Prague, a romantic escape anytime

I have had the chance to see Prague for the first time this spring. Although it was full of people I managed to enjoy that romantic spirit of the city that I was looking for.

The weather was not the best but after two days the sun came out so the photos were much better. I managed to see a lot of famous, old spots and the castle area. I liked the old centre which is very picturesque and they deserve our appreciation for being able to keep and maintain unchanged all those small streets made of cubic stone and some really amazing buildings that have been beautifully renovated. I have also seen the Botanical Gardens of the university, the Music museum¬†and the famous beer-house ‘U Fleku’, hosting also the beer museum.

All in all, I liked it and, being also an eastern country, I felt like at home. To conclude, it is a great destination, especially for couples, and I recommend it to everyone, especially during April-September. The photos represent the Prague Castle and the Botanical Gardens.


Linia feroviara Anina-Oravita, patrimoniu unic in Romania


the heritage train line of Anina-Oravita, from the Banat region, Romania

linia de cale ferata de patrimoniu Anina-Oravita, Banat

This is an amazing region of Romania where natural landscapes marry harmoniously the industrial ‘belle epoque’ heritage, thus impressing all visitors with the unique and romantic tourist itinerary. It is a peaceful region, with a lot of greeny hills, nice people and great cultural and historical traces. A warm recommendation for any tourist !