Wednesday’s Photos – Wordless Wonderful Wednesday

Love is all around

Zen afternoon

Time for a nap

We’re happy for guests!!

Swimming to keep fit

Who wants to hear the latest news ?

Beauty has nothing to do with age

Finally…. at home

The Wednesday thought

Courage to go up!

Hello again with positive vibes! I have chosen another word for you, taken from my life experience and from everything I have seen so far. Many of the people I know, in my home country but not only, have a certain degree of fear. They stay in the same job for years, even if they like it or not; they remain in relationships based on fear and not on happiness, as they are afraid to take a small risk and find maybe the right person or just to eliminate what does not bring them happiness, health or good vibes. Too many people live with a constant fear or worry and the choices that they make are not supporting their real happiness. So, my word is Courage.

This does not mean to take out your sword and attack anything that looks like an enemy. It means that sometimes you need Courage to clean up a bit your life and reassess your values or just follow what makes you happy. Of course, it is not comfortable and it is a risk. But do like me – take a small risk, after you are sure that it is the best choice. You are always backed up by your guardian angel so whatever you do, you are not alone. Keep the faith and remember that you have the right to be happy, to have what you deserve in your career or the best health; if you feel that something is missing, think, analyse and try to see some ways through which you could improve your life-segment that needs help.

Keep Courage in your heart and rememeber that what is coming is better than what was going. Faith and courage will support you in getting the life you deserve – the right partner, the best job, the perfect health, true friends or everything else that is not quite right in your life. Your eyes should stay wide open and try to force yourself to have positive thoughts – you attract what you think of.

Have just the Courage to live well and know your value; this way, everything else will just fit like in a puzzle. Good luck and ”bon courage”!

La Multi Ani Romania – 100 de ani! Happy Birthday Romania 1918-2018 !

Happy Birthday my little Romania, thank you for the education & my schools, for my great teachers, my lovely Grandma&all my people, my first kisses & parks where I was sometimes skipping classes just to enjoy the sunshine, my first cassettes with MJ, the English interschool contests where I always got to the next level, the high-school parties where I was dancing till dawn, Mita&co with their song ‘Vino mai aproape’, Vama Veche, Smiley and many others, the Stavropoleos church where I was spying on Tudor Chirila, the basil&mint&lime icecream in the Old Centre…you are an imperfect country and me an imperfect but lovely Romanian. Still, I like you and am happy&proud to be born in my big&colourful city where I never got bored! I was not seeing myself evolve so nicely as a human, anywhere on this planet; thus, I am happy and try to shine every day, like a little Romanian star… yes, a very special one.

I had to leave from home to see that I had a great home….and Paulo Coelho was again right. Almost always, our treasure is closer than we think. The persons I loved most were from places very close to home, two amazing hearts born in Bulgaria and Hungary, two people that treated me like a little princess and whom I still love a lot. Time has passed but my soul has not forgotten all these wonderful memories – the Thassos island, Plovdiv, Balchik, Bucharest, Sinaia, Sibiu, Volos, Barcelona …magic has its unique ways and I am really very grateful for this happiness that has sculpted its way to my heart and for all the people I loved and love. Is anything better than sincere & amazing Love? I guess not.

I wish all of you to know such love as I have & no matter what you do, God bless you, to be happy and protected so that you can forever love&be happy 🙂 😉


Buna ziua din nou si imi cer scuze ca am intarziat cu acest articol, el era deja in forma de ciorna insa nu mai am timpul liber de dinainte…

Nu voiam sa las sa treaca ocazia fara sa adaug cateva cuvinte si impresii adunate in acesti ani de viata, atat acasa in Romania cat si in afara ei.

Cel mai important sfat pe care l-as da tuturor celor din Romania, indiferent de varsta, sex sau educatie este sa nu mai fie negativi, critici si nemultumiti in legatura cu tara, orasul, viata lor si ceea ce li se intampla. Am putut abia sa compar viata mea de acasa cu cea din alta tara dupa ce m-am mutat cu iubitul si am realizat cat de bine era totusi acasa, la mine in oras. Nu pot spune ca in vest este rau insa din multe puncte de vedere, totul este mai egoist, mai distant, mai fad…mai gol de esenta si de voie buna. Aici nimeni nu isi da buna ziua, nu se discuta in holuri sau la coada la magazin, se imbraca in negru si gri de parca fiecare zi merg la inmormantari, sunt zgarciti si creeaza spatii in care dai cu coatele de pereti, sunt egoisti si ciudati de te intrebi unde au trait…Sunt dezamagita sincer pentru ca imi imaginam ca oamenii& lucrurile in general sunt cel putin la fel de haioase sau placute ca acasa. Si este plin de tot felul de ciudati care au de toate si sunt nefericiti, crizati, stresati pentru ca de fapt viata lor e goala si plicticoasa si urata, cu toti banii lor. Cam asta am vazut in ultimii ani. Bogatia nu e egala cu fericire, cel putin pe aici.

Eu cu 10 euro in buzunar intr-o zi de joi (da,….ne vedeeem joi/ am urlaat dupa eeaaa) sunt mai fericita ca altul cu 5000 de euro salariul…O fi normal? Acasa toti dau buna ziua, vorbesc mult, e corect, dar se distreaza si elimina stresul, gatesc, danseaza si se imbraca in toate culorile. Bunicamea, la 89 de ani, se imbraca mai frumos ca un tip de 30 de ani de pe aici. Daca ai ghinionul sa iesi afara intr-o zi cu ploaie, nu stii ce e mai deprimant – vremea sau hainele celor de pe strada…noroc ca mai apar ici colo catei, pisici si veverite, ei mai salveaza peisajul urban.

Ca sa revin, Romania e un locsor cu probleme dar mult mai bun decat va imaginati; la voi acasa oriunde ati fi, va rog sa incepeti a aprecia ceea ce aveti- o tara fara teroristi ( e mare lucru), politicieni tampiti dar care nu pun bombe, vecini vorbareti dar care dau buna ziua si iti dau o ceapa daca ai nevoie, fete imbracate colorat in metrou, baieti care inca mai cumpara buchete de flori, cladiri frumoase si injuraturi in trafic (asta nu imi place) dar sa avem rabdare, noi macar urcam panta, aici ei deja o coboara.

Castel Pelespeisaj dealuri RoAceasta se vrea a fi o pledoarie pentru o Romanie in schimbare si cu problemite multiple, dar o tara mai vesela decat credeti, mai accesibila, mai educata si mai permisiva decat in vest si nu va mint. Imi e dor des de Bucuresti si de restul locurilor mele (5inaia, Constanta, Vama Veche, Busteni, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Campina, Giurgiu, Navodari, Arges, Buzau, Iasi, Baile Herculane) insa nu am plecat de tot, revin constant acasa si ma bucur de micile mele ritualuri. Cred ca dupa o perioada o sa ma intorc definitiv, cand voi fi realizat cateva lucruri frumoase si pe aici, poate intre timp mai colorez peisajul, cu putin ajutor de la cine stie cine.

La Multi Ani Romania mea, iti multumesc pentru educatia&scolile mele, pentru profii mei tare simpatici, bunica&toti ai mei, primele saruturi&co, parcurile unde mai chiuleam, primele casete cu MJ, olimpiadele de engleza unde ma calificam mereu, petrecerile din liceu unde dansam pana dimineata, Mita cu ‘Vino mai aproape’, Vama Veche, Smiley si multi altii, biserica Stavropoleos unde il spionam pe Tudor Chirila, inghetata cu menta si busuioc din centrul vechi….(si e tarziu, mi-e somnic), esti o tara imperfecta si stresanta dar mie imi placi si sunt mandra&fericita ca m-am nascut in orasul meu mare si colorat, unde nu m-am plictisit niciodata! Nu ma asteptam sa am un asa nivel bun ca om, oriunde ma aflu, in afara tarii; sunt mandra si multumita ca sunt romanca si nu una oarecare.


PS I hope to bring the English version asap 🙂 Thank you!

Dreaming of Summer

Thassos islandMaybe you are also often dreaming of summer, more often in winter…or maybe not.  I think it is not only the craziness of seaside/ocean coast holidays or the obsession to get a sexy tan that is important. I guess that the unique summer spirit is that one we have when we hear seagulls fly over our heads, when that amazing Italian ice-cream from Matera is melting on our nose..or when that summer smile of a girl/boy we like is closer than we imagined… I think Summer is a state of mind, is a love for nature in its peak beauty, a stronger desire to connect with everything around or just a magical sensation that we are eternal, be it only for three months, if we count time from the Terra point of view. Otherwise, Einstein is right – Time is an illusion. But Summer no, it has never been an illusion; it is just the personification of our most joyful dreams. The photo is mine and I leave it to you to guess where I have taken it 🙂   Happy Daydreaming !

Poate si dvs. visati cu ochii deschisi la vara, mai des in timpul sezonului rece…sau poate nu. Eu cred ca nu este vorba neaparat de nebunia vacantelor la mare/pe coasta oceanului sau obsesia noastra de a ne bronza in fiecare vara. Eu simt ca acel spirit unic de vara este acela cand auzim pescarusii zburand deasupra noastra (chiar si in Bucuresti, ce noroc avem! ), sau cand acea inghetata perfecta din Matera (credeti-ma pe cuvant) se topeste pe nasul nostru…sau cand zambetul unei persoane care ne place mult este mai aproape decat ne-am imaginat…Cred ca Vara este o stare de spirit, este dragoste pentru natura in toata splendoarea ei, o dorinta puternica de a ne conecta cu tot ce este in jurul nostru, este magica senzatie de a ne simti nemuritori, fie si doar pentru trei luni, daca luam in considerare timpul Pamantului. Altfel, Einstein are dreptate- Timpul este o iluzie. Insa Vara nu, nu a fost niciodata o iluzie, este doar personificarea viselor noastre. Poza am facut-o undeva, langa o mare si va las sa ghiciti unde 🙂 Visati cu ochii deschisi!

the perfect dedication (sorry, it’s in Romanian, but it’s amazing) – is about the funny story of a guy who works like all of us in an office every week and is tired of the city-life…So he proposes to his friends&everyone to move at the seaside, coming up with funny ideas 🙂



A modern love story



Somebody I  appreciate a lot likes to write stories so I will publish here, step by step, a short story, written in French in the years 2000. I hope you will like it. This is the first episode 🙂


‘                                                      Une île – un amour pour la vie

Pablo Neruda “ Estoy mirando, oyendo, con la mitad del alma en la mar y la mitad del alma en la

                                                                             tierra, y con las dos mitades del alma miro el mundo”


‘’Cher Patrick,

Je ne suis pas certaine si tout est déjà fini ou c’est à peine maintenant que cette ‘symphonie bleue’ commence… Mais je suis convaincue que je m’en souviendrai pour toute ma vie et pour l’éternité qui viendra ensuite.

J’avais réussi à m’échapper – au moins pour une courte période de   l’été – de chez moi, de toutes les choses monotones qui me lèvent chaque matin – travail, responsabilités journalières, obligations familiales, même voisins trop insistants .… J’allais partir en vacances avec ma très bonne amie, Anne  et quitter Nice pour un temps – j’étais sûre que cela serait un joli cadeau pour moi et Anne…Cette fois, c’était un peu plus loin que j’avais imaginé  mais déjà je m’en sentais contente. Ce voyage exotique s’annonçait comme une escapade vraiment originelle qui allait nous offrir des moments inoubliables rien que pour nous!..   Justement deux bonnes amies qui étaient prêtes à goûter une petite escapade sur une belle île, dans une maisonnette qui appartenait à un ancien ami de Anne.

La mer des Caraïbes, un tableau bleu-turquoise immense, sans égale, un soleil en or, sensuel, envoûtant, tel un fruit mûr de mangue,  des noix de coco, des glaces spécifiques – les “piraguas”, même un carnaval local tapageur et coloré  avec des danses latino et des costumes joyeux partout ……je rêvais les yeux ouverts et Anne aussi. Elle s’était séparée de son fiancé il y avait presque deux mois et alors, pour toutes les deux, faire la belle  loin de tout semblait être simplement parfait. ‘