The Wednesday thought – Compassion

showing support when our friend has a problem – we can solve it together, no worries 🙂

For this occasion, I have chosen the word COMPASSION. I’ve seen very often children and animals being compassionate to each other and more rarely adults showing compassion. I think this is wrong, as adults should be initiators of such behaviours as it is them who are educating children, not vice-versa. I would be happy to see more compassion among my fellow-adults in all the situations of every day life. Compassion can unite persons of any age, sex or background and can peacefully create more gratitude among people in our society.

In comparison to ignorance or selfishness which are very often seen nowadays, compassion puts people together and creates a peace of mind and such good inner emotions that are bringing about also a lower blood pressure, a more relaxed body & mind and a better immunity. Selfishness creates negative feelings and emotions between people, while compassion hamonises the souls and creates a common feeling of shared support, which is essential especially when someone is suffering.

Just remember that most of the people you run into have more difficult lives than yours, so show them with generosity some COMPASSION if needed, it does not cost a thing. Have a happy & peaceful summer everyone 🙂 !

The Wednesday thought

Courage to go up!

Hello again with positive vibes! I have chosen another word for you, taken from my life experience and from everything I have seen so far. Many of the people I know, in my home country but not only, have a certain degree of fear. They stay in the same job for years, even if they like it or not; they remain in relationships based on fear and not on happiness, as they are afraid to take a small risk and find maybe the right person or just to eliminate what does not bring them happiness, health or good vibes. Too many people live with a constant fear or worry and the choices that they make are not supporting their real happiness. So, my word is Courage.

This does not mean to take out your sword and attack anything that looks like an enemy. It means that sometimes you need Courage to clean up a bit your life and reassess your values or just follow what makes you happy. Of course, it is not comfortable and it is a risk. But do like me – take a small risk, after you are sure that it is the best choice. You are always backed up by your guardian angel so whatever you do, you are not alone. Keep the faith and remember that you have the right to be happy, to have what you deserve in your career or the best health; if you feel that something is missing, think, analyse and try to see some ways through which you could improve your life-segment that needs help.

Keep Courage in your heart and rememeber that what is coming is better than what was going. Faith and courage will support you in getting the life you deserve – the right partner, the best job, the perfect health, true friends or everything else that is not quite right in your life. Your eyes should stay wide open and try to force yourself to have positive thoughts – you attract what you think of.

Have just the Courage to live well and know your value; this way, everything else will just fit like in a puzzle. Good luck and ”bon courage”!

Healthy forests and water – celebrated on 21&22 March Ziua internationala a padurilor si ziua internationala a apei

Water in all its shapes and forms is what creates still and will hopefully will forever create for us health, beauty, balance, divinity, mind relaxation and emotional awareness or whatever is inspiring each of you. It is difficult to just define water as H2O or a forest by ”just a bunch of trees”; we all know water and forests are much more than that and this is proved by a history of more than 3.000 years, Terra being so far 100% the only planet with usable water resources, not to talk about the amazing forests and green areas we have here and we should cherish, just like we cherish our families and friends as we could not survive wihout breathing or drinking.

Like I was mentioning to you in an earlier article, I have been using the Ecosia search engine every day and I’ve just received a short message from them – ”your searches are planting trees in Brazil”. It is a small gesture from my side but it gives me back infinite happiness to know that I can do something good for anyone (like this Brazilian man in the video who reminds me a bit of my Grandpa who died and whose health and longevity may be from now on enhanced, thanks to these trees, too). A happy coincidence and a wondeful story about water and forests that I truly hope you could find some time to discover after you finish with all your daily tasks 🙂 Here below you have the link, sent to me by Ecosia:

Why this Brazilian farmer no longer cuts down trees – YouTube

Despite not being a doctor, I have been reading on a constant basis about general health and longevity for already 20 years; as I would not trust one single source of information, I always read things about health from different sources, in different languages to which is added my own experience about health, nutrition and general well-being. A very simple advice I would give all of you and that can apply to many situations when you have a head-ache is to drink a glass of water, mineral water would be just perfect. Many times, a lack of hydration at the level of your brain can easily cause nausea or low/medium headaches. Water is the best in this situation and, on a regular basis, try to eat enough water-food (like fruits, veggies) and drink enough non-alcoholic drinks – thinking of this photo above, aloe juices are also quite good IF there is not too much sugar inside.

Lake Ezezers, photo – courtesy of: Lake Ežezers | Latgale Tourism homepage

There are many things and stories I have also about forests, about water, some from my own experience and others I know from my family and friends. I have been walking and spending time in forests since I was small and every time it has felt like a magical experience. It is not only the trees, the landscape, the flowers, vegetation or birds. But a walk in the forest is a portion of health & immunity nobody can otherwise offer you – and it is for free. Cut a forest and you cut your own health. Stay true to yourself and grateful to your home land that welcomed your first steps just like any other lands where you have lived so far and respect Nature – it will give you back much more than respect, it will give you back infinite benefits and the promise of a true and eternal friend.

A few more photos connected to any of the two subjects of my little story here – I truly hope you can find some favourites or that many of these can make your day better and your life more meaningful.

Stay healthy, faithful to your hearts and stay away from anything that is fake and badly-targeted; escape this foggy & chaotic atmosphere by using your wisdom in order to benefit from your many qualities as many years as possible, in health and happiness. See you soon hopefully with other good ideas or stories 🙂

The Wednesday thought

Along with the winter holidays, there are so many words worth remembering. But, even with all the epidemic problems around, I think we should always keep a percentage of Joy inside of us. I know it is not the best moment for this; still, I consider that in moments which are more difficult or delicate for us or for others, the power of Joy should light our way at least to hope and faith that everything will be solved well.

Whatever you are going through, keep this faith with you; if you are sick or healthy, rich or modest, socially powerful or a simple citizen, the Joy for any little thing, for a big or a small success, for good news from your loved-ones or a kiss from your partner, can project you in a totally different dimension. No matter how is your life, do a simple exercise every day – save 5 minutes of your time to picture yourself in Joy; it can be imagining your dream house, finding the person you are looking for, winning at the Lottery, getting the job you wish for, becoming pregnant or anything else. Let the Joy find back the way to your heart and accompany it with positive images of what you wish or need for the present & future.

Good luck and a happy and healthy winter time!!

Colourful Spring in Luxemburg

primavara in Luxi


Hello everyone! I do not know which is your favourite season but mine is spring. It is the most precious moment of Mother Nature, in my opinion and we are never probably more spoiled by the Planet than during these months.

As Luxembourg has different landscapes than other cities where I lived, spring is settling a bit more slowly and lasts a bit longer which makes me happy as I can enjoy even more this time of the year.

Wiltz castle garden LuxLux pink chestnut Belair

Lux Echternach green area

I hope these photos will bring a bit of spring energy into your life and a bit of joy. I hope this spring will also be a starting point for you – to give more time and attention to your physical & emotional health, to your lifestyle, to your sleeping habits, to your nutrition and sport activities. It is well-known that everything the Nature has created can have a very positive effect on our health (seaside areas, forests, mountain regions, riversides) and these are simple things all of us can do constantly.

Lux ville glycineWiltz castle garden Luxi

Lux Echtern landscape

Look around and receive the spring magic in your lives – herbs, flowers, teas, salads, fresh air, landscapes, sunshine and everything else you like. Have a wonderful spring!


Salutare tuturor! Iata ca din nou simt nevoia sa scriu cate ceva despre primavara, anotimpul meu preferat. Asociez si ceva poze realizate de mine in micul Luxemburg ca sa va ofer putina relaxare primavaratica si voua. Sunt multe motive pentru care puteti profita de primavara- un nou inceput si schimbari pozitive in ce priveste sanatatea voastra fizica, sanatatea voastra emotionala, stilul de viata, nutritia, stilul de somn, activitatile sportive si asa mai departe. Sper sa gasiti inspiratie in tot ce va inconjoara si sa va imbunatatiti stilul de viata in fiecare primavara cate putin saptamana de saptamana. 

Priviti in jur si adoptati tot ce va pare interesant – ierburi, flori, ceaiuri, salate, aerul curat, peisaje, caldura soarelui si orice va inspira. Sper sa profitati din plin de aceasta primavara si de beneficiile naturii, oriunde ati locui. Sunt sigura ca in orice loc puteti gasi idei creative si modalitati sanatoase de a face constant ceva bun pentru sanatatea si sufletul vostru. In final, acestea conteaza cel mai mult, reprezentand baza unei vieti implinite si fericite.

Sper sa revin cu un articol similar cu poze infatisand frumoasele primaveri de acasa, din Romania, pentru ca de poze nu duc lipsa 🙂

O primavara frumoasa si sanatoasa tuturor!

Happy Days !

IMG_0246A nice snapshot from Porto, during my trip of last year. A joyful street in the centre with some nice decoration paper balls creating a happy corner. I hope it brings all of you a big smile!

Un moment placut in Porto, din timpul vacantei de anul trecut. O strada micuta si vesela in centru cu niste lampioane colorate care creau o atmosfera vesela si varatica. Sper sa va aduca un zambet vesel!

Paste Fericit! Happy Easter! Feliz Pascuas!



Paste Fericit cos


Va urez tuturor Paste Fericit, vitalitatea primaverii, sanatate, bucurii si sa primiti mereu vesti excelente! Sa aveti mereu inspiratia sa luati numai decizii bune si sa mergeti mereu de partea Luminii! Bucurati-va de primavara si de prezenta tuturor celor dragi, acestea sunt momente pe care le veti purta mereu in suflet.  Fiti fericiti & Christos a Inviat!


I wish all of you Happy Easter, vitality, health, joy and many good news! May you always take good decisions and always be on the side of the Light! Enjoy also this marvellous spring and the presence of all the people you love, these are things you’ll keep forever in your hearts.


A modern love story



Somebody I  appreciate a lot likes to write stories so I will publish here, step by step, a short story, written in French in the years 2000. I hope you will like it. This is the first episode 🙂


‘                                                      Une île – un amour pour la vie

Pablo Neruda “ Estoy mirando, oyendo, con la mitad del alma en la mar y la mitad del alma en la

                                                                             tierra, y con las dos mitades del alma miro el mundo”


‘’Cher Patrick,

Je ne suis pas certaine si tout est déjà fini ou c’est à peine maintenant que cette ‘symphonie bleue’ commence… Mais je suis convaincue que je m’en souviendrai pour toute ma vie et pour l’éternité qui viendra ensuite.

J’avais réussi à m’échapper – au moins pour une courte période de   l’été – de chez moi, de toutes les choses monotones qui me lèvent chaque matin – travail, responsabilités journalières, obligations familiales, même voisins trop insistants .… J’allais partir en vacances avec ma très bonne amie, Anne  et quitter Nice pour un temps – j’étais sûre que cela serait un joli cadeau pour moi et Anne…Cette fois, c’était un peu plus loin que j’avais imaginé  mais déjà je m’en sentais contente. Ce voyage exotique s’annonçait comme une escapade vraiment originelle qui allait nous offrir des moments inoubliables rien que pour nous!..   Justement deux bonnes amies qui étaient prêtes à goûter une petite escapade sur une belle île, dans une maisonnette qui appartenait à un ancien ami de Anne.

La mer des Caraïbes, un tableau bleu-turquoise immense, sans égale, un soleil en or, sensuel, envoûtant, tel un fruit mûr de mangue,  des noix de coco, des glaces spécifiques – les “piraguas”, même un carnaval local tapageur et coloré  avec des danses latino et des costumes joyeux partout ……je rêvais les yeux ouverts et Anne aussi. Elle s’était séparée de son fiancé il y avait presque deux mois et alors, pour toutes les deux, faire la belle  loin de tout semblait être simplement parfait. ‘