The Wednesday thought – Compassion

showing support when our friend has a problem – we can solve it together, no worries 🙂

For this occasion, I have chosen the word COMPASSION. I’ve seen very often children and animals being compassionate to each other and more rarely adults showing compassion. I think this is wrong, as adults should be initiators of such behaviours as it is them who are educating children, not vice-versa. I would be happy to see more compassion among my fellow-adults in all the situations of every day life. Compassion can unite persons of any age, sex or background and can peacefully create more gratitude among people in our society.

In comparison to ignorance or selfishness which are very often seen nowadays, compassion puts people together and creates a peace of mind and such good inner emotions that are bringing about also a lower blood pressure, a more relaxed body & mind and a better immunity. Selfishness creates negative feelings and emotions between people, while compassion hamonises the souls and creates a common feeling of shared support, which is essential especially when someone is suffering.

Just remember that most of the people you run into have more difficult lives than yours, so show them with generosity some COMPASSION if needed, it does not cost a thing. Have a happy & peaceful summer everyone 🙂 !

A song for Ukraine

The British artist Ed Sheeran has released these days a song that he had filmed in Kyiv, Ukraine, a little bit before the Russian attacks against Ukrainians. The song features Ed Sheeran and rapper Lil Baby performing in the cold streets of Kyiv before “the devastating acts of violence started”, as Ed Sheeran himself explained. The singer has added a personalised message too, in white and black, at the beginning of the video, sharing his support for this Eastern European nation. This song, ” 2 step” is part of his latest music album, “=” (pronounced “equals”), which was released publicly in 2021.

Also, related to the same subject, he also shared his thoughts on the 11th March 2022:

“11 Mar 2022, Ukraine

What we’re witnessing in Ukraine weighs heavy and my love goes out to all of those affected by the devastating conflict. The British Red Cross and the Disasters Emergency Committee are taking donations to provide essential services to those in need. If you can, you can donate at the following links x

The British Red Cross 
Disasters Emergency Committee

Photo and quotes – courtesy of:

Help for the Pacific Ocean!

I have received a message from Greenpeace Pacific about their campaigns and their plan to project a documentary all over the world. If anyone can and wishes to support them, I am offering below all the information that I have. They are trying to create a documentary that can help their climate campaign for the Samoa island.

You can find more information on the website of Greenpeace Pacific just in case. Thank you for reading or sharing!

Spring support against the disease !

14mar rosemary in Lu

My dear readers, in these stressful times when I also have to adapt together with my loved-ones in order to keep us safe, I wish to try at least to bring some smiles for your faces. No matter on which side you are, my good thoughts are going also to all of you – I hope you find the necessary material and emotional support you to heal if you have a problem and to stay healthy and stay motivated to go on safely with your lives.

Practically, I would advise to do exactly what you would have done in any other similar situation – keep your immunity strong, eat healthy food (garlic, ginger and onion are excellent friends), avoid crowded places, put a bigger emphasis on individual hygiene and safety, move still every day in a safe spot, keep your brain active and stay optimistic! We are stronger than the problems that arise along our life; give a helping hand or at least some supporting words to your elders as much as possible and also to the doctors you know – thanks to them we are living today! With a lot of attention, healthy nutrition, better self-hygiene and wiser attitudes, any of us can live through this difficult moment with no negative effects so please remember that your LIFE and HEALTH are essential so take very good care of yourselves and stay positive and strong!                                                         GOOD HEALTH to everyone!!


floricele cart Belair mart2020

Va scriu dragi cititori sa va urez sincer multa sanatate tuturor, indiferent de varsta voastra! Va rog mult sa aveti grija cand iesiti afara din casa si incercati sa va protejati fata si mainile cu o masca si manusi sau cu orice altceva ce este la fel de eficient. Si pentru mine este foarte greu mai ales ca am si un puiut mic care are nevoie de aer si de soare insa incerc cat pot sa gasesc cele mai bune solutii ca sa putem trai aceasta perioada intr-un mod sanatos, sigur si totusi placut. 


IMG_0372 Ode to the daffodils mar2020 Lu vi

Rozmarinul este excelent ca ingredient al unui sapun antibacterian- va sfatuiesc sa folositi cu incredere gel sau sapun pe baza de rozmarin, propolis sau salvie. De asemenea pentru a distruge orice microbi, folositi si spirt medicinal pentru maini si pentru voi si pentru varstnici si copii (prima poza din articol). 

Va trimit ganduri bune tuturor – celor care au probleme de sanatate pentru a se vindeca repede si cat mai usor, doctoritelor si doctorilor care depun eforturi mari in aceasta perioada pentru a se ocupa de cei bolnavi si pentru a avea grija si de sanatatea proprie, de cei sanatosi care trebuie sa ajute pe altii sau sa se ocupe de ei si de familiile lor si pentru oricine simte aceasta perioada ca fiind dificila. Este dificil sa ne adaptam la ceva periculos si invizibil dar este mai bine sa prevenim decat sa tratam si va rog nu uitati –  VIATA si SANATATEA voastra conteaza, este cel mai de pret lucru.

IMG_0421 mart2020 violete Cast Ans

Stati cat puteti in casa, profitati de balcon sau gradina daca aveti, ocupati-va de curatenia de primavara, intariti-va imunitatea cu mancare sanatoasa, vitamine simple & ceaiuri naturale, incercati o reteta simpla si gustoasa, incercati sa lucrati la distanta pentru serviciu (daca puteti), deschideti fereastra sa auziti pasarile cantand si amintiti-va sa va protejati fata si mainile cand trebuie sa iesiti.    SANATATE MULTA TUTUROR!!

Royalties and Love Despre Regele Mihai si dragoste



This article is meant to bring homage to our last king, Mihai of Romania who, unfortunately, left us last December, aged 96. This special Man who, despite his foreign origin had a Romanian heart, represented beautifully a peaceful and secret land, forgotten among hills and plains and dominated by the magical castle of Hohenzollern. Even if he received many times harsh reactions and mean words from the authorities of Romania, he always responded with Good; moreover, he loved our country and tried to help it as many times as he could.

Thus, God knew how to reward his good soul – at a very young age he was lucky to meet the love of his life, the future Queen Ana of Romania. They were lucky to choose freely one another and to live their love and lives together till the end of their lives. They always reminded me of my grandparents and their generation, times when there was much less wickedness in the world and less obsession to buy buy buy or to own screens of any type and length…Their generation knew how to cherish Love when they found it, unlike people of today.

They represented, with their modesty and fine education, an old world… but still present and they constantly got involved in charity actions and tried to help every time they could. I remember how, every year for the King’s birthday, he organised the ‘Open Doors Day’ at the Elisabeta Palace and always liked to speak a bit to the people who came. As for his followers, to be honest, I sincerely appreciate Prince Nicolae and Princess Elisabeth-Karina, two young people with great hearts, education and character; while the fake gossips about the Prince Nicolae’s paternity leave me totally cold…I know that he is not that type of man and am sure that people can try many times to use for their purposes any occasion when being around someone ‘with  a name’ which is, in any case, pathetic. They remain my favourites of the new generations of the Romanian Royal House, along with the other grandchildren of the King and Queen.

So, I sincerely let my heart sigh for this beautiful pair of royalties, non-Romanian but still Romanian, in love for a lifetime and who prove, even if nowadays absent, that goodness in life is rewarded, maybe not with great treasures but with the greatest of all – true love, that one we are all waiting for…

             ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Desi luna decembrie este perioada mea preferata din an datorita Craciunului,  aceste sarbatori au fost mai triste, afland ca ultimul nostru Rege ne-a parasit definitiv… Acest Om de origine straina dar cu suflet romanesc, frumos simbol al unei regiuni pasnice si secrete parca, dominata magistral de colina fermecata pe care inca strajuieste castelul Hohenzollern, a stiut sa iubeasca tara noastra, in ciuda tuturor rautatilor de care a avut parte chiar din partea statului roman, de-a lungul istoriei. Si stiti bine ca putini oameni au aceasta calitate, de a raspunde cu Bine intotdeauna.

Acelasi Rege a fost insa, rasfatat de Dumnezeu, prin sansa unica de a-si intalni iubirea vietii la o varsta tanara si de a trai  langa aceasta o poveste de dragoste ‘pana la adanci batraneti’. Ii priveam pe amandoi cu afectiune, gandindu-ma mereu la generatia bunicilor mei, o generatie aproape lipsita total de rautatea din zilele noastre, de nebunia cumparaturilor fara sens, a ecranelor de toate marimile… si lista ar putea continua. Iata ce a declarat politicianul Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu: „Familia regală şi-a adus o contribuţie extrem de importantă pentru a facilita aderarea României la NATO, prin relaţiile cu celelalte case regale din Europa. Au avut un rol activ Regele Mihai şi familia regală în acest sens, Regele trecând, într-o manieră în care doar un rege poate să ierte, peste toate umilinţele şi nedreptăţile la care a fost supus. Regele nu a fost umilit numai în perioada comunistă, (…) el a fost umilit după 1990, când i s-a refuzat revenirea în ţară şi, cu toate acestea, a considerat că datoria lui de om de stat şi patriot este să ajute România cu tot ceea ce poate. Şi a putut foarte mult şi a făcut-o şi pentru asta trebuie să-i fim recunoscători.“

Ei au reprezentat cu modestie si bun simt o lume trecuta, dar prezenta inca pentru multi, prin actiunile lor caritabile, prin ajutorul pe care au incercat sa il acorde prin diverse moduri Romaniei si prin caracterul si educatia lor aleasa. In ce priveste urmasii Regelui, trebuie sa spun sincer ca am o apreciere sincera pentru cei doi nepoti ai sai din poza de mai sus, Printul Nicolae (desi repudiat, pentru mine ramane tot un print si nu cred nici o iota din presupusul scandal al paternitatii sale pentru ca acest om nu este nici mincinos, nici profitor, nici nerespectuos asa cum se ofuscheaza in mod fals si penibil restul familiei regale romane) si Printesa Elisabeta-Karina, doi tineri destepti, finuti, de bun simt si sper ca acestia sa creeze legaturi frumoase cu Romania si cu adevaratii romani.

Imi pare sincer rau pentru disparitia acestei perechi de regi, non-romani dar totusi romani, indragostiti pentru o viata si demonstrand prin constanta lor ca bunatatea in viata este rasplatita, poate nu cu mari comori ci cu o viata lunga, presarata cu surprize frumoase si dragoste adevarata, aceea la care stiu ca toti visam in secret…