Wednesday’s Photos – Wordless Wonderful Wednesday

Love is all around

Zen afternoon

Time for a nap

We’re happy for guests!!

Swimming to keep fit

Who wants to hear the latest news ?

Beauty has nothing to do with age

Finally…. at home

Cold weather treat

As everyone is getting paranoic around because of this current health issue that I cannot be sure 100% of its veracity, I prefer to keep my zen vibes and enjoy this period – weeks of changing weather from winter to spring, birds singing and empty streets. 

So, wanting to create a little moment of unique sensations, the best idea seems to be…. a cake, of course! And, maybe why not choose an interesting southern Europe sweet thing with lemon peel.

The recipe is the classic oven cake that you all know, I still enumerate the ingredients: flour, 3 eggs, some milk/yoghurt, brown sugar/honey/agave syrup, peel from 2 bio lemons, vanilla essence, rhum essence, baking powder, some mineral water/beer (adapt it to the consistence).

chec lamaiechec cu lamaie

Try to mix everything well and if necessary, add with care extra flour or mineral water till it has a medium consistence (not too thick nor too light). Apply some butter/olive oil inside an oven shape and afterwards pour the content carefully. if you wish to give an original touch, add some mint leaves in the fina dough or chocolate chips or raisins.

Prepare the oven for 180 C (classical one) and let it bake for 40-45 min and then you can leave it on 160/170C to finalise the baking. When the baking was over, to give it an exotic taste, I poured on it some mango-passion fruit sauce that I have from most of big shops.

chec final

So, that is it; in order to be sure try with a small bamboo/wooden stick the dough before you turn off the oven. If the cake is ready, there should be no traces on the stick.

Enjoy the cake with whatever you want but not with anyone 🙂 Stay healthy and take care of yourselves!

                                                   Many hugs, your online angel 


P.S.  When you are cooking, listen to this song for having good energies and inspiration:




A Happy New Year 2020 !

felic Un An Nou Fericit desen

A Happy New Year 2020 to everyone with amazing health, joy, success in all your plans and resolutions and happiness day by day!!!

Accompanying this short 2020 post, a small photo from Bulgaria is meant to bring you light, seaside fragrance, peace, hope and trust for your present and future. This zen spot is located on the border of the Black Sea, in a little resort which is charming and quiet. I wish to keep its name secret but who can travel along the coast of this sea, they can discover this one and many other infinite spots from the north side, near the Danube Delta, in Romania, till the south of Bulgaria, around Nessebar or further.


Va urez tuturor Un An Nou Fericit 2020 cu sanatate excelenta, bucurii, succes in toate planurile si rezolutiile voastre si fericire pentru fiecare zi! 

Pentru a acompania aceste urari, am atasat o poza din Bulgaria care sper sa va aduca lumina, aroma marii, pace, speranta si incredere in prezentul si viitorul vostru. Acest coltisor zen se afla pe malul Marii Negre, intr-o mica statiune care este linistita si fermecatoare. O sa ii tin numele secret insa oricine doreste sa descopere coasta Marii Negre poate gasi acest loc si multe altele incepand din partea nordica, de langa Delta Dunarii, in Romania si pana spre spre sudul Bulgariei, aproape de Nessebar sau chiar mai departe. 

La Multi Ani !!


peer Balchik