From Greece again, with peace !

My dear readers, I hope this little post will bring you some freshness, relaxing vibes for your minds, joy, hope and trust in all the good values that inspire us, day by day. I am also attaching a few photos as images can speak for themselves and I hope that, wherever you are, this summer with a nice number otherwise, 2022, can bring you 222 reasons to feel healthy, loved, trustful and joyful, no matter what.

First of all, the choice for an escape to Greece was excellent; the seaside landscape was amazing, the weather was at its best and there were not so many tourists in the seaside resort where I spent my days. Every night I was able to admire fire flies again in the darkness, after many years.

An amazing discovery is linked to the local flora. I have always, wrongly, thought that passiflora grows very far from where I live. Well, it seems that this amazing flower, having a lot of benefits about which I hope to write a future post, grows in Greece, too. It was a magical moment for me, when one evening, while we were walking towards the beach to see again the fire flies, I noticed the passiflora in a green bush near our small village route. I hope you also have such magical discoveries this year!!

I am choosing this other photo on purpose; you all know how the world is now and how it has been in the recent 20, 30 years, although our grandparents went through a world war….mankind has not learnt anything from its history…One of the things I am sure of is that we don’t know at all anything about what and who is behind conflicts and bad news…but we are all suffering because of them, some more, others less. Please read this in any of the languages and, for one second, just close your eyes and imagine a round blue ball smiling and smiling and smiling. Let the blue ball be our Earth and let our positive thoughts help it be healthy, safe, happy and durable… we shall never have another planet to live on.

Time for a little meditation, under the palm trees – happiness is for free, good things take time, live simply so that others can simply live….The breeze, the perfume of the roses, the amazing stones, the ships passing by… and all these things are quite enough to make many of us happy 🙂

As I am mentioning these amazing fire flies, please enjoy this song and focus this summer on all the positive things in your lives:

Of course, photos with the sunset, my favourite time-moment of the day could not miss. This precious sunset was taking place near a beach bay called Lefkimmi. I had the luck to watch the whole sunset with my boys and enjoy the sound of the waves, the amazing smell of the sea, the soft sand I felt with my feet…. and to realise, again, how grateful I am for all these.

Have a wonderful summer everyone & keep yourselves healthy – body and mind 🙂 !!!

Winter time 2020-2021

Winter is here already for a while and it is high time I celebrated it a little bit, to put aside a bit the unpleasant atmosphere of this cold season. Thus, I am sharing with you some photographs taken in winter in different places I have visited so far. I hope that each of them will offer you a good feeling of a specific moment in space and time, no matter where you are. Enjoy this winter despite the problems around and move daily to keep your immunity strong.

December has been a bit warmer that January and allowed me to move more outside; January has just finished and it was colder but it has also gives us the chance to see and enjoy some snowy days, nice sunsets and real winter spots. February has started with a bit of sunshine and still some traces of snow here & there. Let’s see what winter surprises will still arrive this month.

WInter time moments

All these photos have been taken by me with some small but good brand cameras although not all have the quality I was hoping for. Still, they manage to catch the beauty of some spots in Europe where I have had the luck to travel safely during this winter and not only. I hope to come back with more photo posts for you and maybe after a while I can post here also the result of a small photograph project that I am currently preparing.

Stay healthy and good luck with all your 2021 projects!


Si pentru toti cei care mai au timp sa se uite pe ceea ce incerc sa creez in timpul meu liber, scriu aici si in limba mea materna putin despre acest articol. Am vrut sa celebrez putin si iarna, desi aceasta a inceput fara un prea bun augur, lasand deoparte epidemia care nu ar trebui sa va rapeasca placerea de a va bucura din plin de iarna. Am strans cateva fotografii din calatoriile mele din aceasta iarna si nu numai si le-am utilizat aici pentru a le impartasi cu voi.

Decembrie a fost o luna placuta ce mi-a permis sa ies mai mult pe afara iar ianuarie a fost mai friguroasa insa ne-a adus mai multe zile cu zapada sau apusuri de soare minunate. Februarie abia a inceput, cu soare si inca ceva zapada pe ici pe colo si astept inca sa profit de iarna cu nori sau cu soare, insa cu imunitatea la maxim.

Daca totul va merge bine cu ceea ce imi propun sa fac, voi reveni aici cu un mic proiect fotografic pe care il pregatesc de ceva timp.

Ramaneti sanatosi, aveti grija de voi si succes in proiectele voastre din 2021!