Less plastic can save our health !

Less plastic day 3rd July


The 3rd of July is a day that is used for supporting people to use less plastic bags and I hope this amazing initiative will bear great fruits as soon as possible!

As I know too little about this fresh, amazing idea, please check this link to find out more:


Thanks for reading and please try also to reduce the plastic you use/buy every day with any little gesture, new tips or a small change in your lifestyle; this way you will help yourselves in having healthier and longer lives and also all the life forms around you.

Have a healthy, happy and amazing summer!



photo: Courtesy of https://www.plasticbagfreeday.org

International Day of Sleep 16 martie – Ziua Internationala a Somnului

I don’t know who has heard of this event but I would like to share it with you. It seems that the 16th of March was chosen to celebrate the benefits of healthy sleeping.         

Even if I am no doctor, I can tell you honestly that sleep is one of the best ways to stay healthy and strong; this does not mean that you can sleep 10 hours and then go and eat cheese burgers and fries because this is not the solution. But, together with a good diet, emotional health and some active time, it builds up the way to live long and well.

For some more info you can have a look on the official website:                


Ending this little article, I would say that the most important advantage of getting enough sleep is that it is boosting the immunity and supporting the brain; so try to use wisely the hours of a day for work, sleep and relaxation and may you live happily 100 years, never forgetting about love, which is always the best 🙂 !



baby sleeping


The photo belongs to: http://www.olgavuscan.ro

Let’s save our bees! Sa salvam albinele!

albinuta pe trandafir, RoI

I don’t know if you all know or if you care, but the European populations of bees are in danger for many years already.

The intensive agriculture, the use of pesticides, the legal or illegal cutting of trees or destroying of forests or fields, etc. have brought about the death of many generations of bees. these small amazing insects are doing many invisible tasks, without which our life on Earth would be much worse. They are in charge with all the ‘production’ of fruits and vegetables as they manage the pollen and thus, most of the flora species in Europe and the world. Not to say how useful and healthy are the results of their work – mainly honey, pollen, mother bee milk and the others also. If you want to help, please sign this petition:                              https://www.petitieonline.com/emb/175736    

 (it is in Romanian but in order, the empty spaces ask for your: surname, name, town, country, email and reason for signing-the big empty space).

You also have useful information for you or for small kids on this French website:      http://www.abeillessauvages.com/il-faut-sauver-les-abeilles/comment-aider-les-abeilles/#sthash.UDn6y0E2.dpbs 

Acest articol doreste sa atraga atentia problemelor cu care se confrunta populatiile de albine din Europa, deja de cativa ani buni.

Agricultura intensiva, folosirea pesticidelor, taierea legala sau ilegala de arbori, distrugerea padurilor sau a campurilor fertile, etc. au creat probleme grave care au dus la decesul multor generatii de albine. Cred ca stim cu totii ca, fara albine, nu am mai avea fructe si legume, ele fiind responsabile cu polenizarea. De asemenea, nu trebuie sa uitam cat de utile sunt pentru un stil de viata sanatos dar chiar si pentru vindecarea unor boli grave precum cancer, produsele albinutelor precum miere, polen sau laptisor de matca.

Lasand la o parte simpatica melodie ‘Albinutza’ a celor de la Voltaj, va rog frumos sa semnati aceasta petitie:   https://www.petitieonline.com/emb/175736      Si, daca, sunt printre dvs. persoane interesate sincer de acest subiect, va recomand acest site:            http://romapis.org/index.php   



World Food Day-16 October *** Ziua Mondiala a Alimentatiei -16 Octombrie


It started more or less with Jamie Oliver’s amazing energy and creativity to promote healthy food so later, I decided to celebrate this day every year. Besides our genetical heritage and other factors, food has an essential role in preserving our health, youth and active longevity. That’s why, I think that a good diet together with being active can be the basis for perfect health, which is worth all the richnesses in the world.  Besides this, the way we eat is also important, for us and this wonderful planet that supports all of us.

I have a healthy suggestion for the meatless Fridays, that is easy to prepare and very tasty, so everyone can prepare it in a samba rhythm anytime. It is an omelette combined with a simple guacamole.

You need 3 eggs, a softer avocado, some harder cheese, some garlic, a bit of lemon juice and some salt. For the omelette, you start with beating the eggs, then adding the salt and putting them in the pan; after some minutes, you can add the cheese (small cubes or sliced) and watch them cook, so that it doesn’t get burnt. With the avocado, collect the whole pulps, mix them well with a fork, add the lemon juice and garlic (which you’ve already cut) and mix well again. When the omelette is ready, put it on a nice plate with the guacamole and if you also eat bread, you can grill some slices of brown bread – my favourite. The result is tasty, very healthy and nicely coloured- if you also have kids!         Enjoy your meal!


Bineinteles ca am aflat de aceasta zi cu tema gastronomica de la simpaticul Jamie Oliver si apoi am decis sa o sarbatoresc an de an, pregatind ceva simplu sau special. In afara de gene si alti factori, hrana zilnica are un rol esential pentru pastrarea sanatatii, tineretii si pentru o longevitate activa. O dieta buna alaturi de un stil de viata activ sunt secretul unei vieti sanatoase, care valoreaza mai mult decat orice bogatii.

Sugestia mea pentru o zi de vineri fara carne este o combinatie sanatoasa si usor de preparat de oricine, in ritm de dans! Am ales o omleta cu branza combinata fericit un guacamole simplu, facut in casa.

Aveti nevoie de trei oua, un avocado copt, niste branza mai tare, usturoi, putin suc de lamaie si niste sare. Pentru omleta, bateti ouale bine si adaugati sarea, apoi puneti-le in tigaie; dupa cateva minute, adaugati branza (o puteti marunti cum doriti) si apoi continuati sa le gatiti cu atentie, ca sa nu se arda. In ce priveste avocado-ul, adunati toata pulpa, amestecati bine cu o furculita pana devine o pasta; apoi adaugati sucul de lamaie si usturoiul (taiat deja) si amestecati din nou foarte bine. Cand omleta e gata, puneti-o pe o farfurie draguta impreuna cu guacamole si, daca mancati paine in general, cu cateva felii de paine neagra – preferata mea. Rezultatul final este gustos, foarte sanatos si frumos colorat – daca aveti si copii.     Pofta buna!





Summer Smoothie Un smoothie de vara


As there are days which can be very hot and it’s a bit more difficult to eat classical meals, I would propose you the recipe of a smoothie.      I have put carrots, yellow melon, apples, kiwi, plums plus some honey, cinnamon and mineral water. Not only that it’s very tasty but it also protects your skin and eyes of the sun thanks to the vitamin A & vitamin C it contains.

Have a healthy and joyful summer!

Pentru ca stiu cum pot fi zilele de vara acasa, in Bucuresti, in Roma sau oriunde altundeva, va propun o reteta de smoothie pe care am incercat-o zilele acestea.

Am folosit morcovi, pepene galben, mere, kiwi, prune si ceva miere, putina scortisoara si apa minerala. Este foarte gustos si va protejeaza pielea si ochii datorita continutului de vitamina A si C.

Sa aveti o vara sanatoasa si vesela!