The Wednesday thought

This time there is another interesting word that was recurrently coming back to my mind. I can say that it is also worth keeping it in our mind when living and advancing with our lives.

The today’s word is Intuition. Its Oxford dictionary definition is this one: ”The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning ”. Its ethimological origin: the Late Middle English (denoting spiritual insight or immediate spiritual communication): from late Latin intuitio(n-), from Latin intueri – ‘consider’. 

Certaintly, many of you use it consciously or not, all the time but the best thing is that we can develop it with a bit of practice. I think we should listen to our heart as many times as necessary, it will always lead us towards the good way. Also, another useful tip – if you try something twice and it does not work out, leave it aside for a while, the energies may not be able to support you yet. I made this mistake many times and the result was bad, but if it can inspire you to improve the way you do things, it is still a good thing.

Using the current context of the world around us, I would strongly advice you to use your Intuition before you take any decision of introducing anything in your body (vaccine, serums, medicine) if you are not completely sure of ALL its side-effects on your health and your longevity.

May your guardian angel support your Intuition forever!

Pope Francisc in Romania

His Holiness Pope Francis is arriving in Romania on the 31st of May and is visiting not only the capital but also symbolical towns of our country. He will participate in several religious and diplomatic events and will also hold a special religious service on the Campia Libertatii in Blaj, for the Greek-Catholic Church there.

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Papa Francisc ajunge în România: agenda călătoriei apostolice acopera zilele 31 mai – 2 iunie 2019. Sala de presă a Sf. Scaun a anunțat astăzi programul detaliat al călătoriei apostolice pe care papa Francisc o efectuează în România în zilele 31 mai – 2 iunie 2019, sub genericul ”Să mergem împreună!”.

Gasiti mai multe informatii in articolul original de unde am preluat paragrafele de mai sus:

Felicit pe cei care au avut ideea organizarii acestei vizite spirituale care poate va marca un moment de comuniune spirituala intre ortodocsi si catolici.