The Health Minute – Sleep & immunity

Tilia flowers

All of us know that our health is strongly connected to the quality of our sleep. No matter of the age they have, everyone from 1 month until 101 years old needs enough sleep, in function of their needs. Sleep in closely connected to our immune system so, if we don’t sleep enough, we may certainly have a lower immunity and get sick very easily.

I know a lot of tricks for sleeping well and falling asleep easier that I share with my friends. For example, many plants can help, such as Verbena, Melissa, Tilia, Chamomilla, Mint just to quote the most important. Another element that can help is a daily intake of Mg., the only mineral that brings you calm & happiness.

My advice is that you try and sleep a minimum quantity of hours/night; I would recommend 8 for most of the people and to try and be active for the following 8h after waking up. Physical activity of any kind (even if you work in an office, try to stretch or move for 5min. every hour) helps you to get a bit tired when night comes and, thus, fall easier asleep. Starting from 9pm, stop doing things that distract too much your attention or put your brain to work too much. Stop watching the news, avoid talking to negative people and just focus on yourselves and to giving the body a rest – watch a cooking channel, water your plants, talk to an optimistic person and try to laugh, read something uplifting, if you have children you can do funny things together before their sleep, prepare a nice evening tea, have a massage with your partner, do a short relaxing meditation. These can be more mindful ways to guide you towards a good sleep.

I keep my fingers crossed for you; the healthier we are, the stronger we feel outside and inside and having constantly a good amount of sleep is the right path to staying young & have a long life. Please remember that a good day starts with a good night’s sleep 🙂 !!

The health minute – Minutul de sanatate

I know you will laugh but it is fine; I also did not know all these interesting details about the common…..carrot. The truth is that it contains plenty of good things for our health – not only the well-known vitamin A. Listen here my friends: it contains also vitamin C and many antioxidants, fibers and also B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 (folate- good also for pregnant ladies and small children), vitamin E, vitamin K, Ca, Fe, Mg, K, Mn, Zn and some natural water. It helps the immunity, the heart, the blood circulation, it stimulates the metabolism, decreases the cholesterol and fights against several types of cancer. Plus, it boosts our optimism on rainy days with its amazing and cheerful colour. Have I convinced you? One simple carrot, of course cutivated healthily, is a health-bomb. If you want to enjoy your life (for sure you must have many reasons to live long and to live happily) put the carrots on your list; I use them in juices, salads, cooked meals or just simply washed as a snack at the beach (ooo, who will have the best suntan? 🙂 Stay healthy and crunch carrots !

Stiu ca veti rade insa nu e problema; nu stiam nici eu de toate beneficiile morcovilor. Insa adevarul este ca banalul morcov este un miracol pentru sanatatea noastra si nu doar datorita beta-carotenului (vit. A). Puteti sa va alegeti din lista ce va ajuta mai bine: contine vitamina C si multi antioxidanti, fibre si de asemenea vitaminele B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 (folat – bun pentru viitoarele mamici si pentru copilasi), vit. E, K, Ca, Mg, K, Mn, Zn si ceva apa naturala. Morcovul sustine sistemul imunitar, buna functionare a inimii, circulatia sangelui si stimuleaza metabolismul, scade nivelul colesterolului si lupta impotriva mai multo tipuri de cancer. De asemenea, datorita culorii lui tonice, ne stimuleaza cu siguranta si optimismul 🙂 in zilele ploioase. V-am convins macar putin? Un simplu morcov, cultivat fara chimicale, este o bomba plina de sanatate. Daca vreti sa va bucurati de viata si sunt convinsa ca vreti, puneti morcovii pe lista voastra de instrumente magice. Eu ii folosesc in sucuri, salate, mancaruri gatite sau pur si simplu cruzi ca o gustare la plaja (haha, cine va avea cel mai frumos bronz?) Sanatate multa tuturor si rontaiti morcovi!

The Wednesday thought

Hello again everyone! I hope this new post finds all of you in perfect shape.

This time I wish to propose another word, as important as the previous ones. This one is ”safety” and you should keep in mind that, in today’s world, you should all stay safe no matter what. Life is beautiful and we must enjoy it, remember of course the famous ”Carpe diem”. In general myself I have had the luck to live amazing experiences and many happy and fun moments but I’ve never put my life in danger for anything; this is my own creed but I think it can be useful also for you. Enjoying life with wisdom is a good target to follow, if you also want to reach a golden age. What else can I add? Avoid any dangers, cultivate your health, stay young (body and spirit), travel safely and stay away from strange people. Unfortunately human race is worse than animals (sorry but this is the pure truth) – humans, despite animals, kill for no reason..and I think you don’t need any examples for that. This is horrible.

Now, back to optimism – take care of yourselves, stay safe, plan long-term ahead, keep your confidence in your destiny and your angels will guide you always on the best, safe, right path. You can drink one, two glasses of wine but if you drink the whole cannot be safe anymore. I hope you’ll keep something in mind from this advice and I hope to see you again …when you’re reaching 100 years old with a big cake in front of you 🙂 ! Keep in touch xxxx

Seaside spring impressions

Hello again from the virus-free seaside ! Spring in seascape areas is something completely magical. Trees are still in bloom and the sea water is coldish; the beaches are empty and you feel like the king of the sea. Sunny days are great and that specific iodine air is filling your lungs with the powerful healthy energy of the sea. What can you wish for more?

Wild goose flying

You may run into wild geese, lazy cats or dogs, seagulls, swallows or even little fish in the waves that are welcoming you naturally in their environment, still calm in May. Simple moments of life which become amazing when you realise that you are the only spectator.

There are algae here and there and so many shiny stones and shells that you feel you’re walking on some beaches in Greece; the healthy sea smell is reaching your nose and you see a little bar where they prepare the famous ”hamsii” 🙂 you cannot be wrong, this is the Black Sea, the amazing, calm and relaxing seaside of Eastern Europe.

And there is a lost person walking somewhere further thinking about you as ”another crazy tourist” when they see you alone on the sand…. But you don’t care at all, you are the master of the seaside, everything is all yours! The sunshine is perfect, the sand is fine like face powder, the sea boasts some amazing shades of turquoise, dark blue and grey and you decide to taste the famous ”hamsii”. Houuh, the wind is blowing with strength and your hat is running away 🙂 🙂

Wow, some trees are still in bloom and it feels that spring still has a long way to go; but it has got warm enough for one good icecream! Some waves grow bigger and bigger and there is a nice beach corner where you can eat the icecream in calm; hopefully the lazy cat will not disturb you. Take some photos before the wind starts again to blow. This moment is perfect, a blend of spring and summer, a mixture of land and water and a combination of happiness and melancholy – breathe in this air, fill your lungs with the sea salty particles, add some more joy and love in your heart and may these seaside impressions bring you positive energies for the whole year!

Healthy forests and water – celebrated on 21&22 March Ziua internationala a padurilor si ziua internationala a apei

Water in all its shapes and forms is what creates still and will hopefully will forever create for us health, beauty, balance, divinity, mind relaxation and emotional awareness or whatever is inspiring each of you. It is difficult to just define water as H2O or a forest by ”just a bunch of trees”; we all know water and forests are much more than that and this is proved by a history of more than 3.000 years, Terra being so far 100% the only planet with usable water resources, not to talk about the amazing forests and green areas we have here and we should cherish, just like we cherish our families and friends as we could not survive wihout breathing or drinking.

Like I was mentioning to you in an earlier article, I have been using the Ecosia search engine every day and I’ve just received a short message from them – ”your searches are planting trees in Brazil”. It is a small gesture from my side but it gives me back infinite happiness to know that I can do something good for anyone (like this Brazilian man in the video who reminds me a bit of my Grandpa who died and whose health and longevity may be from now on enhanced, thanks to these trees, too). A happy coincidence and a wondeful story about water and forests that I truly hope you could find some time to discover after you finish with all your daily tasks 🙂 Here below you have the link, sent to me by Ecosia:

Why this Brazilian farmer no longer cuts down trees – YouTube

Despite not being a doctor, I have been reading on a constant basis about general health and longevity for already 20 years; as I would not trust one single source of information, I always read things about health from different sources, in different languages to which is added my own experience about health, nutrition and general well-being. A very simple advice I would give all of you and that can apply to many situations when you have a head-ache is to drink a glass of water, mineral water would be just perfect. Many times, a lack of hydration at the level of your brain can easily cause nausea or low/medium headaches. Water is the best in this situation and, on a regular basis, try to eat enough water-food (like fruits, veggies) and drink enough non-alcoholic drinks – thinking of this photo above, aloe juices are also quite good IF there is not too much sugar inside.

Lake Ezezers, photo – courtesy of: Lake Ežezers | Latgale Tourism homepage

There are many things and stories I have also about forests, about water, some from my own experience and others I know from my family and friends. I have been walking and spending time in forests since I was small and every time it has felt like a magical experience. It is not only the trees, the landscape, the flowers, vegetation or birds. But a walk in the forest is a portion of health & immunity nobody can otherwise offer you – and it is for free. Cut a forest and you cut your own health. Stay true to yourself and grateful to your home land that welcomed your first steps just like any other lands where you have lived so far and respect Nature – it will give you back much more than respect, it will give you back infinite benefits and the promise of a true and eternal friend.

A few more photos connected to any of the two subjects of my little story here – I truly hope you can find some favourites or that many of these can make your day better and your life more meaningful.

Stay healthy, faithful to your hearts and stay away from anything that is fake and badly-targeted; escape this foggy & chaotic atmosphere by using your wisdom in order to benefit from your many qualities as many years as possible, in health and happiness. See you soon hopefully with other good ideas or stories 🙂

The Wednesday thought

This time I have selected the word Support for this post. I think that for everyone of us, in life Support is essential, reciprocally speaking of course. It is among the best things that one can be able to offer and receive equally, to and from people who matter to her/him or to anyone. Or it can also be books or a dog or anyhting actually that could represent a good support for someone in a moment of life. Sometimes oneself finds this Support inside herself/himself alone and this is also great. Thus, the good thing is to be able to find it and to feel it when you need it. Keep in mind also what someone wise once said: ”People may need Support when they deserve it the least”. So, depending on how tolerant or empathic you may choose to be, you can also make a small or a bigger effort towards someone in need who deserves it or not.

In any case, Support is important in life in my opinion, no matter what it is related to and if we manage to offer and to receive it in the moment when it is most needed, than we can consider ourselves very lucky. You may also think of faith, trust or belief in something, like a strong rock that can give you the force you need in any life situation. Whatever it may be represented by for you, find it and keep the support and, surely, offer some, with a happy heart. The health this brings to your body & mind is tremendous.

One world day for bees

trees for bees 21mai

20 May is the world day dedicated to bees; you must remember this from my 2019 post.

I hope that everyone has started to appreciate more the bee products and be more attentive towards bees in general, as they are an important part in our lives.


Honey is well-known for its many benefits, so try to include it in your diet:

**  it reinforces the immunity

** it helps you to sleep better

** it improves your memory skills

**it nourishes skin and face (useful to be put in masks)

**it boosts your energy levels

**it strengthens the gum health

**it diminishes sinus problems and coughing issues

**it can be used to heal wounds (like aloe)

flori si albina

Besides these, there are still many so we could consider it a super-food (thanks Jamie Oliver!). I would advise everyone to try and use it fresh than cooked so as to keep all its content of vitamins.

For those who are interested in using honey also differently, here are some ideas; I am suggesting some healthy recipes but you can also ”travel” on the site and discover more original ideas with honey:

All the girls know that honey is also magical in cosmetics; I’be tried recently several products with honey content and I’ve been really happy with a hydrating lipstick containing honey. In general, products with natural extracts are much better for us when we talk about cosmetics as ur skin absorbs a lot from everything we apply on it. 

Here you can discover some original and useful facts about bees:


flori si albine

Stay healthy, stay wise, respect the bees and not only! Lots of health for you 🙂 😉

Martisorul romanesc zboara catre primavara! The Romanian Martisor is flying towards spring!

Martisorul din nou! Stiu ca am mai scris despre el insa sper sa nu va suparati. M-a distrat mereu orice traditie romaneasca simpatica, mai ales daca este si aducatoare de energii pozitive.

Pe langa Martisor, mereu m-a distrat si anecdotele cu Babele, aduse in discutie de bunica mea trasnita, inca din copilaria mea in Bucuresti. De aceea, mereu pe 28 februarie imi aleg baba si astept sa vad daca am parte de soare!


Martisor flori

sursa poza:

Martisoarele au adus mereu o raza de soare la inceputul primaverii si nu numai pentru noi dar si pentru altii, aproape de noi, fie ei bulgari, moldoveni, polonezi. Rosul este din vechime asociat in multe culturi diferite ale lumii cu fericirea, dragostea, viata si este prezent si in cultura noastra la martisoare si nu numai.


Martisoare tricot

sursa poza:


Va urez o primavara frumoasa si plina de fericire !!  🙂


This post is about a nice tradition we have at home – the Martisor. It is usually offered to women on the 1st of March but, some people also offer it to men who wear the red&white thread.  This tradition is also present in other Eastern European countries and is considered to bring, through this little symbol, health and love to the person receiving this Martisor.

I wish all of you a great spring with top health and lots of happiness! 🙂

P.S. Informatii preluate de pe

‘Comitetul Interguvernamental al UNESCO pentru Salvgardarea Patrimoniului Cultural Imaterial a votat, la 6 decembrie 2017, înscrierea Practicilor culturale asociate zilei de 1 Martie (Mărțişorul) – dosar multinațional coordonat de România și elaborat împreună cu Republica Moldova, Macedonia de Nord și Republica Bulgaria – în Lista Reprezentativă a Patrimoniului Cultural Imaterial al Umanității. Reuniunea a avut loc la Jeju (Republica Coreea), în perioada 4-9 decembrie 2017.’ Felicitari Romaniei, Moldovei, Bulgariei si Macedoniei pentru aceasta reusita!!

In this small paragraph I am copying some news found on the website of the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry; the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Commitee voted at the end of 2017 the registration of the ‘Martisor-1st of March’ cultural tradition (file coordinated by Romania together with the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia) in the Representative List of the Immaterial Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Congratulations to Romania and all the other countries for this amazing success!

Tea for amazing health Ceaiul pentru sanatate deplina

tavita ceai

Tea is one of my great loves, concerning my lifestyle and health. I usually drink at least three big mugs per day and am very lucky compared to my grandparents, I would say. In their times, you could mostly find camomile, mint, marigold and lime tree. Nowadays, I have hundreds of combinations of plants, herbs, dry fruits, even cocoa,  lavender, hibiscus, ginger or curcuma, pepper, flower petals and God knows how many others that I haven’t tried.

hibiscus roz


Why I choose to recommend this drink to you? You can still drink your coffee or beer but tea is even better; maybe most of you associate it with sickness which is partially correct. But it is no longer the case. Besides the hydration which is essential to every one of you, there are also polyphenols and other natural chemical substances that offer your body what it needs to stay healthy – maintain a god functioning of the stomach or heart, complete the water level of the body (usually at least 70%), relax the body&mind and lower the blood pressure. These are just a few benefits but they can do much more for you if you also consider that ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ 🙂  



I could add that certain teas (green tea, black tea, white tea, rooibos tea) have themselves new properties and amazing effects on your physical and emotional health; remember also that certain types of tea have their special moment of the day when it is best to drink them. For example, I could suggest that you drink the ones mentioned in this paragraph in the morning, excepting maybe the rooibos one. If you like to add honey, you should wait till they are just warm; otherwise the hot water destroys all the nutritional substances of honey. 


petale ceai


Concerning emotional health – I find it equally important to the general health overview of anyone…If everyone were 100% healthy, there would be less crimes, less violence, less problems in the world, believe my words. So, the process itself of preparing a tea can help you relax-  heating up the fresh water, preparing the ingredients, choosing the honey, brown sugar or maple syrup, looking for your favourite mug and find a cosy corner where to enjoy it fully. This ritual  needs a bit of time&patience and will help you to de-stress and have a small break, a Zen moment in the crazy speed of your day, a moment for you&your soul to rest, relax and fill up your body&mind with a bit of magic, with a small longevity pill, with a bit of pampering treat 🙂 

happy tea box trandafiri.jpg

I could still write but it’s time for my third tea today -I have already drunk a mint one and a ‘three ginger one’, ginger being very helpful for a healthy circulation too.  The Passiflora and Verbena teas are excellent for relaxation and anti-stress and lavender, orange tree leaves, thyme, rosemary teas can be your friends before sleeping or to reinforce your general health.

passifloraPassiflora flower

Enjoy successfully 2019 with 2019 cups or mugs of tea & lots of true love..when you share it with someone special and trust the healing and relaxing powers of Nature around you !

World Food Day-16 October *** Ziua Mondiala a Alimentatiei -16 Octombrie


It started more or less with Jamie Oliver’s amazing energy and creativity to promote healthy food so later, I decided to celebrate this day every year. Besides our genetical heritage and other factors, food has an essential role in preserving our health, youth and active longevity. That’s why, I think that a good diet together with being active can be the basis for perfect health, which is worth all the richnesses in the world.  Besides this, the way we eat is also important, for us and this wonderful planet that supports all of us.

I have a healthy suggestion for the meatless Fridays, that is easy to prepare and very tasty, so everyone can prepare it in a samba rhythm anytime. It is an omelette combined with a simple guacamole.

You need 3 eggs, a softer avocado, some harder cheese, some garlic, a bit of lemon juice and some salt. For the omelette, you start with beating the eggs, then adding the salt and putting them in the pan; after some minutes, you can add the cheese (small cubes or sliced) and watch them cook, so that it doesn’t get burnt. With the avocado, collect the whole pulps, mix them well with a fork, add the lemon juice and garlic (which you’ve already cut) and mix well again. When the omelette is ready, put it on a nice plate with the guacamole and if you also eat bread, you can grill some slices of brown bread – my favourite. The result is tasty, very healthy and nicely coloured- if you also have kids!         Enjoy your meal!


Bineinteles ca am aflat de aceasta zi cu tema gastronomica de la simpaticul Jamie Oliver si apoi am decis sa o sarbatoresc an de an, pregatind ceva simplu sau special. In afara de gene si alti factori, hrana zilnica are un rol esential pentru pastrarea sanatatii, tineretii si pentru o longevitate activa. O dieta buna alaturi de un stil de viata activ sunt secretul unei vieti sanatoase, care valoreaza mai mult decat orice bogatii.

Sugestia mea pentru o zi de vineri fara carne este o combinatie sanatoasa si usor de preparat de oricine, in ritm de dans! Am ales o omleta cu branza combinata fericit un guacamole simplu, facut in casa.

Aveti nevoie de trei oua, un avocado copt, niste branza mai tare, usturoi, putin suc de lamaie si niste sare. Pentru omleta, bateti ouale bine si adaugati sarea, apoi puneti-le in tigaie; dupa cateva minute, adaugati branza (o puteti marunti cum doriti) si apoi continuati sa le gatiti cu atentie, ca sa nu se arda. In ce priveste avocado-ul, adunati toata pulpa, amestecati bine cu o furculita pana devine o pasta; apoi adaugati sucul de lamaie si usturoiul (taiat deja) si amestecati din nou foarte bine. Cand omleta e gata, puneti-o pe o farfurie draguta impreuna cu guacamole si, daca mancati paine in general, cu cateva felii de paine neagra – preferata mea. Rezultatul final este gustos, foarte sanatos si frumos colorat – daca aveti si copii.     Pofta buna!