de toutes les fetes sans detruire ou tuer sans raison. Et c’est pourquoi s’il vous plait, soyez si bons pour cette Pâques et abandonnez l’agneau. Je sais que vous pensez que les animaux n’ont pas de cœur … qu’ils aiment être tués pour nos repas exagérés … mais pourriez-vous imaginer que le bébé de quelqu’un de 3 mois soit tué comme nourriture pour des géants qui ont quelque célébration?   Comment se sentiraient ces gens? C’est ce qui arrive aux agneaux pendant des années … ils sont tués à 3-4 mois juste parce que la viande est “tendre” … J’ai renoncé a le manger pendant de nombreuses années et Dieu n’est pas fâché contre moi pour ça, je vous assure.  Vous pouvez remplacer cette viande avec n’importe quoi, un autre type de viande ou de protéines, des légumes, du fromage, etc. si vous avez un peu d’imagination.

Si vous pensez que les animaux n’ont pas de coeur, lisez cet article, s’il vous plait:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hachik%C5%8D

Je vous souhaite à tous  Joyeuses Pâques, avec santé, joies, des souhaits devenus réalité et de la chaleur dans vos coeurs!




Romania and UK, together for peace

london spot

In general, I try not to write about certain themes as I wish to keep my blog out of the crazy world around us. But there are sometimes stories that get into my heart and I just cannot ignore them  🙂 .

Such a story is a recent one about a baker named F. Morariu who is a simple but great example of how I see Romanians- helpful, good-hearted and honest. At a certain point it even gets funny but it is a surprising story about helping people in need around us , about not drowning in this selfish ocean where we all swim and trying to be a good Christian, yes I am not afraid to say it.

There are many articles on the website and here you can find some stories:                        https://reportuk.org/2017/06/05/london-attack-romanian-baker-and-spanish-banker-among-heroes/

I hope these modern heroes will be well protected in the future as their stories have been present in newspapers for everyone to read. I admire them and hope to live as soon as possible the day when I won’t see such things in Europe ever again. I hope to live the day when such criminals will be forever eliminated from our society, when youngsters can enjoy a concert or people like us can have a cappuccino without being afraid they may get killed for nothing. Europe is ours, it is OUR grandparents who died in the world wars and not some oriental citizens, we appreciate our way of life, we respect women &equality and who likes it it’s fine, who doesn’t like it can just go where they came from. I hope the war in Syria will be over sooner, most of the soldiers will come back in their countries so there will be no reason for such things. I hope European countries will wake up and see they live a war that is not theirs and will do something before all of us get killed….for nothing.

To end in a nice way, my congratulations for all these London heroes, thank God the good human spirit is more alive than ever and let’s just pray for peace, for the Europe we had before, for being free to live our culture as we wish wherever in Europe and travel safely everywhere on this planet!

Take care of yourselves wherever you are and always follow the path of the Sun.

p.s. Congrats to amazing Simona Halep 🙂 playing in the Roland Garros tennis tournament, we want to see you play the finals!! Succes Simona!