The Health Minute – Sleep & immunity

Tilia flowers

All of us know that our health is strongly connected to the quality of our sleep. No matter of the age they have, everyone from 1 month until 101 years old needs enough sleep, in function of their needs. Sleep in closely connected to our immune system so, if we don’t sleep enough, we may certainly have a lower immunity and get sick very easily.

I know a lot of tricks for sleeping well and falling asleep easier that I share with my friends. For example, many plants can help, such as Verbena, Melissa, Tilia, Chamomilla, Mint just to quote the most important. Another element that can help is a daily intake of Mg., the only mineral that brings you calm & happiness.

My advice is that you try and sleep a minimum quantity of hours/night; I would recommend 8 for most of the people and to try and be active for the following 8h after waking up. Physical activity of any kind (even if you work in an office, try to stretch or move for 5min. every hour) helps you to get a bit tired when night comes and, thus, fall easier asleep. Starting from 9pm, stop doing things that distract too much your attention or put your brain to work too much. Stop watching the news, avoid talking to negative people and just focus on yourselves and to giving the body a rest – watch a cooking channel, water your plants, talk to an optimistic person and try to laugh, read something uplifting, if you have children you can do funny things together before their sleep, prepare a nice evening tea, have a massage with your partner, do a short relaxing meditation. These can be more mindful ways to guide you towards a good sleep.

I keep my fingers crossed for you; the healthier we are, the stronger we feel outside and inside and having constantly a good amount of sleep is the right path to staying young & have a long life. Please remember that a good day starts with a good night’s sleep 🙂 !!

The Health Minute Minutul de Sanatate

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Hello again! I come back with another interesting tip for your health. You know for sure that Echinacea (plant: Echinacea purpurea) is a famous plant original from North America, really useful for our immunity. You can find this plant prepared in different forms (tea, supplement, throat candies, creams, etc.) and you can adapt its usage to your own body.

Echinacea supports the general health in several ways:

– it fights against any type of cold/flu and prevents problems of the respiratory system

– it treats and prevents liver diseases

– it fights asthma

– it fights against urinary infections

– it diminishes oral problems

– it is efficient against the Herpex simplex virus, eczema, psoriazis, candida infection, etc. (it supports also the body against the Covid infection)

– it supports digestion.

You don’t need to wait to have such problems; for example, you can make a habit of drinking every week some echnacea tea, as a prevention and reinforcement of your general health. In the cold season Echinacea is excellent in combination with vitamin C or Zinc. Keep it in your diet and live long everyone!

The health minute Minutul de sanatate

chestnut puree in pack

Dear readers, 🙂 I thought I would share with you some health tips in short posts, like the present one. I am not a doctor but I have learnt a lot in the past 15 years about health in general, myself having a very healthy lifestyle and great immunity.

The tip of today is linked to those moments when you feel the need to eat something small or have a snack. Maybe you would be tempted by a cake. But don’t! I have a much better suggestion for you which is also sweet 🙂 This is the chestnut puree. It is cheap, healthy and it contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, fibers. I admire Jamie Oliver of course and I think whoever has tips about health, nutrition, longevity, etc. should share them with others. Eat this with trust – it will chase away your hunger and will give your body a lot of good things.

Take care of yourselves and see you soon with more health tips!! 🙂

One world day for bees

trees for bees 21mai

20 May is the world day dedicated to bees; you must remember this from my 2019 post.

I hope that everyone has started to appreciate more the bee products and be more attentive towards bees in general, as they are an important part in our lives.


Honey is well-known for its many benefits, so try to include it in your diet:

**  it reinforces the immunity

** it helps you to sleep better

** it improves your memory skills

**it nourishes skin and face (useful to be put in masks)

**it boosts your energy levels

**it strengthens the gum health

**it diminishes sinus problems and coughing issues

**it can be used to heal wounds (like aloe)

flori si albina

Besides these, there are still many so we could consider it a super-food (thanks Jamie Oliver!). I would advise everyone to try and use it fresh than cooked so as to keep all its content of vitamins.

For those who are interested in using honey also differently, here are some ideas; I am suggesting some healthy recipes but you can also ”travel” on the site and discover more original ideas with honey:

All the girls know that honey is also magical in cosmetics; I’be tried recently several products with honey content and I’ve been really happy with a hydrating lipstick containing honey. In general, products with natural extracts are much better for us when we talk about cosmetics as ur skin absorbs a lot from everything we apply on it. 

Here you can discover some original and useful facts about bees:


flori si albine

Stay healthy, stay wise, respect the bees and not only! Lots of health for you 🙂 😉

Anti-worry tips during difficult times

Medit garden peon

As I am sure everyone is trying to do their best during these tough times, I would like to share with you some of the tips that could help you chase away ”worry thoughts” coming your way during difficult times. 

++ One idea would be that whenever you feel stress approaching, start quickly a breathing session while you breathe more deeply (8 sec.) and repeat this exercise; also, you should manage to move every day, even if you stay inside the whole day, finding ways to stretch and move while doing your things – this will help you maintain a  good immunity and 🙂 stay cheerful

++ also, cleaning and making a bit or order is bringing you positive vibes; you can recycle newspapers, put some order in your wardrobe, wash dishes, use the vacuum, water the plants :), repaint a wall, wash textiles, put your kid’s toys in order….the more you see the space fresh and clean around you, the more your mental status will boost with optimism and wellbeing

++ another trick that is always working is..  Mr Bean 🙂 No matter what is happening around you, if you need a bit of laughter or joy, find the Mr Bean sketches on the internet and watch those that you like more – believe me,  it always works!! If you don’t like Mr Bean, then you can look for Charlie Chaplin, Fernandel, Jerry Lewis, Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy or anyone else;   you can also use this link for Mr. Bean, if you wish:                                             

++ cooking is also a great trick; even if you know to cook or not, choose a simple recipe and start to cook. Along the cooking steps, you will notice how you will focus more and more on the cooking ans less on other things; in the end, if your result is hopefully tasty you will see what an amazing feeling it gives – having something valuable that you have created yourself :). For anyone I guess, the recipe of ”Pancakes” is an easy start, I was taught to prepare these by my dad when I was 12 and I have not forgotten the recipe. In the photo is a Portokalopita Greek cake I have prepared recently. 

Portokalopita cake


++ gardening can be a great activity bringing you a lot of positive vibes – no matter if you have a garden or just a balcony, you can take care of some plants, grow some small veggies (onions, cherry tomatoes 😉 , small peppers, radishes, zucchini), strawberries or just some herbs like mint, rosemary, thyme. They do not need much effort and it will make you really happy to taste something good from time to time. Simple plants can also fit your apartment whether they have flowers or not, they will produce some oxygen and good mood for you every day.

Med gard arbre fleurs

++ drawing or painting alone or with your kids/family; you don’t need any talent, you can just use your imagination and use the colours you like. You can also try to use a colouring book or to copy a landscape 😉 from somewhere with your own hand. I have painted a whole wall in our apartment and seeing how I was advancing every day gave me a lot of good vibes and confidence in my talents

++ also keep in mind that if you don’t drink enough liquids, it could create a bit of stress and head-aches; so remember to drink every day min. 1 l of healthy drinks – teas, a bit of coffee, water, mineral/spring water, fruit juice (but no Fanta), coconut water, carrot juice, non-alcoholic beer – these will keep you 🙂 in super-shape!

Besides these ideas, there are many other things you can still do – dancing, reading something motivating, talking on the phone, spending time with your loved ones and from time to time try to still go out and take some fresh air in spots where you know you will not be meeting people and where the air is fresh and clean. 

Spring support against the disease !

14mar rosemary in Lu

My dear readers, in these stressful times when I also have to adapt together with my loved-ones in order to keep us safe, I wish to try at least to bring some smiles for your faces. No matter on which side you are, my good thoughts are going also to all of you – I hope you find the necessary material and emotional support you to heal if you have a problem and to stay healthy and stay motivated to go on safely with your lives.

Practically, I would advise to do exactly what you would have done in any other similar situation – keep your immunity strong, eat healthy food (garlic, ginger and onion are excellent friends), avoid crowded places, put a bigger emphasis on individual hygiene and safety, move still every day in a safe spot, keep your brain active and stay optimistic! We are stronger than the problems that arise along our life; give a helping hand or at least some supporting words to your elders as much as possible and also to the doctors you know – thanks to them we are living today! With a lot of attention, healthy nutrition, better self-hygiene and wiser attitudes, any of us can live through this difficult moment with no negative effects so please remember that your LIFE and HEALTH are essential so take very good care of yourselves and stay positive and strong!                                                         GOOD HEALTH to everyone!!


floricele cart Belair mart2020

Va scriu dragi cititori sa va urez sincer multa sanatate tuturor, indiferent de varsta voastra! Va rog mult sa aveti grija cand iesiti afara din casa si incercati sa va protejati fata si mainile cu o masca si manusi sau cu orice altceva ce este la fel de eficient. Si pentru mine este foarte greu mai ales ca am si un puiut mic care are nevoie de aer si de soare insa incerc cat pot sa gasesc cele mai bune solutii ca sa putem trai aceasta perioada intr-un mod sanatos, sigur si totusi placut. 


IMG_0372 Ode to the daffodils mar2020 Lu vi

Rozmarinul este excelent ca ingredient al unui sapun antibacterian- va sfatuiesc sa folositi cu incredere gel sau sapun pe baza de rozmarin, propolis sau salvie. De asemenea pentru a distruge orice microbi, folositi si spirt medicinal pentru maini si pentru voi si pentru varstnici si copii (prima poza din articol). 

Va trimit ganduri bune tuturor – celor care au probleme de sanatate pentru a se vindeca repede si cat mai usor, doctoritelor si doctorilor care depun eforturi mari in aceasta perioada pentru a se ocupa de cei bolnavi si pentru a avea grija si de sanatatea proprie, de cei sanatosi care trebuie sa ajute pe altii sau sa se ocupe de ei si de familiile lor si pentru oricine simte aceasta perioada ca fiind dificila. Este dificil sa ne adaptam la ceva periculos si invizibil dar este mai bine sa prevenim decat sa tratam si va rog nu uitati –  VIATA si SANATATEA voastra conteaza, este cel mai de pret lucru.

IMG_0421 mart2020 violete Cast Ans

Stati cat puteti in casa, profitati de balcon sau gradina daca aveti, ocupati-va de curatenia de primavara, intariti-va imunitatea cu mancare sanatoasa, vitamine simple & ceaiuri naturale, incercati o reteta simpla si gustoasa, incercati sa lucrati la distanta pentru serviciu (daca puteti), deschideti fereastra sa auziti pasarile cantand si amintiti-va sa va protejati fata si mainile cand trebuie sa iesiti.    SANATATE MULTA TUTUROR!!

Tea for amazing health Ceaiul pentru sanatate deplina

tavita ceai

Tea is one of my great loves, concerning my lifestyle and health. I usually drink at least three big mugs per day and am very lucky compared to my grandparents, I would say. In their times, you could mostly find camomile, mint, marigold and lime tree. Nowadays, I have hundreds of combinations of plants, herbs, dry fruits, even cocoa,  lavender, hibiscus, ginger or curcuma, pepper, flower petals and God knows how many others that I haven’t tried.

hibiscus roz


Why I choose to recommend this drink to you? You can still drink your coffee or beer but tea is even better; maybe most of you associate it with sickness which is partially correct. But it is no longer the case. Besides the hydration which is essential to every one of you, there are also polyphenols and other natural chemical substances that offer your body what it needs to stay healthy – maintain a god functioning of the stomach or heart, complete the water level of the body (usually at least 70%), relax the body&mind and lower the blood pressure. These are just a few benefits but they can do much more for you if you also consider that ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ 🙂  



I could add that certain teas (green tea, black tea, white tea, rooibos tea) have themselves new properties and amazing effects on your physical and emotional health; remember also that certain types of tea have their special moment of the day when it is best to drink them. For example, I could suggest that you drink the ones mentioned in this paragraph in the morning, excepting maybe the rooibos one. If you like to add honey, you should wait till they are just warm; otherwise the hot water destroys all the nutritional substances of honey. 


petale ceai


Concerning emotional health – I find it equally important to the general health overview of anyone…If everyone were 100% healthy, there would be less crimes, less violence, less problems in the world, believe my words. So, the process itself of preparing a tea can help you relax-  heating up the fresh water, preparing the ingredients, choosing the honey, brown sugar or maple syrup, looking for your favourite mug and find a cosy corner where to enjoy it fully. This ritual  needs a bit of time&patience and will help you to de-stress and have a small break, a Zen moment in the crazy speed of your day, a moment for you&your soul to rest, relax and fill up your body&mind with a bit of magic, with a small longevity pill, with a bit of pampering treat 🙂 

happy tea box trandafiri.jpg

I could still write but it’s time for my third tea today -I have already drunk a mint one and a ‘three ginger one’, ginger being very helpful for a healthy circulation too.  The Passiflora and Verbena teas are excellent for relaxation and anti-stress and lavender, orange tree leaves, thyme, rosemary teas can be your friends before sleeping or to reinforce your general health.

passifloraPassiflora flower

Enjoy successfully 2019 with 2019 cups or mugs of tea & lots of true love..when you share it with someone special and trust the healing and relaxing powers of Nature around you !

International Day of Sleep 16 martie – Ziua Internationala a Somnului

I don’t know who has heard of this event but I would like to share it with you. It seems that the 16th of March was chosen to celebrate the benefits of healthy sleeping.         

Even if I am no doctor, I can tell you honestly that sleep is one of the best ways to stay healthy and strong; this does not mean that you can sleep 10 hours and then go and eat cheese burgers and fries because this is not the solution. But, together with a good diet, emotional health and some active time, it builds up the way to live long and well.

For some more info you can have a look on the official website:                


Ending this little article, I would say that the most important advantage of getting enough sleep is that it is boosting the immunity and supporting the brain; so try to use wisely the hours of a day for work, sleep and relaxation and may you live happily 100 years, never forgetting about love, which is always the best 🙂 !



baby sleeping


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