Un printemps au Luxembourg A spring in Luxembourg

As I have gathered a lot of nice photos from many springs that I have lived in Luxembourg, I wish to share with you some photographs. I took them in a place called Schlaifmillen, on the border of the Alzette river. It was in ancient times a cereal mill and nowadays it hosts a workshop for artists. The surroundings are very pastoral and you can walk around, on the border of the river or in the forest.

The photos were taken in the month of March when, slowly, everything was coming back to life. You can also see the river Alzette among these photos ans even some horses, that were a big surprise for our walk.

I hope you’ll like these photos and that they’ll give you a bit of this spring feeling from Luxembourg. Wherever you may be, enjoy everything the nature creates all around you, in any season. Good health and vitality to all of you!

Seaside spring impressions

Hello again from the virus-free seaside ! Spring in seascape areas is something completely magical. Trees are still in bloom and the sea water is coldish; the beaches are empty and you feel like the king of the sea. Sunny days are great and that specific iodine air is filling your lungs with the powerful healthy energy of the sea. What can you wish for more?

Wild goose flying

You may run into wild geese, lazy cats or dogs, seagulls, swallows or even little fish in the waves that are welcoming you naturally in their environment, still calm in May. Simple moments of life which become amazing when you realise that you are the only spectator.

There are algae here and there and so many shiny stones and shells that you feel you’re walking on some beaches in Greece; the healthy sea smell is reaching your nose and you see a little bar where they prepare the famous ”hamsii” 🙂 you cannot be wrong, this is the Black Sea, the amazing, calm and relaxing seaside of Eastern Europe.

And there is a lost person walking somewhere further thinking about you as ”another crazy tourist” when they see you alone on the sand…. But you don’t care at all, you are the master of the seaside, everything is all yours! The sunshine is perfect, the sand is fine like face powder, the sea boasts some amazing shades of turquoise, dark blue and grey and you decide to taste the famous ”hamsii”. Houuh, the wind is blowing with strength and your hat is running away 🙂 🙂

Wow, some trees are still in bloom and it feels that spring still has a long way to go; but it has got warm enough for one good icecream! Some waves grow bigger and bigger and there is a nice beach corner where you can eat the icecream in calm; hopefully the lazy cat will not disturb you. Take some photos before the wind starts again to blow. This moment is perfect, a blend of spring and summer, a mixture of land and water and a combination of happiness and melancholy – breathe in this air, fill your lungs with the sea salty particles, add some more joy and love in your heart and may these seaside impressions bring you positive energies for the whole year!

The Wednesday thought

Hello again everyone! This time I was thinking of a word that is inspired by Spring and everything it means to me, in nature, in society (traditions, celebrations) or individually. That is why I would choose the word Light.

Be it the sunlight or a spiritual light, we need it in our lives, especially when we may find ourselves in the dark. It is always on the cloudiest days that we realise how much we need the sunlight. It goes the same with our life. We are all flowers that need light to live, physically and emotionally.

Sometimes we look for it in photos, to catch an amazing angle and photograph the beauty of a place in sunlight. Other times, we find ourselves in a greyish context and we strive to go back to the right path, to the light. Wherever we may be, we should keep the benefit of walking in the light, in strength and force. Or we can just watch how a simple seed that we put in the soil flourishes thanks to light and water – just like a miracle.

Whichever moment you may be in, keep the light with you – on your desk when you write, in the kitchen when you cook, in your heart when you think and plan your life – and your whole life will be an expression of good, ripe crops and happiness. Share also your own Light with those you love and be grateful thus to enjoy a love that will last forever.

May the light and health of this spring guide you on the best path for this whole year!

Special places Locuri unice


Sighisoara Ro


I am very happy to see that Romania is also on this list; I have found this article on eva.ro and I copy it here for you also to enjoy these beautiful landscapes. I hope you like all of them but especially one – the one with Sighisoara, the small medieval town of Romania.

Have a happy and unique spring!


Ma bucur sa vad ca avem si noi un locsor in aceasta lista; am preluat imaginile de pe eva.ro, sper sa va placa. Insa sper sa va placa mai ales una – cea cu Sighisoara !

Sa va bucurati de o primavara frumoasa si unica!


My photo of another interesting place, the Zoo of Budapest

Baden castel

The Baden-Baden castle, my angle



Source of the first photo/Sursa primei pozei:








Colourful Spring in Luxemburg

primavara in Luxi


Hello everyone! I do not know which is your favourite season but mine is spring. It is the most precious moment of Mother Nature, in my opinion and we are never probably more spoiled by the Planet than during these months.

As Luxembourg has different landscapes than other cities where I lived, spring is settling a bit more slowly and lasts a bit longer which makes me happy as I can enjoy even more this time of the year.

Wiltz castle garden LuxLux pink chestnut Belair

Lux Echternach green area

I hope these photos will bring a bit of spring energy into your life and a bit of joy. I hope this spring will also be a starting point for you – to give more time and attention to your physical & emotional health, to your lifestyle, to your sleeping habits, to your nutrition and sport activities. It is well-known that everything the Nature has created can have a very positive effect on our health (seaside areas, forests, mountain regions, riversides) and these are simple things all of us can do constantly.

Lux ville glycineWiltz castle garden Luxi

Lux Echtern landscape

Look around and receive the spring magic in your lives – herbs, flowers, teas, salads, fresh air, landscapes, sunshine and everything else you like. Have a wonderful spring!


Salutare tuturor! Iata ca din nou simt nevoia sa scriu cate ceva despre primavara, anotimpul meu preferat. Asociez si ceva poze realizate de mine in micul Luxemburg ca sa va ofer putina relaxare primavaratica si voua. Sunt multe motive pentru care puteti profita de primavara- un nou inceput si schimbari pozitive in ce priveste sanatatea voastra fizica, sanatatea voastra emotionala, stilul de viata, nutritia, stilul de somn, activitatile sportive si asa mai departe. Sper sa gasiti inspiratie in tot ce va inconjoara si sa va imbunatatiti stilul de viata in fiecare primavara cate putin saptamana de saptamana. 

Priviti in jur si adoptati tot ce va pare interesant – ierburi, flori, ceaiuri, salate, aerul curat, peisaje, caldura soarelui si orice va inspira. Sper sa profitati din plin de aceasta primavara si de beneficiile naturii, oriunde ati locui. Sunt sigura ca in orice loc puteti gasi idei creative si modalitati sanatoase de a face constant ceva bun pentru sanatatea si sufletul vostru. In final, acestea conteaza cel mai mult, reprezentand baza unei vieti implinite si fericite.

Sper sa revin cu un articol similar cu poze infatisand frumoasele primaveri de acasa, din Romania, pentru ca de poze nu duc lipsa 🙂

O primavara frumoasa si sanatoasa tuturor!

A bit more Prague for breakfast !

Hello again everyone, greetings from me, the little fairy !

Seeing that my fellow-blogger is feeling so ”workingly romantic”, I have decided to post some more photos from the 🙂 romantic city of Prague. I took them during a romantic trip and sorry for the lack of sunshine….which, still, we had it in our hearts 🙂  I hope you like them and, as some tourism advice, go there better between May-September. 

The last photo is from my home country, from Mangalia, a nice town on the border of the Black Sea.

Tha IMG_5519IMG_5520IMG_5521IMG_5524IMG_5527IMG_5727

Martisorul The 1st of March

Martisorul is a very nice Romanian spring celebration that also exists in a few other countries. In general, men offer on this day little objects to any female persons in their lives as a sign of friendship and celebration of spring. It can be anything – little animals, flowers, birds, drawings, shells and it is even more valuable if it is handmade.

I hope that all of you will have nice surprises on the 8, some of you must have had already some on the very 1st – after all, any day is good to bring a smile for the people we love; even men can receive such a little thing, at least if we get inspired from our neighbours in Bulgaria 🙂              

I wish all of you a Magical Spring with good health, vitality and happiness near those special ones in your lives!


Desi cu o mica intarziere, am dorit sa scriu despre Martisor deoarece este una din cele mai frumoase traditii din Romania, dupa parerea mea. Stiu ca sunt subiectiva insa iubesc primavara si tot ceea ce simbolizeaza ea. De aceea, am asteptat mereu Martisorul cu bucurie, speranta, optimism si nerabdare, marcand in acelasi timp sfarsitul iernii, cel putin simbolic 🙂 Martisorul din imagine a fost colorat de mine cu ce am gasit prin sertare iar in alti ani am reusit sa imi fac timp sa creez propriile martisoare din diverse materiale.

Sper sa aveti cu totii parte de suprize in aceasta luna, poate ati avut pe 1 …poate veti avea pe 8 insa orice zi este binevenita in a aduce un zambet pe fata celor care conteaza pentru noi, desi martie e in general dedicata femeilor. Insa, daca vreti sa ii suprindeti si pe barbatii speciali din vietile voastre, cred ca pot primi si ei un martisor, dupa modelul vecinilor nostri bulgari  🙂 

Va urez o Primavara cu sanatate, vitalitate si fericire zi de zi alaturi de oameni dragi !


Paste Fericit! Happy Easter! Feliz Pascuas!



Paste Fericit cos


Va urez tuturor Paste Fericit, vitalitatea primaverii, sanatate, bucurii si sa primiti mereu vesti excelente! Sa aveti mereu inspiratia sa luati numai decizii bune si sa mergeti mereu de partea Luminii! Bucurati-va de primavara si de prezenta tuturor celor dragi, acestea sunt momente pe care le veti purta mereu in suflet.  Fiti fericiti & Christos a Inviat!


I wish all of you Happy Easter, vitality, health, joy and many good news! May you always take good decisions and always be on the side of the Light! Enjoy also this marvellous spring and the presence of all the people you love, these are things you’ll keep forever in your hearts.