The Health Minute – Sleep & immunity

Tilia flowers

All of us know that our health is strongly connected to the quality of our sleep. No matter of the age they have, everyone from 1 month until 101 years old needs enough sleep, in function of their needs. Sleep in closely connected to our immune system so, if we don’t sleep enough, we may certainly have a lower immunity and get sick very easily.

I know a lot of tricks for sleeping well and falling asleep easier that I share with my friends. For example, many plants can help, such as Verbena, Melissa, Tilia, Chamomilla, Mint just to quote the most important. Another element that can help is a daily intake of Mg., the only mineral that brings you calm & happiness.

My advice is that you try and sleep a minimum quantity of hours/night; I would recommend 8 for most of the people and to try and be active for the following 8h after waking up. Physical activity of any kind (even if you work in an office, try to stretch or move for 5min. every hour) helps you to get a bit tired when night comes and, thus, fall easier asleep. Starting from 9pm, stop doing things that distract too much your attention or put your brain to work too much. Stop watching the news, avoid talking to negative people and just focus on yourselves and to giving the body a rest – watch a cooking channel, water your plants, talk to an optimistic person and try to laugh, read something uplifting, if you have children you can do funny things together before their sleep, prepare a nice evening tea, have a massage with your partner, do a short relaxing meditation. These can be more mindful ways to guide you towards a good sleep.

I keep my fingers crossed for you; the healthier we are, the stronger we feel outside and inside and having constantly a good amount of sleep is the right path to staying young & have a long life. Please remember that a good day starts with a good night’s sleep ūüôā !!

The health minute Minutul de sanatate

chestnut puree in pack

Dear readers, ūüôā I thought I would share with you some health tips in short posts, like the present one. I am not a doctor but I have learnt a lot in the past 15 years about health in general, myself having a very healthy lifestyle and great immunity.

The tip of today is linked to those moments when you feel the need to eat something small or have a snack. Maybe you would be tempted by a cake. But don’t! I have a much better suggestion for you which is also sweet ūüôā This is the chestnut puree. It is cheap, healthy and it contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, fibers. I admire Jamie Oliver of course and I think whoever has tips about health, nutrition, longevity, etc. should share them with others. Eat this with trust – it will chase away your hunger and will give your body a lot of good things.

Take care of yourselves and see you soon with more health tips!! ūüôā

Journ√©e Mondiale Contre le Cancer Ziua Mondiala de Lupta contra Cancerului

Aujourd’hui est la journee mondiale de lutte et prevention contre le cancer.

En Europe et dans le monde, il y a trop de cas de cancers; il parait qu’en Europe dominent le cancer de sein, du poumon et du c√īlon. Je ne trouve pas que ce soit toujours g√©n√©tique et c’est sur que le style de vie de chacun compte √©norm√©ment.

Il y a un site avec des informations sur les cas en Europe pour qui veut voir un peu plus sur ce d√©tail; partout en Europe et dans le monde il y a des organisations, des fondations qui essaient de convaincre les gens que PREVENIR c’est GUERIR. Assurez-vous toujours d’avoir une bonne sante g√©n√©rale et gardez un style de vie sain et √©quilibr√©. Le cancer peut √™tre √©vit√© et il peut √™tre aussi vaincu.

Europe | The Cancer Atlas

Il y a aussi un livre que vous pouvez lire – ”Anti-cancer” – ecrit par David Servan-Schreiber, que j’ai lu il y a huit ans mais j’ai eu besoin de force pour pouvoir le lire…Quand vous avez un peu de temps et vous passez par une tr√®s bonne p√©riode, lisez-le; vous allez comprendre quelle √©norme chance vous avez – d’√™tre sain et sauf et de pouvoir faire tout ce que vous voulez, en comparaison avec des autres.

Anticancer: A New Way Of Life – David Servan-Schreiber (

Alors, quand vous pouvez vous le permettre, faites une donation ou soutenez cette cause avec du travail volontaire, il y a pleines de possibilit√©s partout – moi j’ai fait du travail b√©n√©vole pour la Fondation Cancer au Grand-Duch√© du Luxembourg et j’en suis tr√®s fi√®re. J’essaie de conseiller et d’encourager mes connaissances qui ont eu un cancer et qui doivent continuer de surveiller leur corps et leur sante, mais avec ceux qui sont partis, je ne plus rien faire…une tante, des amis, des oncles…Il y en a eu trop de monde que je connaissais qui est disparu a cause de ce fl√©au et j’esp√®re vraiment que des m√©thodes efficaces et des traitements cibl√©s strictement sur les tumeurs puissent vaincre ce probl√®me de sante si destructif. Si chacun de nous fait un peu ou apporte une toute petite main, cela comptera pour sauver des vies.

Une bonne santé pour toutes et pour tous!!

Less plastic can save our health !

Less plastic day 3rd July


The 3rd of July is a day that is used for supporting people to use less plastic bags and I hope this amazing initiative will bear great fruits as soon as possible!

As I know too little about this fresh, amazing idea, please check this link to find out more:

Thanks for reading and please try also to reduce the plastic you use/buy every day with any little gesture, new tips or a small change in your lifestyle; this way you will help yourselves in having healthier and longer lives and also all the life forms around you.

Have a healthy, happy and amazing summer!



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International Day of Sleep 16 martie – Ziua Internationala a Somnului

I don’t know who has heard of this event but I would like to share it with you. It seems that the 16th of March was chosen to celebrate the benefits of healthy sleeping.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Even if I am no doctor, I can tell you honestly that sleep is one of the best ways to stay healthy and strong; this does not mean that you can sleep 10 hours and then go and eat cheese burgers and fries because this is not the solution. But, together with a good diet, emotional health and some active time, it builds up the way to live long and well.

For some more info you can have a look on the official website:                


Ending this little article, I would say that the most important advantage of getting enough sleep is that it is¬†boosting the immunity and supporting the brain; so try to use wisely the hours of a day for work, sleep and relaxation and may you live happily 100 years, never forgetting about love, which is always¬†the best¬†ūüôā !



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